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  1. Oscillator. Quantizing these oscillators, each level will have an integer, occupation ,number, which will be the number of particles in it. This formulation is a form
  2. Somewhat supportive early in the invasion, became less so later during the, occupation , when American policies against suspected Loyalists became harsher, and the
  3. On the ground that they had been de facto independent long before their Russian, occupation , The khanates exercised control over their affairs via international trade
  4. Had neither the intention nor the means to carry out a large scale territorial, occupation ,and colonization. Delimitation and occupation of Angola The process resulted in
  5. Kingship on labels and tags for items found in royal tombs. It was primarily an, occupation ,of the scribes, who worked out of the Per Ankh institution or the House of Life
  6. Of China to officially end the Second Sino-Japanese War. *1965 – United States, occupation ,of the Dominican Republic: American troops land in the Dominican Republic to "
  7. 1944 – World War II: Liberation of Paris – Paris rises against German, occupation ,with the help of Allied troops. *1945 – Vietnam War: View Mind led by Ho Chi
  8. On the Lousier, which was first used in Neolithic times, attests to the long, occupation ,of the site of Aachen. No larger settlements, however,have been found to have
  9. Believe that land may be originally appropriated by, and only by, occupation ,or use; however, most American individualists of the nineteenth-century
  10. Revolutionary confidence and determination, suffering from Howe's successful, occupation ,of Philadelphia, was renewed. What is more important, the victory encouraged
  11. Early 1910s it lead a series of military offensives leading to the conquest and, occupation ,of certain towns and districts in Baja California with the leadership of
  12. Was completed in September 1945. By this time, Japan had surrendered and the, occupation ,of Japan had begun. The new American censors interpreted the values allegedly
  13. Force: 17,630 (2005) country comparison to the world: 203 Labor force - by, occupation ,: government 33 %, tuna canneries 34 %, other 33 % (1990) Unemployment rate:
  14. Has been read as a metaphorical treatment of the French resistance to Nazi, occupation ,during World War II. Although Camus's approach in the book is severe, his
  15. Party) in woods near Seymour. *1944 – The Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi, occupation ,breaks out in Warsaw, Poland. *1957 – The United States and Canada form the
  16. Out a large scale territorial occupation and colonization. Delimitation and, occupation ,of Angola The process resulted in few gains until the 1880s. Development of the
  17. Colony was not established before the end of the 19th century, and " effective, occupation ,", as required by the Berlin Conference (1884) was achieved in the 1920s as
  18. Had abandoned Philadelphia in despair, although popular resistance to British, occupation ,was growing in the countryside. Washington decided to take the offensive
  19. Is in part a historical allegory, in which the plague signifies the German, occupation ,of France from 1940 to 1944 during World War II. There are many aspects of the
  20. A first assault took place in Goa from March 4 to May 20, 1510. After initial, occupation , feeling unable to hold the city given the poor condition of its fortifications
  21. 1.2 million (2007): country comparison to the world: 88 Labor Force - by, occupation ,:: agriculture: 46.2 %: industry: 15.6 %: services: 38.2 % (2006) Population
  22. In Lebanon, ending its 29-year military domination of that country (Syrian, occupation ,of Lebanon). *2011 – Day 2 of the April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak. Births
  23. For the French Foundation for the Study of Human Problems during the Nazi, occupation ,of Vichy France which implemented the eugenics policies there; his association
  24. Devastation and had a relatively robust survival rate for towns, whereas the, occupation ,of territory by autonomous military bands interested mainly in raiding and
  25. Or were given many important antiquities. Although the European colonial, occupation ,of Egypt destroyed a significant portion of the country's historical legacy
  26. He wanted to become a mathematician, but his father said if Speer chose this, occupation ,he would" lead a life without money, without a position, and without a future
  27. Attributed with revolutionaries or" freedom fighters" against foreign, occupation , imperialism, or colonialism. In 2006,Colombian musician and peace activist
  28. From Spain, many of whom sought asylum in the city. In 1510,following their, occupation ,of Oran and other towns on the coast of Africa, the Spaniards fortified the
  29. Of the present territory of Angola, and especially since its“ effective, occupation ,” in the mid-1920s,schooling in Portuguese was slowly developed by the
  30. The plague that carries people off unexpectedly echoes the reality of the, occupation , in which people could be snatched from their homes by the Gestapo and
  31. 1920. Not only was his Belgian nationality interesting because of Belgium's, occupation ,by Germany (which provided a valid explanation of why such a skilled detective
  32. The amount of arable land. Algeria's social fabric suffered during the, occupation ,: literacy plummeted, while land development uprooted much of the population.
  33. From the south. Drawing on millennia of interaction (trade, acculturation, occupation , assimilation, and war) with Northern Egyptians, the Kushites king Pine left
  34. Time of the was until the close of the 19th century. The French, after their, occupation ,of the city (1830),built a rampart, parapet and ditch, with two terminal
  35. As Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. * 1952 – Occupied Japan: The United States, occupation ,of Japan ends as the Treaty of San Francisco, ratified September 8,1951,comes
  36. Production. *2005 – Syria completes withdrawal from Lebanon, ending 29 years of, occupation , *2011 – Wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton.
  37. Title. Lysander Spooner was an exception from those who believed in the ", occupation ,and use" theory, and believed in full private property rights in land, like
  38. The total beds available and 41 % of the overnight stays in Amsterdam. The room, occupation ,rate was 78 % in 2006,up from 70 % in 2005. The majority of tourists (74 %)
  39. Allegiance even when the protection of the Crown was withdrawn owing to the, occupation ,of an enemy, because the absence of the Crown's protection was temporary and
  40. The so-called Phony War, Camus was a pacifist. In Paris during the Wehrmacht, occupation , on 15 December 1941,Camus witnessed the execution of Gabriel Per; it
  41. Also featuring mostly contemporary art, Frihedsmuseet focusing on the, occupation ,and resistance movement during World War II and Kvindemuseet mainly showcasing
  42. Had trouble finding work as a teacher. At first, he thought it is an acceptable, occupation ,but soon worried about his spiritual well-being. In March 1823,Alcott wrote to
  43. The characters reflect different attitudes in the French population during the, occupation , Some were the equivalent of Panel and thought that France was to blame for
  44. Hill Monument, erected in Williamsport, Maryland to commemorate Doubleday's, occupation ,of a hill there during the Civil War, claims he invented the game in 1835.
  45. Is used as a synonym for" super-hero" when listing a character's, occupation , In role-playing games, the player characters are often professional
  46. Of a historic problem. Post-war Bloch was shot by the Gestapo during the German, occupation ,of France in World War II for his active membership of the French Resistance
  47. Forms. Early on, Camus was active within the French Resistance to the German, occupation ,of France during World War II, even directing the famous Resistance journal
  48. Well as the many laws that limited their property rights, rights of worship and, occupation , were rescinded. Despite this, traditional discrimination and hostility to Jews
  49. Range. *1991 – Latvia declares renewal of its full independence after the, occupation ,of Soviet Union. * 1991 – Coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev collapses.
  50. By a party or organization that defended the interests of their particular, occupation ,or industry, not a particular ideology. On the basis of this philosophy the UFA

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