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  1. Compared to other African countries. The government has maintained a sound, fiscal ,policy, despite consecutive budget deficits in 2002 and 2003,and a negligible
  2. Vigo),the social security code (Sozialgesetzbuch SGB) and the general, fiscal ,law (Abgabenordnung AO). The Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz (Wife),which was
  3. State authorities, urban administrations, but also admission offices and, fiscal ,authorities etc. Administrative law in Germany follows three basic principles.
  4. Calendar. Fiscal calendars are also used by businesses. This is where the, fiscal ,year is just any set of 12 months. This set of 12 months can start and end at
  5. In 1973. A fourth prototype, built to production standards, was ordered in the, fiscal ,year 1976 budget. Two hundred forty B-1As were planned to be built, with
  6. And then continued in a strategic advisory role until the end of Adobe's 2008, fiscal , year. Adobe released Adobe Media Player in April 2008. On April 27,Adobe
  7. During most of Banzer's presidency, but human rights violations and eventual, fiscal ,crises undercut his support. He was forced to call elections in 1978,and
  8. Do this because the Bolivian government has generally achieved the monetary and, fiscal ,targets set by IMF programs since 1987,though economic crises in recent years
  9. Practice in Brazil. It is also related to general problems of governance, fiscal ,crisis, and lingering doubts about appropriate tradeoffs between the
  10. The former socialist regime - is charged with conducting foreign, economic,and, fiscal ,policy. The Dayton Agreement established the Office of the High Representative
  11. Target, with record levels of giving despite the global economic crises of the, fiscal ,year. The total sum raised currently stands at over US$1.5 billion. Student
  12. He alarmed even some of his fellow partisans with his brand of staunch, fiscal ,conservatism and militant anti-communism. He was viewed by many traditional
  13. The Patriarch of Constantinople, for example, had de facto administrative, fiscal , cultural and legal jurisdiction, as well as spiritual, over all the Christians
  14. Conservatives (with 6 and 4 seats respectively). Bennett began a series of, fiscal ,reforms, preaching a new variety of populism as well as waxing eloquent on
  15. Education. That represented an increase of $444,736,387 over the previous, fiscal ,year. While Alabama's public education system has improved, it lags behind in
  16. Of a mid-Victorian chancellor was to produce a Budget for the coming, fiscal ,year. Disraeli proposed to reduce taxes on malt and tea (indirect taxation);
  17. Étienne was eventually forced to flee Paris because of his opposition to the, fiscal ,policies of Cardinal Richelieu, leaving his three children in the care of his
  18. Such as the Gregorian calendar, alternate calendars may also be used, such as a, fiscal ,calendar or the astronomical year numbering system. Fiscal calendars A fiscal
  19. Eligible to submit a proposal for Millennium Challenge Account assistance for, fiscal ,year 2006,making it one of only two countries eligible for threshold as well
  20. Off as an independent company once Google's shares ceased at the end of the, fiscal ,year, and AOL's page and logo changed afterward. AOL ceased to be a part of
  21. Income to both the ACLU-NJ and its affiliated tax-exempt foundation in the 2005, fiscal , year. Of that income,46 % came from contributions,19 % came from membership
  22. British Columbia’s total debt will rise 16 % to C$47.8 billion in the 2010-11, fiscal , year,or 24.3 % of GDP. Transportation played a major role in
  23. End at any point on the Gregorian calendar. This is the most common usage of, fiscal ,calendars. Gregorian calendar with Easter Sunday Calculating the calendar of a
  24. The service sector has grown quickly, stimulated by economic liberalization and, fiscal ,reform, and the use of modern technology such as automobiles and computers has
  25. Abuse Prevention Month (United States) *April 1 is the first day of Japanese, fiscal ,year. Major Japanese companies usually have Nyushashiki (entry ceremony for
  26. China among the BRIC economies. Important steps taken since the 1990s toward, fiscal ,sustainability, as well as measures taken to liberalize and open the economy
  27. S unit cost is US$132.4 million, and the AC-130U's cost is US$190 million (, fiscal ,2001 dollars). Operational history The AC-130 Gunship first arrived in South
  28. And trade promotion; economic complementation; agricultural trade; financial, fiscal , customs and health cooperation; environmental conservation; scientific and
  29. A fiscal calendar or the astronomical year numbering system. Fiscal calendars A, fiscal ,calendar (such as a 4/4/5 calendar) fixes each month at a specific number of
  30. Last battleships to see active service. USS Iowa and USS Wisconsin were, until, fiscal , year 2006,maintained to a standard where they could be rapidly returned to
  31. Called and in the speech from the Throne the Soc reds instituted a program of, fiscal ,cutbacks dubbed" restraint ", which had been a buzzword for moderation during
  32. Investors in the 1980s due to cheap labor and low conversion cost. In 2009–10, fiscal , year the industry exported US$ 12.6 billion worth of products where in 2002 the
  33. Jurisdiction. The social security code (Sozialgesetzbuch SGB) and the general, fiscal ,law are less important for the administrative law. They supplement the Wife
  34. To fill the need came after funding to acquire 16 C-27Js was removed from the, fiscal ,2010 budget. The AC-130J will follow the path of the Dragon Spear program
  35. Formed by the 41 city councilors, has advisory, planning,regulatory, and, fiscal , executive functions. The six Commissions del Connell Municipal (City council
  36. Alberta's health care budget is currently $13.2 billion during the 2008–2009, fiscal , year (approximately 36 % of all government spending),making it the best
  37. For Fiscal Stability of the Federal and Local States) to declare a possible, fiscal ,emergency for the city. Boroughs Berlin is subdivided into twelve boroughs (
  38. Ran on a conservative platform. This change in local politics was preceded by a, fiscal ,crisis in 2003 when years of economic decline, a diminishing tax-base, and
  39. For being a hardworking, honest man as well as having a working man's view on, fiscal ,policy. Mackenzie involved himself in politics almost from the moment he
  40. Economic record has been built on a foundation of diamond mining, prudent, fiscal , policies,international financial and technical assistance, and a cautious
  41. Also influence the cost of agriculture to society. Both focused on purely, fiscal ,impacts. The 2000 review included reported pesticide poisonings but did not
  42. To 0.3 %. Unemployment remains stubbornly high around 10 %. New Government and, fiscal ,discipline The government of Bioko Boris elected in 2009 undertook steps to
  43. Had to be first presented to a judge to determine the detention measure; and, fiscal ,innovation, such as negotiating extraordinary taxes with the mercantile classes
  44. Governments have demonstrated a commitment to economic reforms and responsible, fiscal ,planning have contributed greatly to the Bulgarian economy, with a historical
  45. Debt—controlled by the federal government amounts to about 50 % of the national, fiscal ,income. The federal government employs around 12 % of the civil servants.
  46. Its" two sets of books ", as WAC Bennett had once referred to his system of, fiscal ,management. The brief three year (" A Thousand Days" ) period of NDP governance
  47. Community consensus in favor of the policy; and #full legal and, fiscal ,review. The community develops policies by following a formal Policy
  48. And 2001 benefited from an increase in oil prices and the government's tight, fiscal ,policy, leading to a large increase in the trade surplus, record highs in
  49. She announced on September 15, 2011 that she will step down at the end of the, fiscal ,year. President Simmons will remain as a Professor of African Studies and
  50. Economic growth, while attempting to maintain a strict financial policy. The, fiscal ,discipline set by Finance Minister Django proved successful and together with

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