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  1. Density. While taking a bath, he noticed that the level of the water in the tub, rose ,as he got in, and realized that this effect could be used to determine the
  2. Common in botanical names. Aesop's Fables (6th century BC) compares the, rose ,to the amaranth to illustrate the difference in fleeting and everlasting beauty
  3. Altruism against their fMRI brain scan. The results showed that PTC activity, rose ,in proportion to a person's self-reported level of altruism. According to the
  4. The song began to be played on the radio, and then be requested. It, rose ,to number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100,remaining on the charts for 15 weeks, as
  5. Amid the rocks was a chasm communicating with purgatory, from which perpetually, rose ,the groans of tortured souls. The hermit also claimed he had heard the demons
  6. Again in 1635–1636,1655,and 1664. Nevertheless, the population of Amsterdam, rose ,in the 17th century (largely through immigration) from 50,000 to 200,000.
  7. A subjective but similar human truth, since all people should agree that“ this, rose ,is beautiful” if it in fact is. However, beauty cannot be reduced to anymore
  8. Entering and machine-gunning a crematorium after the Jewish Sonderkommando, rose ,up against the normal contingent of SS guards. Various administrative and
  9. Debris penetrating furthest into the building. And unleashed a fireball that, rose ,above the building. The section of the Pentagon, which had recently been
  10. Great towns in Italy were without their Benedictine convent, and they quickly, rose ,in all the great centers of population in England, France and Spain. The number
  11. Those who were favorites or the master's children. The demand for slaves, rose ,with the growth of cotton as a commodity crop, especially after the invention
  12. The girl to her homeland and there she bore a child named Standard, who later, rose ,to power and waged war with Iran. Data was another son of Arab, who was
  13. The decades-long drying trend and now threaten coastal areas; the average level, rose ,1.5 meters between 1978 and 1993. Because of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
  14. History starts in the 16th century with African slaves who quickly, rose ,up against the Spanish explorer Lucas Vásquez de Ayllón and progresses to the
  15. Technical subjects. In the Soviet era, literacy and average education levels, rose ,dramatically from their very low starting point, despite two changes in the
  16. To" The Union of the States, and the Sovereignty of the States. " Jackson then, rose , and in a booming voice added" Our federal Union: It must be preserved! " – a
  17. Brethren of his house. When he appeared either in church or chapter all present, rose ,and bowed. His letters were received kneeling, as were those of the pope and
  18. Other papers appeared along geographic lines, and the Daily Argus eventually, rose ,to prominence. A young Alameda native, Joseph R. Know land, wrote political and
  19. Of red fruits grown in the area feature cherries, billberries, strawberries, rose , hips and elders, which are made into jams and marmalade. The Northern and
  20. North-west of Newport, originally on the Great Western Railway. Its population, rose ,steeply during the period of mining development in South Wales, being 10,846 in
  21. Kingdom of Wessex, Ambrosius Aurelia nus is a Romano-British general who, rose ,independently to military power, forming alliances with various British kings
  22. Enlisted as a young soldier in the military of the Shared kingdom and quickly, rose ,to become a commander of four thousand Abdul Pashtun soldiers. After the death
  23. He would go on to found his own occult society, the AWAY and eventually, rose ,to become a leader of Oreo Temple Orients (O. T. O.),before founding a
  24. Attendant (basal) to command a cavalry of Abdul tribesmen. He quickly, rose ,to command a cavalry contingent estimated at four thousand strong, composed
  25. And launched a huge international export market. Coal mined in Aberdeen parish, rose ,from in 1844 to in 1850,and the coal trade, which after 1875 was the chief
  26. Wig, and sunglasses. He was posed holding a small prayer book and a red, rose , The funeral liturgy was held at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church on
  27. Leaders, expelled from Jerusalem, moved to Galilee. The Galilean dialect thus, rose ,from obscurity to become the standard among Jews in the west. This dialect was
  28. And a woman, the queen was not a popular choice for regent. Opposition, rose ,and without any important ally among the Portuguese aristocracy other than
  29. Where he held local office. During the American Revolutionary War, he, rose , to the rank of major general in the Continental Army, but lost his command
  30. Man" may have come to be understood as Akkadian LU" sheep ". Aries only, rose ,to its prominent position as the leading sign of the zodiac in the
  31. The philosopher Plato:::: :Kissing Marathon, I had my soul upon my lips; for it, rose , poor wretch, as though to cross over. A looser translation reads:::: :Kissing
  32. Missile. A Danish missile was launched from a ship about from the coast. It, rose ,to a height of and as it began its downward trajectory, the interceptor was
  33. 24 weeks total on the charts (the best-selling single in the UK in 1972) and, rose ,as high as number 11 in the U. S. As of 2002,it was the best-selling
  34. Young prince's troops could get the mastery in 1189 when the boars of Hatch, rose ,against his rule, but shortly afterwards Prince Vladimir II Yaroslavl managed
  35. Half of 2008,cash remittances sent back to Armenia by Armenians working abroad, rose ,by 57.5 percent and totaled $668.6 million USD, equivalent to 15 percent of the
  36. Where he became an anchorite. He was noted for his piety and austerity, and, rose , to become abbot of Bath Abbey. Probably due to the influence of Duns tan, the
  37. Has been considered outside the mainstream of economic thought. Its reputation, rose ,somewhat in the late 20th century. Mainstream economists are generally critical
  38. Recognition The week after Aaliyah's death, her third studio album, Aaliyah, rose , from number 19 to number one on the Billboard 200. " Rock the Boat" was
  39. Of corruption, human rights violations, and diamond smuggling. Production, rose ,by 30 % in 2006 and Indiana, the national diamond company of Angola, expects
  40. It was not before 1886 that four Jews were living in Allen, a number that, rose ,to ten in 1900,fell to seven in 1905,and remained so until 1925. Upon the
  41. Elizabeth Combine Ruthie of Ruthrieston in 1881. It has extensive gardens,a, rose ,hill, boating pond, bandstand,and play area as well as Europe's second
  42. Professor Jensen pointed out back in 1969 that black children's IQ scores, rose ,by 8 to 10 points after he met with them informally in a play room and then
  43. Transformation of the city due to tourism. Large buildings and complexes, rose ,in nearby Albufeira and Playa de San Juan, with the benign climate being the
  44. Brought him wealth and added to his experience. His business flourished and he, rose ,in the scale of social importance. Though his father, Uthman Abu Quaff, was
  45. Rates of growth in recent history. Over the past century,Alberta's population, rose ,from 73,022 in 1901 to 2,974,807 in 2001 and 3,290,350 according to the 2006
  46. Mathematical and statistical methods in the area of economics. Its reputation, rose ,in the late-20th century with the work of Israel Kirchner and Ludwig Eichmann
  47. Roman pounds (ca. 700 kg) in gold; and the ransom for each Roman prisoner, rose ,to 12 solidi. Their demands were met for a time, the Hun kings withdrew into
  48. Used to alter history so that Adolf Hitler was never born. A different leader, rose ,to prominence in Nazi Germany, taking advantage of the economic downturn. This
  49. The early days of World War II and thus, a much more effective leadership, rose ,to power. Under the command of a new Führer (who is referred to as "
  50. Controversially and illegally, for the production of cocaine. Mining The Andes, rose ,to fame for its mineral wealth during the Spanish conquest of South America.

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