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  1. Based on a percentage of construction value, hourly rates or a fixed lump sum, fee , Combinations of these structures are also common. Fixed fee s are usually based
  2. Lending Right) schemes in Australia. Under these schemes, authors are paid a, fee ,for the number of copies of their books in educational and/or public libraries.
  3. Jethro tries to set himself up as a Hollywood agent for cousin" Bessie"-with a, fee ,of 10,000 bananas for Bessie and 1,000 bananas for Jethro. At one time Jed
  4. Language and operating environment. Commodore Business Machines paid a one-time, fee ,for an unlimited license to a version of Micro-Soft BASIC that was ported to
  5. To be wagered. As in poker tournaments, players pay the casino an initial entry, fee ,to participate in a tournament, and re-buys are sometimes permitted. Video
  6. Had limited finances (partially because the BBC did not increase its license, fee ,to fund the new station) and often, as in January 1975,suffered
  7. a million to Crew Alexandra for Nicky Maynard (July 2008) *Record transfer, fee ,received – £3.5 million from Wolverhampton Wanderers for Are Akinbiyi (July
  8. Solutions under supervision of an architect. Architect's fee s Architects ', fee ,structures are typically based on a percentage of construction value, hourly
  9. The installations, buying out the bank's assets and charges a periodic service, fee ,back to the bank. This frees up cashflow usable for new lending by the bank.
  10. Are allowed from 9:00 a. m. to midnight subject to an additional liquor license, fee , New Jersey In 1677,the General Assembly of East New Jersey banned the "
  11. With all other national museums in the United Kingdom it charges no admission, fee , Since 2002 the director of the museum has been Neil MacGregor. History Sir
  12. Perch, crappie,bluegill, catfish,and bullheads within its waters. An entrance, fee ,is required to gain access to the water and park itself. Wylie Park Recreation
  13. Financial aid to keep them competitive. Each club was required to pay a license, fee ,which allowed the Victorian based clubs to survive. The league changed its name
  14. Containing furniture that he designed — can be only visited for an entrance, fee , There is a reduced rate for those wishing to see both Park Güell and the
  15. Victories included repealing an unpopular increase in the vehicle registration, fee ,as well as preventing driver's licenses being given out to illegal immigrants
  16. AOL advertising) and CompuServe. Originally, AOL charged its users an hourly, fee , but in October 1996 this changed to a flat monthly rate of $19.95. During this
  17. Job at the age of 13,playing and entertaining at an auction for the, fee ,of $1 a night. Very soon after this he formed a group of equally enthusiastic
  18. The same since 2006. Associate membership is renewed annually and the yearly, fee ,depends on the individual company's revenue. Companies with annual revenue in
  19. Value acquired the current logo the following year in a judicial auction for a, fee ,of €2.5 million, making it the most expensive logo in Italian football. Kit and
  20. For the first checked bag and $25 for the second, as well as a $150 change, fee ,for domestic reservations. American's regional airline, American Eagle
  21. Areas, the local telephone carriers are allowed to charge a high" termination, fee ," to the caller's carrier in order to fund the cost of providing service to
  22. Individuals or companies to purchase a small, narrowly targeted ad for a low, fee ,advertising a product or service. Another form of press advertising is the
  23. With running a channel that only a minority could view from the license, fee , Sky News claimed that a number of British cable operators had been
  24. everyone's business, including his. *Raoul: Raoul is the man who agrees, for a, fee ,of ten thousand francs, to arrange for Lambert to escape. He introduces Lambert
  25. And television star Danny Thomas. The Miami Dolphins joined the league for a, fee ,of $7.5 million and started play in the AFL's Eastern Division in 1966. It is
  26. Operator (or" SysOp" ), while other BBSes charged their users a subscription, fee ,for access, or were operated by a business as a means of supporting their
  27. Bike storage garages (Fietsenstalling) which can be used for a nominal, fee , In 2006,there were about 465,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. Theft is widespread –
  28. Can join, plus affiliated trade unions. Individual members pay a membership, fee , which is graduated according to income. Members are generally expected to
  29. Certain hours Monday through Friday because he could not be paid his standard, fee , Mesa shot many of the action sequences on the weekend. It was a difficult
  30. When this fails, he contacts smugglers, who agree to help him to escape for a, fee ,of ten thousand francs. But there is a hitch in the arrangements, and by the
  31. All train stations are equipped with provisions for bicycle parking for a small, fee ,and the larger ones also with bicycle repair shops, and cycling is so popular
  32. And textbooks writers are typically paid differently: usually a set, fee ,or a per word rate rather than on a percentage of sales. Andrey (Andrei)
  33. Bought a modem from the company for $49.95 and paid a one-time $15 setup, fee , Gambling permitted subscribers to temporarily download games and keep track of
  34. By both the Barnard and Columbia presidents. Barnard currently pays an annual, fee ,to the university to maintain Columbia facilities used by Barnard students
  35. Conflicts of interest, fraudulent claims, false statements or declarations, and, fee , fixing or redistribution arrangements. Falsifications on bankruptcy forms often
  36. Most goals scored in a season – 36,Don Clark (1946–47) *Record transfer, fee ,paid – £2.25 million to Crew Alexandra for Nicky Maynard (July 2008) *Record
  37. For the PC, Microsoft delivered it to IBM as PC-DOS in exchange for a one-time, fee ,of $50,000. Gates did not offer to transfer the copyright on the operating
  38. To be licensed there. Responding to industry demands, Aon announced it's new, fee ,disclosure policy in 1999,and the company reorganized to focus on buying
  39. Of the eternal. Wider, deeply impressed, agreed to teach Schweitzer without, fee , and a great and influential friendship was begun. From 1893 he studied
  40. By members of the public with primitive digging tools for a small daily, fee , not by commercial interests. (near Murfreesboro). Arkansas is home to many
  41. Was unfair and illegal under EU law. The Commission ruled that the license, fee ,should be considered state aid but that such aid was justified due to the
  42. A State Recorder. All recording districts use the same acceptance criteria, fee ,schedule, etc., for accepting documents into the public record. Whereas many U.
  43. Obtained an eight-year license for Apple soft BASIC from Microsoft for a flat, fee ,of $21,000,renewing it in 1985 through an arrangement that gave Microsoft the
  44. Awarded a franchise to begin play for the 1998 season. A $130 million franchise, fee ,was paid to Major League Baseball. The Tampa Bay Area was also granted a
  45. Access to Fishnet and Usenet newsgroups in large volumes at a reasonable, fee , By connecting a small dish & receiver, a constant downstream of thousands of
  46. With revenue less than $100M US and join the SIG with an annual membership, fee ,of $7500 US. Associate members of the SIG get early access to draft
  47. Bought the right to market Selector III to Apple III owners for a nominal, fee , However, another company, Quark Software, developed a competing product
  48. Code of an application using Berkeley DB to be made available for a nominal, fee , Thus, the license depends on how a particular application that uses Berkeley
  49. To which some party members belong and often pay an additional membership, fee , The two largest factions are Labor Unity (on the right) and the Socialist
  50. Are operated by the Greek National Tourism Organization and require an entrance, fee , which is not excessive in most cases. Casinos operate on both Mount Parish

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