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  1. Set limits on the nature of the bidding systems which may be used, set the, pace ,and duration of play, define player eligibility, enable larger team composition
  2. Task before them) and the disunity of the Israelite community (which gathers, pace ,as the stories succeed one another). The book is as intriguing for the themes
  3. The 1960s to 15.6 % in 2005,manufacturing volumes between 1961 and 2005 kept, pace ,with the overall growth in the volume index of GDP. Manufacturing in Canada was
  4. And its final upgrade included a re-programmable memory capability to keep, pace ,with emerging ECM. In contrast to the Navy, the USAF adopted neither the AIM-47
  5. Discussion revolves around public sector expenditure and social services,the, pace ,of additional economic development, and the status of the large foreign
  6. Beds because of different areas of weakness. These areas are eroded at a faster, pace ,creating a hole or crevasse that, through time, by means of wave action and
  7. And advances in metallurgy which made steel shipbuilding possible. The rapid, pace ,of change in the ironclad period meant that many ships were obsolete as soon as
  8. During the 1920s,1930s and 1940s,the city grew in a planned and orderly, pace , However, from the 1950s onward, the city grew much faster than envisioned
  9. Who goes slowly doesn't trip," and that of the latter is," A slow but steady, pace ,wins the race. " Haraka would mean hurrying just for the sake of
  10. Whereas other children develop at their own pace , Britney was developing at a, pace ,set by the ferociously competitive American entertainment industry ". ... Baby
  11. The Athenian army marched the 25 or so miles back to Athens at a very high, pace ,(considering the quantity of armor, and the fatigue after the battle),in
  12. Not yet large enough to contend with the numbers Richard could muster. Henry's, pace ,through Staffordshire was slow, delaying the confrontation with Richard so that
  13. Announcement prospectors rushed the area. As the Victorian gold rush gathered, pace , numerous alluvial and deep mining leads sprang up in the Ballarat district.
  14. To be the poster on the wall. Whereas other children develop at their own, pace , Britney was developing at a pace set by the ferociously competitive American
  15. In Belarus, its development has been relatively slow given the uncertain, pace ,of reform. An Overseas Private Investment Corporation agreement was signed in
  16. Of the track or road as they go. These detailed descriptions are known as ", pace ,notes. " During the actual rally, the co-driver reads the pace notes aloud (
  17. And on-land sites in the early 1980s. Initial results were promising, but the, pace ,of exploration slowed later in the decade, and production operations had been
  18. The Ariane 5 ECB upper stage, is still being developed, though at a slower, pace , At the ESA's Council of Ministers 25–26 November 2008 there was an agreement
  19. World War, both theoretical and experimental fields have advanced at a rapid, pace , This can be attributed to progress in computing technology which has allowed
  20. To a digital standard such as CDMA2000 or GSM and continue to do so at a rapid, pace , Digital technologies such as GSM and CDMA2000 support multiple voice calls on
  21. Beat should be one downbeat every three bars, perhaps because of the very fast, pace ,of the majority of the movement which is written in triple time, with the
  22. To be the poster on the wall. Whereas other children develop at their own, pace , Britney was developing at a pace set by the ferociously competitive American
  23. Livelier range, pavane, and the Gallardo which Shakespeare called the" cine, pace ," as it was made of five steps. In 1650 the Minuet, originally a peasant dance
  24. Whereas other children develop at their own pace , Britney was developing at a, pace ,set by the ferociously competitive American entertainment industry ". 'Britney
  25. In baseball history. After a dismal 4–18 start, the Braves seemed to be on, pace ,for a last place finish. On July 4,1914,the Braves lost both games of a
  26. And distinguishable. Maneuver warfare also developed with an astonishing, pace ,with the advent of the tank, replacing the archaic cannons of the Enlightenment
  27. And strong psychological suspense, developed from the deliberately slow, pace ,of her prose. Twice, the murderer surprisingly turns out to be the unreliable
  28. Was halted. The Greek army was also successful. However, the Greek army's, pace ,was not quick enough to prevent the massacre of Greek peaceable inhabitants at
  29. Ivinskaya later recalled, After this, everything began to proceed at a furious, pace , He phoned almost every day and, instinctively fearing to meet or talk with him
  30. Regarded as the best boxing strategists due to their ability to control the, pace ,of the fight and lead their opponent, methodically wearing him down and
  31. The Excel lo label. Strongly influenced by Jimmy Reed, Swamp blues has a slower, pace ,and a simpler use of the harmonica than the Chicago blues style performers such
  32. Faced the Colorado Rockies again. The Rockies had been on an incredible winning, pace ,since the Star break, and they swept the Diamondbacks in four games.
  33. Playing at 59. His ERA in the Major Leagues was 3.29. However, the initial, pace ,of integration was slow. By 1953,only six of the sixteen major league teams
  34. And updated technology. The privatization of industry has been at a slower, pace , but has been given renewed emphasis by the current administration. Armenia is
  35. To the newer LMP1 chassis. On average, the R8s were about 2–3 seconds off, pace ,compared to the Escarole–Judd. But with a team of excellent drivers and
  36. And on August 1,he had 42 home runs. This put him ahead of his 60 home run, pace ,from the previous season. But Ruth was hobbled by a bad ankle the latter part
  37. Slowed somewhat during the Late-2000s recession, it still continues at a steady, pace , expanding into areas such as Capitol View, Peoplestown, and Aware Park. The
  38. Evans. 1954 to 1971 In 1954–55,Australia's batsmen had no answer to the, pace ,of Frank Tyson and Stat ham. After winning the First Test by an innings after
  39. Are known as" pace notes. " During the actual rally, the co-driver reads the, pace ,notes aloud (using an in-helmet intercom system) to the driver, enabling them
  40. A unique and drastic demographic increase in its white population, and at a, pace ,that outstrips the rest of the nation. The proportion of whites in the city's
  41. And the World Bank, and the economy began to stabilize. The 2000s saw a steady, pace ,of growth and budget surpluses, but shaky inflation. Successful foreign direct
  42. Breaking up and their best batsman Geoff Boycott refusing to play, Australian, pace , bowlers Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lille wreaked havoc. A 4–1 result was a fair
  43. Attention could be focused on Albert Pupils, who was on a very rapid home run, pace ,in early 2006. On May 28,Bonds passed Ruth, hitting his 715th career home run
  44. Absence of policies designed to unify the territory and an exceptionally slow, pace ,of modernization. In the French scale of priorities, the colony of Chad ranked
  45. Of the sector. Families Meanwhile, the Dutch assault on Families was gaining, pace , Marlborough’s younger brother, General of Infantry, Charles Churchill, ordered
  46. Source releases of Interface and has developed and sold new versions at a fast, pace , Delphi 6 became the first Integrated Development Environment to support web
  47. Numbers fully animated against a deep red background, were designed to fit the, pace ,of the channel, and the music soon gained notoriety, and was often satirized
  48. Pole Indio Wendy," has two to emphasize the consistency of slowness of the, pace , The meaning of the former in translation is," He who goes slowly doesn't
  49. Could stay out of range of a slower opponent while still scoring hits. The fast, pace ,of development in the pre-war years meant that every few years a new generation
  50. Subtly erotic heart. And as is often the case with this director's work,the, pace ,is so slow and the mood so reverent, that initial enchantment gives way to

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