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  1. And Australian tour In January 1977,ABBA embarked on tour. The group's, status ,had changed dramatically, and they were clearly regarded as superstars. They
  2. Used as native tongue by minority groups across the country and have official, status ,in the regions where they are widely spoken. Minor languages also include
  3. Rim, known as the Asian tigers, which have now all received developed country, status , having the highest GDP per capita in Asia. It is forecasted that India will
  4. And education. Health A 2007 survey concluded that low and deficient niacin, status ,was common in Angola. Epidemics of cholera, malaria,rabies and African
  5. Debate whether they are trilobites or a stem group. The challenge to the, status ,has focused on the Agnostic partly because juveniles of one genus have been
  6. Idea or video or piece of apparent garbage may be considered art. The marker of, status ,becomes understanding the work instead of necessarily owning it, and the
  7. Southern India but was frustrated by weak French support, and the war ended, status ,quo antebellum with the 1784 Treaty of Mangalore. French opposition was led in
  8. As an adult, Thomas never formally joined a church. Thomas enjoyed considerable, status ,in Kentucky — where he sat on juries, appraised estates, served on country
  9. To vote for or against slavery. The Bleeding Kansas controversy over the, status ,of slavery in the Kansas Territory included massive vote fraud perpetrated by
  10. Alex's greedy second-in-command. Georgie attempts to undermine Alex's, status ,as leader of the gang. He later dies from a botched robbery attempt during Alex
  11. Staatsreglement" ( constitution),for Aruba's" status apart" as the, status ,of an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. By 1954,the
  12. For several weeks. In 1933 Aruba sent its first petition for Aruba's separate, status ,and autonomy to the Queen. During World War II, together with Curaçao, the then
  13. For example a shirt cost five copper Eben, while a cow cost 140 Eben. Social, status ,Egyptian society was highly stratified, and social status was expressly
  14. Aruba presented its first" Staatsreglement" ( constitution),for Aruba's ", status ,apart" as the status of an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the
  15. Work. In 1998,Arthur Dante, suggested a thought experiment showing that" the, status ,of an artifact as work of art results from the ideas a culture applies to it
  16. And captured, in small pockets in Southern Alberta, putting Alberta's rat-free, status ,in jeopardy. History The first people in Alberta were Paleo-Indians who arrived
  17. Attempts by artists to create art that can not be bought by the wealthy as a, status ,object. One of the prime original motivators of much of the art of the late
  18. Certification, and three acquired platinum (more than 1 million copies sold), status , ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits collection released in the United States in 1993
  19. But secondary. This contrasts with a full alphabet, in which vowels have, status ,equal to consonants, and with an ahead, in which vowel marking is absent or
  20. Pro-slavery Compton Constitution. : Violence over the, status ,of slavery in Kansas erupted with the Jakarta War, name "/IN"> impending4"/>
  21. Density, ethnicity,education level, health of the populace, economic, status , religious affiliations and other aspects of the population. From the ethnic
  22. State government. Currently, (2000 census) 57.71 % of Alaska's area has this, status , with 13.05 % of the population. For statistical purposes the United States
  23. The only variety of modern Arabic to have acquired official language, status ,is Maltese, spoken in (predominately Roman Catholic) Malta and written with
  24. With larger quantities of luxury items, but all burials, regardless of social, status , included goods for the deceased. Beginning in the New Kingdom, books of the
  25. Union and member of the Non-Aligned Movement and holds observer, status ,in World Trade Organization. Being one of the five most developed countries
  26. In Germany, and number 12 in the UK, winning a silver award, and achieving gold, status ,in Finland. The single" If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" ( a cover
  27. Construction projects in a corvée system. Artists and craftsmen were of higher, status ,than farmers, but they were also under state control, working in the shops
  28. For autonomy, in 1905 the district of Alberta was enlarged and given provincial, status , with the election of Alexander Cameron Rutherford as the first premier.
  29. Or 5 percent personal income tax, depending upon the amount earned and filing, status , Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct their federal income tax from their
  30. Language and as the main means of interethnic communication, maintaining its, status ,of lingua franca. Persian is the native tongue of various Afghan ethnic groups
  31. Functions of art in the 21st century remains as a marker of wealth and social, status , There have been attempts by artists to create art that can not be bought by
  32. Coloring Book, which debuted at number 1 in Sweden (achieving triple-platinum, status ,), number 6 in Germany, and number 12 in the UK, winning a silver award, and
  33. State in September 1861,neutrality ended, and the state reaffirmed its Union, status , while trying to maintain slavery. During a brief invasion by Confederate
  34. Excluding Berber-Arabic bilinguals). French, though it has no official, status , is still widely used in government, culture,media (newspapers) and
  35. Wealthy organizations. Fine and expensive goods have been popular markers of, status ,in many cultures, and they continue to be so today. There has been a cultural
  36. Administration, there have been efforts to give" America the Beautiful" legal, status ,either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place of,"
  37. For a few decades or a few hundred years, before returning to their earlier, status , Both Earth and Venus are known to have quasi-satellites. Such objects, if
  38. Glass and are without PVC cables. All Apple computers also have REPEAT Gold, status , The article stated that one complex of factories that assembles the iPod (
  39. Courts of appeals, superior courts, or supreme courts. Access to appellant, status ,A party who files an appeal is called an appellant, plaintiff in error
  40. Proposed a referendum for the people of Aruba to determine Aruba's separate, status ,or" Status Apart" as a full autonomous state under the crown. He proclaimed:
  41. Procedures to induce abortion. The legality, prevalence,cultural and religious, status ,of abortion vary substantially around the world. In many parts of the world
  42. 36 districts () and 373 municipalities (). 72 municipalities have city, status ,(). There are overall 2980 villages/communities () in all Albania. Each
  43. Acquisition of Tobago, sovereignty in the West Indies was returned to the, status ,quo antebellum in the peace of 1783. India and the Netherlands When word
  44. 140 Eben. Social status Egyptian society was highly stratified, and social, status ,was expressly displayed. Farmers made up the bulk of the population, but
  45. In an effort to solve the issues caused by reunion, specifically the legal, status ,of the 11 breakaway states, the Confederate leadership, and the freedmen.
  46. They receive a gold pin. U. S. astronauts who also have active-duty military, status ,receive a special qualification badge, known as the Astronaut Badge, after
  47. A naturalized citizen of the United States. In 1915,he characterized his, status ,as:" I am not one of those hyphenated Americans who claim allegiance to two
  48. long-established recorded history, and only Vietnamese and Khmer have official, status ,(in Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively ). The rest of the languages are spoken
  49. As a mark of their rank. The upper class prominently displayed their social, status ,in art and literature. Below the nobility were the priests, physicians,and
  50. Services an estimated 10.2 million visitors annually, and also because of its, status ,as a tax haven. It is not a member of the European Union, but the euro is the

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