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  1. Version 3.0 + HS of the Bluetooth Core Specification The High-Speed part of the, specification ,is not mandatory, and hence only devices sporting the" +HS" will actually
  2. Awb - AMR-WB audio, used primarily for speech, same as the ITU-T's G.722.2, specification , * DCT – A variable codec format designed for dictation. It has dictation
  3. Easy and inexpensive to implement. The original NTSC television signal, specification ,was black-and-white. Color was tacked on later by adding a 3.58-MHz subcarrier
  4. In many ways and in many programming languages; or described in a formal, specification ,language. Acts are often implemented as modules: the module's interface
  5. As full width at half maximum (FWHM). In electronic filter design, a filter, specification ,may require that within the filter pass band, the gain is nominally 0 dB +/- a
  6. Hearten and Sven Madison, who were working for Ericsson in Land, Sweden. The, specification ,is based on frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. The specification s
  7. Optional feature. Aside from EDR, there are other minor improvements to the 2.0, specification , and products may claim compliance to" Bluetooth v2.0" without supporting the
  8. Adapt the smaller CF socket onto the larger ATA connector. The ATA connector, specification ,does not include pins for supplying power to a CF device, so power is inserted
  9. Itself this usage is almost universal, with any other use of the term requiring, specification ,of the subject under discussion. The word can be used as both a noun and an
  10. Sunday 03 On This Day in Canada ---- Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a, specification ,for the encryption of electronic data. It has been adopted by the U. S.
  11. Instructions, but other instructions use register numbers for explicit operand, specification , History of the computer accumulator Historical convention dedicates a register
  12. The protocol's description of the assignment mechanism should include a, specification ,of the structure of the treatments and of any blocking. It is also common to
  13. Work with most Parallel ATA interfaces. Another common usage is to refer to the, specification ,version by the fastest mode supported. For example,ATA-4 supported Ultra DMA
  14. Ada programs consist of packages, procedures and functions. Example: Package, specification ,(example. Ads) Package Example is type Number is
  15. Which resulted in a maximum drive capacity of. Later the first formalized ATA, specification ,used a 28-bit addressing mode, allowing for the addressing of 228 (blocks) of
  16. The European Touring Car Cup is a one-day event open to Super 2000, specification , touring cars from Europe's many national championships. The Sports Car Club of
  17. Acceptance testing is a test conducted to determine if the requirements of a, specification ,or contract are met. It may involve chemical tests, physical tests, or
  18. Core Specification Addendum 1 adds two additional L2CAP modes to the core, specification , These modes effectively deprecate original Retransmission and Flow Control
  19. But that term does not appear in current or recent versions of the ATA, specification ,; it is simply" AT Attachment ". This name was chosen to avoid possible
  20. Bluetooth Local Connectivity ". Specifications and features The Bluetooth, specification ,was developed as a cable replacement in 1994 by AAP Hearten and Sven
  21. Driver in the host operating system. The ATA-4 and subsequent versions of the, specification ,have included an" overlapped feature set" and a" queued feature set" as
  22. Which developers derive from the client's contract or the user requirements, specification , Test-designers draw up formal tests and devise a range of severity levels.
  23. Axioms, henceforth ). A rigorous treatment of these topics begins with a, specification ,of these axioms. Basic theories, such as arithmetic, real analysis and complex
  24. A form of synchronous message passing). Task entries are declared in the task, specification , Each task entry can have one or more accept statements within the task body.
  25. Kernel module. Versions Intel released the first version of AGP, titled “ AGP, specification ,1.0,” in 1997. It included both the 1x and 2x speeds. And 3.0 documented 8X.
  26. Common Acts, such as those listed above. Built-in abstract data types The, specification ,of some programming languages is intentionally vague about the representation
  27. Consequently, the majority of Arabic Unicode fonts do not conform with the, specification ,and have a glyph without the AIF at this position (e.g. those provided by
  28. Technology" ( also known as IOM MU) for I/O virtualization. The AMD IOM MU, specification ,has been updated to version 1.2. The specification describes the use of a
  29. EDR can provide a lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle. The, specification ,is published as" Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR" which implies that EDR is an optional
  30. Of automated theorem proving. The logic is expressive enough to allow the, specification ,of arbitrary problems, often in a reasonably natural and intuitive way. On the
  31. Started to coin golden dinars and silver Durhams, replacing the" landaus ", specification ,with his name. In his new role of caliph, he obtained the surrender of In
  32. Some flaws in the earlier ships but were built to fundamentally the same, specification , The British were hampered on this occasion by the secrecy surrounding German
  33. State of a device, or requesting a power state change. Power states The APM, specification ,defines system power states and device power states. System power states APM
  34. IDE (EIDE). These included most of the features of the forthcoming ATA-2, specification , and several additional enhancements. Other manufacturers introduced their own
  35. Slaves is possible; being a slave of more than one master is difficult. The, specification ,is vague as to required behavior in scatter nets. Many USB Bluetooth adapters
  36. National Standards Institute formed a committee,X3J11,to establish a standard, specification ,of C. After a long and arduous process, the standard was completed in 1989 and
  37. The AMD IOM MU specification has been updated to version 1.2. The, specification ,describes the use of a HyperTransport architecture. AMD's commercial
  38. It is also present amongst the commands required by the Linux Standard Base, specification , Implementations of AWK exist as installed software for almost all other
  39. Restricted to devices installed internally, due to the short data cable, specification , A device connected externally needs additional cable length to form a U-shaped
  40. Reserved for, = U+FDF2. This character according to the official Unicode, specification ,is a ligature of alif-lām-lām-shadda- (superscript AIF)-HA ( Dir" RTL
  41. Released as a cheaper alternative for children in 1982. Although identical in, specification ,to the original 2600,the 2000 included built-in controllers and a different
  42. Data at up to 157 MB/s, which is beyond the capabilities of the DATA/133, specification , High-performance flash drives can transfer data at up to 308 MB/s. Only the
  43. Easy and inexpensive to implement. The original NTSC television signal, specification ,was black-and-white. Color was tacked on later by adding a 3.58-MHz subcarrier
  44. And licensed it to Microsoft. Adobe responded by publishing the Type 1, specification , and releasing Adobe Type Manager, software that allowed WYSIWYG scaling of Type
  45. Or otherwise during run-time. As concurrency is part of the language, specification , the compiler can in some cases detect potential deadlocks. Compilers also
  46. Networking, and consumer electronics. The SIG oversees the development of the, specification , manages the qualification program, and protects the trademarks. To be marketed
  47. Of" EIDE" drives marketed, compliant with various versions of the ATA, specification , An early" EIDE" drive might be compatible with ATA-2,while a later one with
  48. The Seagate ST-412,was specified as" Formatted: 10.0 Megabytes ". The, specification ,of 4 heads or active surfaces (tracks per cylinder),306 cylinders and when
  49. The disk lock is a built-in security feature in the disk. It is part of the ATA, specification , and thus not specific to any brand or device. The disk lock can be enabled and
  50. And Bluetooth SIG had announced that Wire will be a part of the Bluetooth, specification , as an ultra-low power Bluetooth technology. On December 17, 2009,the

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