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  1. Community officially dates back to 1754,when Moses Solomon Hale vi Maduro, his, wife , and six children received special permission to reside on the island by the
  2. All been associated with work on elocution and speech, and both his mother and, wife ,were deaf, profoundly influencing Bell's life's work. His research on hearing
  3. Darius fled the battle, causing his army to break, and left behind his, wife , his two daughters, his mother Sisygambis, and a fabulous amount of treasure.
  4. The Peace Pledge Union. The U. S. In 1937,Huxley moved to Hollywood, with his, wife ,Maria, son Matthew, and friend Gerald Heard. He lived in the U. S., mainly in
  5. Story In a Grove, which recounts the murder of a samurai and the rape of his, wife ,from various different and conflicting points-of-view. Kurosawa saw potential
  6. Century. Non-scientific legacy While travelling, Einstein wrote daily to his, wife ,Elsa and adopted stepdaughters Margot and Else. The letters were included in
  7. The Poetic Edda also claim that King Ali (Attila) died at the hands of his, wife , Guru. Most scholars reject these accounts as no more than hearsay
  8. Into his house, beat him, tore up his work, and then brutally gang raped his, wife , which caused her subsequent death. He is left deeply scarred by these events
  9. Was the son of Philip II, the King of Macedon. His mother was Philip's fourth, wife ,Olympias, the daughter of Neoptolemus I, the king of Virus. Although Philip
  10. To Africa),stating that most Greeks assumed that Asia was named after the, wife ,of Prometheus (i.e. Heroine),but that the Lydians say it was named after
  11. From the Soviet Union, but ultimately decided to return because of his, wife ,and his son. Tchaikovsky returned to Italy in 1982 to start shooting Nostalgia.
  12. Quarter-final. He played an exhibition match at Wimbledon, teaming with his, wife , Steffi Graf, to play with Tim Herman and Kim Clusters. He played World Team
  13. Him for what he did. In Euripides' play Ion, Apollo fathered Ion by Cressey, wife ,of Thus. Cressey left Ion to die in the wild, but Apollo asked Hermes to save
  14. Winter moved to Goldberg, Switzerland for a teaching post. Einstein's future, wife , Milena Magic, also enrolled at the Polytechnic that same year, the only woman
  15. Hector (possibly) # ESTIA (wooed her unsuccessfully) #Hypermnestra, wife ,of Miles ## Amphibious (possibly) # Hypostyle #Hyria (Syria) ## Cygnus #
  16. Ravager of the provinces of Europe, was pierced by the hand and blade of his, wife , " The Volga saga and the Poetic Edda also claim that King Ali (Attila)
  17. Was born in Zurich in July 1910. In 1914,Einstein moved to Berlin, while his, wife ,remained in Zurich with their sons. Magic and Einstein divorced on 14 February
  18. Psychology student named Nathan Blumenthal (later Nathaniel Branden) and his, wife ,Barbara, and Barbara's cousin Leonard Payoff. At first the group was an
  19. To return her to the world of the living. Niobe, the queen of Thebes and, wife ,of Amnion, boasted of her superiority to Let because she had fourteen
  20. With similar properties to stainless steel). He lives in Philadelphia with his, wife ,Lillian, his brother Philip, and his elderly mother, all of whom he supports.
  21. John Salt Line. He later strikes. *Kay Ludo is a beautiful actress and the, wife ,of Reign Danneskjöld. *Dick McNamara is a contractor who finished the San
  22. For portrait commissions – including Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, his, wife , Empress Farah Pahlavi, his sister Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, Mick Jagger, Liza
  23. Student Antimatter and left a will in which he asked to be buried next to his, wife , Logic With the Prior Analytics, Aristotle is credited with the earliest study
  24. And maul the young couple living there, beating the husband and raping his, wife , In a metafictional touch, the husband is a writer working on a manuscript
  25. To him. It was an agonizing moment. " On the other hand,Huxley's second, wife , Laura Archers Huxley, would later emphasize in her biographical account, This
  26. His cancer could not have developed from a natural cause. As Tchaikovsky, his, wife , Larisa Tarkovskaya and actor Anatolia Solzhenitsyn all died from the very same
  27. He resigned his commission in 1834 to return to Kentucky to care for his dying, wife , who succumbed two years later to tuberculosis. Texas Army In April 1834
  28. Was the third son of the writer and schoolmaster Leonard Huxley and his first, wife , Julia Arnold, who founded Prior's Field School. Julia was the niece of poet
  29. Where he was also afterwards consulted as an oracle Mythology Birth When Zeus ', wife ,Hera discovered that Let was pregnant and that he was the father, she banned
  30. Aircraft. The AEA was first formed as Bell shared the vision to fly with his, wife , who advised him to seek" young" help as Alexander was at the graceful age of
  31. Appearances on other programs, including The Love Boat wherein a Midwestern, wife ,(Marion Ross) fears Andy Warhol will reveal to her husband (Tom Bosley, who
  32. Formed at Bad deck, Nova Scotia, in October 1907 at the suggestion of his, wife ,Mabel and with her financial support after the sale of some of her real estate.
  33. The use of nets and traps in hunting, and how to cultivate olives. With Hecuba, wife ,of King Priam of Troy, Apollo had a son named Troilus. An oracle prophesied
  34. Can no longer deceive himself in this respect. Lillian Rear den The unsupportive, wife ,of Hank Rear den. They have been married eight years as the novel begins.
  35. Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois,contains his remains and those of his, wife ,and three of his four sons. Within a year of this death, his image began to be
  36. Death On his deathbed, unable to speak, Huxley made a written request to his, wife ,Laura for" LSD,100 kg, intramuscular ". According to her account of his death
  37. Capitalism. She became friends with journalist Henry Hazlitt and his, wife , and Hazlitt introduced her to the Austrian School economist Ludwig on Miles.
  38. Conducted courses at the school for the next twelve years. While in Athens, his, wife , Pythias died and Aristotle became involved with Herpyllis of Niagara, who bore
  39. Scroll. In need of a model for his statuette Gibbons was introduced by his then, wife ,Dolores del Rio to Mexican film director and actor Emilio" El Indio "
  40. Queen of Canada until 1901,and Albert, Prince Consort. Princess Louise was the, wife ,of the Marquess of Borne, Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. Lake
  41. At Kennedy Space Center, received a visit from Charles Lindbergh and his, wife , Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the night before the launch. They talked about how
  42. Encounter with Pete, now married and settled down, inspires Alex to seek a, wife ,and family of his own. He contemplates the likelihood of his future son being a
  43. Was criticized for being too lenient (perhaps influenced by his American, wife ,). General Jeffrey Amherst,1st Baron Amherst turned down an appointment as
  44. School for at-risk children. Agassi resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his, wife , retired professional tennis player Steffi Graf, and their two children.
  45. Mentioning this. He had kept the plan quiet (not even mentioning it to his, wife ,) and did not reveal it publicly for several years. Aldrin was an elder at
  46. Taping everything everybody said and did. He referred to this device as his ", wife ,". Some of these tapes were the basis for his literary work. Another audio-work
  47. Although Philip had either seven or eight wives, Olympias was his principal, wife ,for a time, likely as a result of giving birth to Alexander. As a member of the
  48. Of caring for him until their father remarried in 1819. Thomas Lincoln's new, wife ,was the widow Sarah Bush Johnston, the mother of three of her own children.
  49. Left to attend the play Our American Cousin on April 14. Grant along with his, wife ,chose at the last minute to travel to Philadelphia instead of attending the
  50. Frigid moocher who seeks to destroy her husband. She compares being Rearden's, wife ,with owning the world's the most powerful horse. Since she cannot comfortably ride

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