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  1. Women to work outside the home, attend school, or to leave their homes, unless ,accompanied by a male relative. The Physicians for Human Right (PHR) analyze
  2. Usually are not aware of the breathing of our lungs or the beating of our heart, unless ,somehow our attention is called to them. Our ability to control either is
  3. The recorded phone call, the AOL representative refused to cancel the account, unless ,the 30-year-old Ferrari explained why AOL hours were still being recorded on it
  4. Noted in 1988,Allosaurus was probably not a predator of fully grown sauropods, unless ,it hunted in packs, as it had a modestly sized skull and relatively small teeth
  5. SPS) engine had a small chance of exploding when burned for long periods, unless ,its combustion chamber was" coated" first. Burning the engine for a short
  6. The following demographic statistics are from the CIA World Factbook, unless ,otherwise indicated. Population :66,432 (July 2010 est. ): country comparison
  7. Destroyed, and lost. And its powers are not only debilitated and useless, unless ,they be assisted by grace, but it has no powers whatever except such as are
  8. Saturdays throughout the year are devoted to general prayer for the departed, unless ,some greater feast or saint's commemoration occurs. Protestantism and Roman
  9. He did to men's, and commented in his Rhetoric that a society cannot be happy, unless ,women are happy too: In places like Sparta where the lot of women is bad, there
  10. To hate and even to persecute Jews without necessarily being anti-Semitic ", unless ,this hatred or persecution displays one of the two features specific to
  11. Species have an erect woody stem which is covered with persistent dried leaves, unless ,there have been fires, topped by a crown of long thin leaves. The spike-like
  12. CIA World Factbook, unless ,indicated otherwise. Age structure :0-14 years: 18.2 % (male 289,119/female
  13. System, appellate courts do not have the power to review lower court decisions, unless ,a party appeals it. Therefore, if a lower court has ruled in an improper manner
  14. Other hand, its intrinsic gamma-ray background is larger due to contamination, unless ,one uses underground argon sources with a low level of radioactivity. Dark
  15. S findings of fact (such as whether a defendant committed a particular act), unless , clearly erroneous, and so will focus on the court's application of the law to
  16. Though some there appreciated it, the work ultimately was denied publication, unless ,it was to be revised and cleaned of suspect statements and anti-Soviet
  17. Commonplace today. An artistic revolution can be begun by a single artist, but, unless , that artist gains some understanding, he becomes an iconoclast. The first
  18. Like battery, is triable only in the magistrates court in England and Wales (, unless ,it is linked to a more serious offense, which is triable in the Crown Court).
  19. A complex algorithm in very little code, but it is also very hard to follow, unless ,one has an advanced knowledge of APL. In the following example, also Dialog
  20. From which other statements are logically derived. Unlike theorems, axioms (, unless ,redundant) cannot be derived by principles of deduction, nor are they
  21. The following demographic statistics are from the CIA World Factbook, unless ,otherwise indicated. Population There are 12,799,293 Angolan citizens as of
  22. Bank's Doing Business report: Other statistics: Data from CIA World Factbook, unless ,noted otherwise; Investment (gross fixed) – 21 % of GDP (2008 est. );
  23. Including their high command. Moreover, popular revolts almost always failed, unless ,they had the support and patronage of the noble or gentry classes. The new
  24. The adjective" American" and its direct cognates are almost always used, unless ,the context does not render the nationality of the person clear. For example
  25. Should be at least 25 years of age, of legitimate birth, a monk of the house, unless ,it furnished no suitable candidate, when a liberty was allowed of electing from
  26. Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake and warns the authorities that, unless ,steps are taken immediately, the epidemic could kill off half the town's
  27. Et seq., provides civil and criminal penalties for the following activities, unless ,authorized by regulation or statute: *the introduction into Antarctica of
  28. By the clerk of the trial court, constitutes the final judgment on the case, unless ,the appeal court has directed further proceedings in the trial court. The
  29. Is a signal that the creator of the work does not consent to anyone to using it, unless ,they agree not to copy it, hence if it is used this constitutes a contract.
  30. Facebook The following demographic statistics are from the CIA World Factbook, unless ,otherwise indicated. Population :105,632 (May 2010 est. ) Age structure :0-14
  31. This grace is so close to regeneration that it inevitably leads to regeneration, unless ,finally resisted. " The offer of salvation through grace does not act
  32. Dine in the refectory, and be content with the ordinary fare of the monks, unless ,he had to entertain a guest. These ordinances proved, however,generally
  33. Some dojos do not allow students to take the test to obtain a Dan rank, unless ,they are 16 or older. The uniform worn for practicing aikido (aikido) is
  34. By their parent or legal guardian is not legally considered to be assault, unless ,it is deemed to be excessive or unreasonable. What constitutes" reasonable "
  35. Catches correctly determined the source of the troubles but would not speak, unless ,Achilles vowed to protect him. Achilles did so and Catches declared Chrysalis
  36. A battery. Assault is typically treated as a misdemeanor and not as a felony (, unless ,it involves a law enforcement officer). The more serious crime of aggravated
  37. Apurva or puny, which gives fruit. Since aura is non-sentient, it cannot act, unless ,moved by an intelligent being such as a god. It cannot independently bestow
  38. Faith will be justified. According to Arminius," God regards no one in Christ, unless ,they are engrafted in him by faith. " * Christ's righteousness is imputed to
  39. As Charles Gore, who wrote that," the principle of the incarnation is denied, unless ,the Christian spirit can be allowed to concern itself with everything that
  40. This symbol is often omitted in mathematical texts, where radians are assumed, unless ,specified otherwise. When radians are used angles are considered as
  41. Of Symbiodinium from the host is known as coral bleaching, a condition which, unless ,corrected leads to the deterioration and loss of the reef. Sea sponges Green
  42. But" ms" is the symbol for milliseconds. *No periods should follow the symbol, unless ,the syntax of the sentence demands otherwise (for example a full stop at the
  43. It is typically understood that one is referring to the leafy vegetable, unless ,otherwise specified. This is also the case with the words for carrot (duo BUO
  44. Through its five (or six depending on how one counts) instructions, unless ,either a conditional IF–THEN GOT or an unconditional GOT changes program flow
  45. Promote and other houses, chiefs of their order. The election was for life, unless ,the abbot was canonically deprived by the chiefs of his order, or when he was
  46. In a foreign state are deemed aliens from the time of such naturalization, unless , in the case of persons naturalized before the passing of the act, they have
  47. Against the Jews cannot be regarded as being anti-Judaic or antisemitic, unless ,it arose from attitudes that were held against the Jews alone, and that many
  48. Ammonium compounds should never be allowed to come in contact with bases (, unless ,in an intended and contained reaction),as dangerous quantities of ammonia gas
  49. To the hearsay rule. Some types of motions will not be accepted by the court, unless ,accompanied by an independent sworn statement or other evidence, in support of
  50. These arrangements change. This includes ions as well as neutral atoms and, unless ,otherwise stated, for the purposes of this discussion it should be assumed that

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