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  1. 16 LM ascent stages were left in lunar orbit and eventually crashed onto the, moon ,in unknown locations as their orbits were perturbed. The Apollo 12,14,15 and
  2. Words," to show that we had left our mark. " Although it did not land on the, moon , the prominence of the number represents the significant contributions the
  3. Burning comes not from its composition but rather from its rapid motion. The, moon ,and sun are likewise considered to be flat and floating on streams of air, and
  4. That the moon shines due to reflected light from the sun. He also said that the, moon ,had mountains, and he believed that it was inhabited. The heavenly bodies, he
  5. Their homes and families in Houston. While most Apollo missions orbited the, moon ,at the same from the lunar surface, timing makes this distinction possible as
  6. Sun, and his sister Artemis similarly equated with Selene, Titan goddess of the, moon , In Latin texts, on the other hand, Joseph Monterrosa declared himself unable
  7. Metal, larger than the Peloponnese. He was the first to explain that the, moon ,shines due to reflected light from the sun. He also said that the moon had
  8. Is -26.74,and the mean apparent magnitude of the full moon is -12.74. The full, moon ,is the fainter of the two objects, while the Sun is the brighter. Difference in
  9. Day (Christians) - celebrated the First Sunday after the first full, moon ,on or after March 21st *Buddha's Birthday – Traditional Date – April 8 *Draw
  10. The crime in the moon light, Lincoln produced a farmer' Almanac showing the, moon ,was at a low angle, drastically reducing visibility. Based on this evidence
  11. Explanation for the earth recession rate could be solar tidal friction. The, moon ,'s recession rate is governed by similar tidal friction with the earth. Takashi
  12. Ratio is about 389. The latter estimate was based on the angle between the half, moon ,and the Sun, which he estimated as 87°. (The true value is roughly 89.85°. )
  13. Temple in the city of Your and from Uruk and exiled to the steppe. She begs the, moon ,god Anna to intercede for her because the city of Uruk, under the ruler
  14. Granted a patent for his sewing machine. *1877 – ASAP Hall discovers the Mars, moon ,Deimos. *1883 – The last quanta dies at the Artist Magistrate zoo in Amsterdam.
  15. 1 - Sun & Moon What is the ratio in brightness between the Sun and the full, moon , M_f - m_b = x \! \ 2.512^x = variation in brightness The apparent magnitude of
  16. Used centuries later in Simon Newcomb's investigations on the motion of the, moon , while his other observations inspired Laplace's Obliquity of the Ecliptic and
  17. Respectively, as high priestess to Sin, the Akkadian version of the Sumerian, moon ,deity, Nanna, at Your, in the extreme south of Summer; to install sons as
  18. Ormering tides ', from January 1 to April 30,which occur on the full or new, moon ,and two days following. No orders may be taken from the beach that are under 80
  19. To Delphi an tradition. The seventh and twentieth, the days of the new and full, moon , were ever afterwards held sacred to him. Youth Four days after his birth
  20. War: Battle of Gravestone is fought. *1877 – ASAP Hall discovers Martian, moon ,Phobos. *1891 – Major hurricane strikes Martinique, leaving 700 dead. *1903 –
  21. The apparent size of objects as an angular diameter. For example, the full, moon ,has an angular diameter of approximately 0.5°,when viewed from Earth. One
  22. In 2009,NASA's robotic Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, while orbiting above the, moon , photographed the remnants of the Apollo program left on the lunar surface, and
  23. Force at the Battle of Newborn. *1789 – William Herschel discovers a new, moon ,of Saturn. *1810 – Battle of Grand Port – the French accept the surrender of a
  24. On Apollo 11,self-communicated Presbyterian Communion on the surface of the, moon ,after landing; he refrained from mentioning this publicly for several years
  25. Being jettisoned, the Apollo 10 LM ascent stage flew on a trajectory past the, moon ,and into heliocentric orbit, making it the sole intact lunar module ascent
  26. The fuel tanks weren't full. So had we literally tried to land on the, moon , we couldn't have gotten off. " Splashdown occurred in the Pacific Ocean on
  27. This discovery is potentially suggestive of catalytic reactions within that, moon , making it a promising site to search for prebiotic chemistry. Safety and
  28. The distance to the Sun to be between 18 and 20 times the distance to the, moon , whereas the true ratio is about 389. The latter estimate was based on the
  29. Forum" ( Latin: The Mother of Loves Venus imitates the figures of Cynthia the, moon ,). When Robert Hooke discovered Hooke's law in 1660,he first published it in
  30. Low Earth orbit, to either lunar or trans-lunar orbit or to the surface of the, moon ,; three of the 24 did so twice: Jim Lovell, John Young and Eugene Hernán. Under
  31. It is not composed of rarefied air like the stars but rather of earth like the, moon ,; its burning comes not from its composition but rather from its rapid motion.
  32. That Mission Control had given official permission for Apollo 8 to go to the, moon , Over the next 12 minutes before the TLC burn, the Apollo 8 crew continued to
  33. Woman to travel in space aboard STS-47. The first manned mission to orbit the, moon , Apollo 8,included American William Andes who was born in Hong Kong, making
  34. In close-up was 951 Gaspar in 1991,followed in 1993 by 243 Ida and its, moon ,Dactyl, all of which were imaged by the Galileo probe en route to Jupiter. The
  35. AU: The distance of dwarf planet Eris from the sun, as of 2009. Eris and its, moon ,are currently the most distant known objects in the Solar System apart from
  36. And Ya. The Laden papyrus recommends that this invocation be pronounced to the, moon ,: The magic word" Ablanathanalba," which reads in Greek the same backward as
  37. To Young's crew, which later flew Apollo 16,the fifth mission to land on the, moon , Support crew Flight directors Objective The Apollo 13 mission was to explore
  38. For the flight shows a large, three-dimensional Roman numeral X sitting on the, moon ,'s surface, in Stafford's words," to show that we had left our mark. "
  39. Of apparent magnitude, the Sun is about 398,359 times brighter than the full, moon , Example 2 - Sirius & Polaris What is the ratio in brightness between Sirius
  40. None of them landed on the Moon more than once. The nine Apollo missions to the, moon ,occurred between December 1968 and December 1972. Apart from these
  41. From the etymological roots of Athena's names to be either, air,earth, and, moon , This was one of the primary developments of scholarly exploration in the
  42. The Apollo command module. It shows a red figure 8 looping around the earth and, moon ,representing the mission number as well as the circular nature of the
  43. The S-IVB. The CSM/LM stack then separated from the S-IVB for the trip to the, moon , Apollo 10 carried the first color television camera inside the spacecraft, and
  44. Peaceful image of Room lying motionless on his back gazing up at the stars and, moon , and then when Narrow joins him they swim side by side," with the same zest
  45. Apollo 12,14,15 and 17 LM ascent stages were deliberately crashed onto the, moon ,in order to obtain seismic readings from the seismometers placed on the lunar
  46. Magnitude of the Sun is -26.74,and the mean apparent magnitude of the full, moon ,is -12.74. The full moon is the fainter of the two objects, while the Sun is
  47. To fit into a furnace. One curious discovery of acetylene is on Enclaves,a, moon ,of Saturn. Natural acetylene is believed to form from either catalytic
  48. The logo also included the mottoes“ Ex Luna, scientia” (" From the, moon , knowledge" ), borrowed from the U. S. Naval Academy's motto," Ex scientist
  49. 2005,the Huygens probe also discovered the presence of on Titan, the largest, moon ,of Saturn. Compounds Argon’s complete octet of electrons indicates full s and p
  50. The" wife (Sumerian" dam" = high priestess) of Anna the Sumerian, moon ,god and daughter of Sargon" of the temple of Sin at Your, who lived ca.

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