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  1. Marked the midway point, chronologically,in the artist's career. During his, previous ,twenty-nine years in the film industry (which includes his five years as
  2. a billion, or $29,411 per capita. Alabama's 2008 GDP increased 0.7 % from the, previous ,year. The single largest increase came in the area of information. In 1999,per
  3. Of thought within anarchism. With greater focus on the labor movement than, previous ,forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a potential
  4. With still others claiming that it represents a retreat from the artist's, previous ,commitment to social and political change. The film marked something of an end
  5. Had put out only one prior subtitled film in the American market, and the only, previous ,Japanese talkie commercially released in New York had been Mike Naruse's
  6. Nobel's secretary. But after only a brief stay she left him to marry her, previous ,lover, Baron Arthur Gundaccar von Sutter. Though her personal contact with
  7. In June 2008,Iglesias told the Daily Star that he had married Kournikova the, previous ,year and that they are currently separated. In an interview with Graham Norton
  8. Many stories written in demotic during the Graeco-Roman period were set in, previous ,historical eras, when Egypt was an independent nation ruled by great pharaohs
  9. Less negative domestic response than had been the case with the director's, previous ,film. Abroad, Throne of Blood, regardless of the liberties it takes with its
  10. Oriented Anatolia to negotiate peace terms. The terms were harsher than the, previous ,treaty: the Emperor agreed to hand over 6,000 Roman pounds (ca. 2000 kg) of
  11. Greatest privilege which this still young century (1818) may claim before all, previous ,centuries, if then the reader, I say, has received his initiation in primeval
  12. A noncompliant use of code 15 (Control-O, Shift In) interpreted as" delete, previous ,character" was also adopted by many early time sharing systems but eventually
  13. April 1961 and was an immense success at the box office, earning more than any, previous ,Kurosawa film. Critical reaction was equally positive, and the film proved a
  14. Would strand the crew in Lunar orbit, with little hope of escape. As with the, previous ,burn, the crew had to perform the maneuver above the far side of the Moon, out
  15. And secondary education. That represented an increase of $444,736,387 over the, previous ,fiscal year. While Alabama's public education system has improved, it lags
  16. Of Edinburgh; joining his older brother Melville who had enrolled there the, previous ,year. In 1868,not long before he departed for Canada with his family, Aleck
  17. The judgment of the inferior tribunal as completely as if there had been no, previous ,trial. "' The only exception to this is that if a defendant appeals a
  18. Court of appeal. In tort, equity,or other civil matters either party to a, previous ,case may file an appeal. In criminal matters, however,the state or prosecution
  19. Theme and began to use monochromatic themes, nearly identical in shape to its, previous ,rainbow incarnation, on various products, packaging and advertising. An
  20. Reports that the van was purchased by the hospital and the writing from the, previous ,owner had not been repainted. He recounts a tale of Boxer's death in the hands
  21. The film awards season, which usually begins during November or December of the, previous ,year. This is an elaborate extravaganza, with the invited guests walking up the
  22. Rhapsodic ballet" because it was written freely and is more modern than his, previous ,works. Gershwin explained in Musical America," My purpose here is to portray
  23. Season, in addition to 10 other games assigned to their schedule by the NFL the, previous ,May. Two of these games are assigned on the basis of the team's final division
  24. The Romans agreed to not only return the fugitives, but to also double their, previous ,tribute of 350 Roman pounds (ca. 115 kg) of gold, to open their markets to
  25. Seriousness of the offense and heavily refer to and rely upon the defendant's, previous ,good character and good works (if any). In Australia, the right to make a
  26. The current court is seen as more moderate and led by more technocrats than the, previous ,one, which was dominated by fundamentalist religious figures such as Chief
  27. A full epic treatment, with a huge cast (largely consisting of veterans of, previous ,Kurosawa productions) and meticulously detailed action, stretching out to
  28. Cylinder. Outwardly DER2 has a more beautiful proportion. Compared to the, previous ,model,DER2 has thinner arms and a wider repertoire of expressions. Once
  29. Of farming and fishing inaugurated a human population boom that dwarfed all, previous ,expansions and continues today. By 5000 BC, the Sumerians had developed core
  30. Directly critical of the Japanese business and political elites than any of his, previous ,works. The Bad Sleep Well, based on a script by Kurosawa's nephew Mike Income
  31. Is Aristotle's division of sensation and thought, which generally went against, previous ,philosophers,except Actaeon. Successor: Theophrastus Aristotle
  32. Games are assigned on the basis of the team's final division standing in the, previous ,season. The remaining 8 games are split between the roster of two other NFL
  33. Inventor of dynamite. Nobel also owned Boors, which he had redirected from its, previous ,role as primarily an iron and steel producer to a major manufacturer of cannon
  34. Prose to describe it in any detail. He defines it carefully, mentioning the, previous ,geographers whom he had read, but whose works are now missing. By it, he means
  35. Local optimum and the best decision (not all possible decisions) made in a, previous ,stage. It is not exhaustive, and does not give an accurate answer to many
  36. At the chance: his original mission would have largely been a repeat of the, previous ,flight, albeit in a higher orbit. This swap also meant a swap of spacecraft
  37. In Gray's caveat. Bell pointed to a variable resistance device in Bell's, previous ,application in which Bell described a cup of mercury, not water. Bell had filed
  38. Character and is therefore omitted from this chart; it is covered in the, previous ,section's chart. Earlier versions of ASCII used the up-arrow instead of the
  39. Nitrate represented a major breakthrough and allowed crop yields to overcome, previous ,constraints. In the past century agriculture has been characterized by enhanced
  40. Adapts to weightlessness. Space adaptation syndrome had not been an issue on, previous ,spacecraft (Mercury and Gemini),as those astronauts were unable to move
  41. Officer also named Genius—who had participated in the Council of Chalcedony the, previous ,year—and proceeded to defeat the Huns who had been left behind by Attila to
  42. In October 2010 with a score of 4.9/10 (securing the same score as in the, previous ,version of the guide, however slipping 4 places down the ranking). Greenpeace
  43. End exists potentiality, therefore actuality is the end. Referring then to our, previous ,example, we could say that an actuality is when a plant does one of the
  44. Of a farm in Brazil. Production went much more smoothly than the director's, previous ,film, but a few days before shooting ended,Kurosawa's composer, collaborator
  45. A script he had written before Jimbo, reworking it to include the hero of his, previous ,film. Majuro was the first of three Kurosawa films to be adapted from the work
  46. No calcium will be formed at the anode. This method is less expensive than the, previous ,Caster process of electrolyzing sodium hydroxide. Very pure sodium can be
  47. Very different from any that he had ever filmed before. While some of his, previous ,pictures (for example, Drunken Angel and Kagemusha) had included brief dream
  48. To Rules 2 and 3 of the official Academy Awards Rules, a film must open in the, previous ,calendar year, from midnight at the start of January 1 to midnight at the end
  49. Supplies and had attempted to stop it, at first diplomatically by appealing to, previous ,treaty obligations, interpretation of whose terms the two nations disagreed on
  50. To the Achilles, written by Status in the 1st century AD, and to no surviving, previous ,sources, when Achilles was born Thesis tried to make him immortal by dipping

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