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  1. The deities. Arachne scoffed and wished for a weaving contest, so she could, prove ,her skill. Athena wove the scene of her victory over Poseidon that had inspired
  2. Sought to reconcile rational philosophy with Islamic theology. His aim was to, prove ,the existence of God and His creation of the world scientifically and through
  3. Could write the best essay on the topic of his work. The winner of this would, prove ,to be J. F. C. Fuller (1878–1966),a British Army officer and military
  4. Of sex to secure no happier result than to allow Sigmund Freud and others to, prove ,that our every thought, speech,and gesture, conscious or unconscious, is an
  5. Is effective assistance of counsel. If a defendant has been convicted and can, prove ,that his lawyer did not adequately handle his case and that there is a
  6. In the arguments. In order for the appeal to succeed, the appellant must, prove ,that the lower court committed reversible error, that is, an impermissible
  7. The accomplishment destroyed. She seeks, then,to ruin Rear den in an effort to, prove ,her own value. Lillian achieves her goal to destroy Rearden's business, when
  8. Body of evidence as they were presented in the lower tribunal. Each seeks to, prove ,to the higher court that the result they desired was the just result. Precedent
  9. Communication difficulties. A combined theory based on multiple deficits may, prove ,to be more useful. Screening About half of parents of children with ASD notice
  10. That Polk show Congress the exact spot on which blood had been shed and, prove ,that the spot was on American soil. Lincoln later regretted some of his
  11. They had made some alterations to it. In Crowley's eyes, this ritual would, prove ,to be one of the" greatest events of his career" during which he" attained
  12. Of first-order arithmetic. They are a set of axioms strong enough to, prove ,many important facts about number theory, and they allowed Gödel to establish
  13. Torn! Torn! Torn! Debacle, Kurosawa moved quickly to a new project to, prove ,he was still viable. To his aid came friends and famed directors Daisuke
  14. The Book of the Law, which had been received in 1904," Fiber VII" would, prove ,to be the second book in a series of Holy Books of Thelma. Over the next few
  15. To leave the field, and Alexander chased him as far as Area. Gaugamela would, prove ,to be the final and decisive encounter between Darius and Alexander. Darius
  16. Anselm, Aquinas,and Descartes) presented arguments attempting to rationally, prove ,the existence of God. The skeptical empiricism of David Hume, the antibodies of
  17. Computation if it were representable as an algorithm. He went on to, prove ,that there was no solution to the Entscheidungsproblem by first showing that
  18. Then the type which requires the axiom of choice to be true. It is possible to, prove ,many theorems using neither the axiom of choice nor its negation; this is
  19. Meaning. In this connection there was also the point that I was anxious to, prove ,that spiritual progress did not depend on religious or moral codes, but was
  20. Computer screen. More ambitiously, and quite crucially when keyboard or mouse, prove ,unusable, AT can also replace the keyboard and mouse with alternative devices
  21. Alain even ventures an immediate application of this principle, and tries to, prove ,geometrically the dogmas defined in the Creed. This bold attempt is entirely
  22. A Grothendieck universe are used, but in fact most mathematicians can actually, prove ,all they need in systems weaker than ZFC, such as second-order arithmetic. The
  23. Canyon. Items such as macaws, turquoise,marine shells, and imported vessels, prove ,the long-distance commercial relations Chico had with other regions. A further
  24. Marriage, Crowley actually fell in love with her and set about to successfully, prove ,his affections. Gerald Kelly was a good friend of W. Somerset Maugham, who
  25. Of a political arithmetician" to show the utter ridiculousness of trying to, prove ,any proposal with dispassionate statistics. Critics differ about Swift’s
  26. Islands after a 101-day,journey across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to, prove ,that pre-historic peoples could have traveled from South America. * 1947 – The
  27. Case of predicate logic more logical axioms than that are required, in order to, prove ,logical truths that are not tautologies in the strict sense. Examples
  28. S patent was granted and only as a proof of concept scientific experiment to, prove ,to his own satisfaction that intelligible" articulate speech" ( Bell's words
  29. Proof for all finite sets would use the principle of mathematical induction to, prove ," for every natural number k, every family of k nonempty sets has a choice
  30. Be shown that with only these three axiom schemata and modes pones, one can, prove ,all tautologies of the propositional calculus. It can also be shown that no
  31. Learn to live in tune with their" True Will ". Although this event would, prove ,to be a cornerstone in Crowley's life, being the origin of the philosophy of
  32. Germanic us. According to Tacitus (Annals 3.14.1),the prosecution could not, prove ,the poisoning charge, but other charges of treason seemed likely to stick and
  33. The axiom of choice is that it is convenient to use it because it allows one to, prove ,some simplifying propositions that otherwise could not be prove d. Many theorems
  34. Called upon would be able to present independent and more detailed evidence to, prove ,the facts set forth in his affidavit. The acceptance of an affidavit by one
  35. Material from which the beams and walls are made, choosing the attachments may, prove ,difficult. A combination of the bricks and adobe mortar that are laid across
  36. Of the axiom of choice" by AFC. For certain models of AFC, it is possible to, prove ,the negation of some standard facts. Note that any model of AFC is also a
  37. And Confederate Gen. John C. Breckinridge. The Battle of New Market would, prove ,to be the Confederacy's last major victory of the war. After redoubling his
  38. Of an otherwise unachievable world outside the mind through will. We cannot, prove ,that our mental picture of an outside world corresponds with a reality by
  39. The required decomposition of the unit ball in ZF, but also impossible to, prove ,there is no such decomposition. Similarly, all the statements listed below
  40. Years later he uses him as a guinea pig in a sadistic experiment intended to, prove ,the Ludovic technique unsound. *Cat Woman: An indirectly-named woman who
  41. That it does" Chaitin prefaces his definition with:" I'll show you can't, prove ,that a program is 'elegant'"—such a proof would solve the Halting problem (
  42. Be one of the members of s for all s in X." In general, it is impossible to, prove ,that F exists without the axiom of choice, but this seems to have gone
  43. Have qualified again and beaten Fischer in 1978. World champion Determined to, prove ,himself a legitimate champion, Karpov participated in nearly every major
  44. Different. In mathematics, it generally does not make sense at all, neither to ", prove ," nor to" dis prove " an axiom for a set of theorems,i.e. for a" theory "
  45. By the two countries' musical affinities. In an experiment that would, prove ,successful, Emmerson brought members of Kaaba Maal's band together with
  46. A rank higher than them. MacDougall weighed dying patients in an attempt to, prove ,that the soul was material, tangible and thus measurable. Although MacDougall
  47. Reincarnation While ancient Greek philosophers like Plato attempted to, prove ,the existence of reincarnation through philosophical proofs, Jewish mystics who
  48. Hand, court decisions have made necessary" an individualized assessment to, prove ,that an impairment is protected under the ADA. Therefore, the plaintiff must
  49. Canary Islands and after 52 days journey arrived to Venezuela in an attempt to, prove ,travelers from Africa may have crossed the Atlantic before Christopher Columbus
  50. Taylor, Merv Hughes, David Boon, Ian Healy and Steve Waugh, who were all to, prove ,long-serving and successful Ashes competitors. England, now led once again by

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