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  1. Find. The club held open tryouts during spring training in 1978. They looked at, pretty ,much anyone who showed up. Each player's name was sewn on his uniform
  2. Of the song" You tell me you're in love with me/That you can't take your, pretty ,eyes away from me/It's not that I don't want to stay/But every time you come
  3. Sabbath Vol. 4,with Ward stating" There was no Volume 1,2 or 3,so it's a, pretty ,stupid title really ". Black Sabbath's Volume 4 was released in September 1972
  4. Mamet himself has criticized his (and other writers' ) tendency to write ", pretty ," at the expense of sound, logical plots. When asked how he developed his style
  5. She waves goodbye to her home and sets out in pursuit of whiskey, dollars and, pretty ,boys. Scene 3 In the big cities, where men lead boring, purposeless lives
  6. About these matters. But, even though I disagree with him, his simulation is, pretty ,good, so I’m willing to credit him with real thought. ": Alan Turing (writing
  7. Is played by actor David Welland. Hercules Poirot's life" I suppose you know, pretty ,well everything there is to know about Poirot's family by this time ".
  8. See http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15403" anyone lived in a, pretty ,how town" in its entirety). Cummings' talent extended to children's books
  9. Demonstratives and numerals follow their noun: (girl pretty that) = that, pretty ,girl The noun has no grammatical gender or singular/plural distinction.
  10. On the way and have maintained stability in their front office, so they had, pretty ,much everything we look for in an organization. " 2008: Defending the National
  11. From the others, and she was her aunt's favorite. Her hair was a very, pretty ,light brown, and fell on her neck in graceful curls. She had lovely violet-blue
  12. Silver at Fivethirtyeight. Com is now giving McCain a 3.7 % chance of winning –, pretty ,comfortable odds.... Here's the way I look at it: If Obama wins,I'm in the
  13. Connection. In some dances the separation distance between the partners remains, pretty ,constant. In others e.g. Modern Jive moving closer together and further apart
  14. Of our ancestors were the fairies and nothing is more likely than that the, pretty ,colored bells of the plant would be designated" folks gloves," afterwards,"
  15. Skirts" or other full, lightweight skirts are popular, as these have a very, pretty ,effect when swinging or twirling and some dancers — including some men — find
  16. At least 100,000 troops. The status of these brigades has been described as ", pretty ,chaotic. " A 2007 disarmament and repatriation study said" army units that
  17. Decreed the prohibition of Capoeira in the whole country, as things were, pretty ,chaotic in the Brazilian capital and many police reports would demonstrate that
  18. Who" knows first hand what the world thinks of America, and it is not a, pretty ,picture at the moment. I want people to think of America as the land of freedom
  19. And popular images. In Western cultures, personifications of autumn are usually, pretty , well-fed females adorned with fruits, vegetables and grains that ripen at this
  20. Late 1960s,it had become evident to most philosophers that the movement had, pretty ,much run its course, though its influence is still significant among
  21. Were the days Hoosier. Then, do you remember" Baron" Altar? There was a, pretty ,rogue for you! He eluded the clutches of half the police in Europe. But we
  22. That got written in an article, and the young people said,'Well,that's, pretty ,cool. ' And started listening. " (Willie Nelson) The term outlaw country is
  23. Bill was furious. All these years, aside from the occasional jibe, he had, pretty ,much shrugged off Leary's lifting. Comedians borrowed, stole stuff and even
  24. More often than not, his overall goal in these endeavors is to obtain as many, pretty ,girls as humanly possible. Out of all the Clamped clan, he is the one who
  25. Makes up a part of matter. The painters and the physicists have treated matter, pretty ,well. The poets have hardly touched it. In March 1958,when I was living at the
  26. Sciences, cultural determinism. This view suggested that biology could be, pretty ,much safely ignored when studying human behavior. The result has been sometimes
  27. it'll be a massive upset, and the goofy prediction of a comic strip will be, pretty ,much lost in the uproar. I figure I can survive a little egg on my face '. "
  28. Origin. When stated:" The Origin comic, though I have issues with it, CAN, pretty , much be accepted as canonical. They did a cool job of combining the movie
  29. Was engineered for very personal reasons ... Her fanciful theories have been, pretty ,thoroughly discredited. ". A bronze statue of Lewis's character Di gory, from
  30. S perusal. A month later Tchaikovsky wrote back to her," It is a very, pretty ,piece, but it is much too short. Not a single idea is expressed fully, the form
  31. Building in fear of a structural collapse. One firefighter remarked that they ", pretty ,much knew the building was going to collapse because it started making weird
  32. Is common. Adjectives, demonstratives and numerals follow their noun: (girl, pretty ,that) = that pretty girl The noun has no grammatical gender or singular/plural
  33. For their first visit on 8 September 1848. Victoria found the house" small but, pretty ,", and recorded in her diary that:" All seemed to breathe freedom and peace
  34. Ole Pry used to come on, and I used to watch that. They used to have some, pretty ,heavy cats, some heavy guitar players. " Wills ranked No. 27 in" CMT's 40
  35. Gallup poll, about 45 % of Americans believe that" God created human beings, pretty ,much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so. "
  36. Of Eugenics that" On the whole, Constantine and his successors made life, pretty ,miserable for Church leaders committed to the Nicene decision and its
  37. In unusual and impressionistic word order. For example," anyone lived in a, pretty ,how town" begins: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15404" why must
  38. Scheduled to start rolling in twenty-four hours.... unless somebody shows up, pretty ,soon with extremely powerful speed, there might not be a final chapter. About
  39. Was so great that Chest Atkins was quoted as saying" The music has gotten, pretty ,bad, I think. It's all that damn line dancing. " By the end of the decade
  40. A bit of radiation therapy … as a precaution but the prognosis looks, pretty ,good," as he reported in his video autobiography. Computer Musings Knuth gives
  41. The 1960s. Petticoat Junction featured an extended family, including three, pretty ,young women of marrying age, running a small hotel in the isolated rural town
  42. For a" hymn of victory. " The war was won, and unfortunately Shostakovich’s “, pretty ,” symphony was interpreted as a mockery of the Soviet Union’s victory rather
  43. Of Gladys Insult. His 1925 review began:" As Lady Table, Mrs. Insult is as, pretty ,as she is diminutive; with a clear smile and dainty gestures. There is a
  44. Was the St. Louis Browns. Through the 1953 season, the two teams were located, pretty ,close to each other (including the 1901 season when the Browns were the
  45. The Daily News had a flexible policy about publishing cartoons:“ We published, pretty ,much anything. ” As Doonesbury, the strip debuted as a daily strip in about two
  46. Combination of playing and sampling stuff as we're playing, and also sampling, pretty ,obscure records. " The tentative title for the record was Tadlock's Glasses
  47. Officer Training Corps in the military. And I not only liked it, but I was, pretty ,good at it. That's what you really have to look for in life, something that
  48. Look for in life, something that you like, and something that you think you're, pretty ,good at. And if you can put those two things together, then you're on the
  49. Understood extremely well how to deal with other persons, whereas Husserl was, pretty ,much helpless in this respect. " He was an original editor of Husserl's new
  50. And half, two years, two and a half years—maybe—to do that right. And that's a, pretty ,strong level of commitment. I'm going to look at that again. That comes up

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