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  1. An alcoholic beverage is publicized and printed on bottles. An average healthy, adult ,can metabolize three quarters of an Australian unit of alcohol, or about 95 %
  2. No specific age of consent laws in the Antarctic. In the unlikely event of an, adult ,engaging in sexual activity with a minor, under the Antarctic Treaty
  3. It out into expression ". Even so, his ideas helped to found one of the first, adult ,education centers in America, and provided the foundation for future
  4. Even pornography. While animation for children exists,most anime have more, adult ,oriented themes. Distribution While anime had entered markets beyond Japan in
  5. Of several young girls who grew up in Ames and have moved on with their, adult ,lives but still remain close. Sports; Iowa Sports Foundation Parks and
  6. Sign. " However, parents can learn to recognize their baby's approximations of, adult ,ASL signs, just as they will later learn to recognize their approximations of
  7. Negatively evaluated for failure can have a similarly negative effect on the, adult , Stranger and social anxiety when meeting or interacting with unknown
  8. 1973 – Stephen Fleming, New Zealand cricketer * 1973 – Joe Francis, American, adult , video producer * 1973 – Rachel Maddow, American radio personality and political
  9. To weigh; estimates for A. Louise were Other estimates of the body mass of, adult ,Apatosaurus species range from to. The skull was small in comparison with the
  10. Reflexes (reflexes that may be normal in an infant but are abnormal in an, adult ,) including Hoffmann's sign in the fingers and hand and the Babinski sign.
  11. To 4000 kilograms (2200 to 8800 lb),and 1010 kilograms (2230 lb) for modal, adult ,weight (not maximum). John Foster, a specialist on the Morrison Formation
  12. Those of citizen stock but did not swamp them. Citizenship in Athens Only, adult ,male Athenian citizens who had completed their military training as spheres had
  13. To accept Muhammad's prophethood (though Ships maintain Abu Tali and other, adult ,members of Muhammad's immediate blood family were,i.e. the Semites).
  14. Which had high moral standards and opposed alcohol, dancing,and slavery. As an, adult , Thomas never formally joined a church. Thomas enjoyed considerable status in
  15. The data from 2000/2001 that show that only about 45 % of the population is in, adult ,age (Multi-Indicator Cluster Survey, INE/UNICEF),give a total population of
  16. Gills that gradually disappear and the larvae of newts are quite similar to the, adult ,form from early age on. Frogs and toads however have a tadpole stage, which is
  17. Were first introduced in the United States in 1849 by Dr. James P. Davis. Seven, adult ,goats were a gift from Sultan Abdulhamid I in appreciation for his services and
  18. And histology, is primarily the scientific study of the morphology of the, adult ,human body. In line with modern teaching methods. A thorough working knowledge
  19. Reports a higher rate of antisemitism in some years. Five percent of the entire, adult ,population, and 39 % of the Muslim population, harbor strong and consistent
  20. Official language. Russian is widely used, especially in education. 94 % of, adult ,Armenians considers that it's important their children learn Russian. Armenia
  21. So imaginary young women of widely varying temperaments, lasted well into her, adult ,years. During the First World War, she worked at a hospital as a nurse; she
  22. Religion and letters. The school, considered one of the first formal, adult ,education centers in America, was also attended by foreign scholars. It
  23. With Leonid Stein),ahead of a star-studded field, for his first significant, adult ,victory. His ELO rating shot from 2540 in 1971 to 2660 in 1973,when he shared
  24. NCRL) in Washington for its policy of refusing to disable restrictions upon an, adult ,patron's request. Library patrons attempting to access pro-gun websites were
  25. She had no relationship with her father, who died when she was nine. As a young, adult ,she took an interest in mathematics, and in particular Babbage's work on the
  26. Bailey, American singer and actress (b. 1918) *1992 – Al Parker, American, adult , film actor (b. 1952) *1993 – Fend King, Chinese mathematician (b. 1920)
  27. Rainforests and their eggs hatch directly into miniature versions of the, adult , passing through the tadpole stage within the egg. Reproductive success of many
  28. Citizens entitled to vote in the assembly. In the mid-5th century the number of, adult ,male citizens was perhaps as high as 60,000,but this number fell precipitously
  29. Independent mass estimates, obtained by different methods, suggest that an, adult ,Albertosaurus weighed between 1.3 tonnes (1.4 short tons) and 1.7 tonnes (
  30. In the rules of grammar, spelling,vocabulary, penmanship and transcription of, adult ,texts. However, in that decade, progressive reformers such as Alcott
  31. Amphibians undergo metamorphosis from a juvenile water-breathing form to an, adult ,air-breathing form, but some are mesomorphs that retain the juvenile
  32. For children between the ages of six and 15. Approximately 5 % of the, adult ,population of the country is illiterate. In Algeria there are 46 universities
  33. Aphrodite had no childhood: in every image and each reference she is born as an, adult , nubile, and infinitely desirable. Aphrodite is often depicted nude in many of
  34. Himself. " — Hercules Poirot in" The Erymanthian Boar" ( 1940). As an, adult , Poirot joined the Belgian police force. Very little mention is made in
  35. Some cases forty) years as a minimum, rendering something like a third of the, adult ,citizen body ineligible at any one time. An unknown proportion of citizens were
  36. The Peter Cetera-produced I Stand Alone, which also included the Billboard, adult ,contemporary duet with Center," I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye) " as
  37. Sex ratio *Total population: 1.02 male (s)/female (2011 est. ) Health The, adult ,prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS infection is 3.9 % as of 2003. There are 240,000
  38. Emperor's favor, and when Constantine, who had been a catechumen much of his, adult ,life, accepted baptism on his deathbed, it was from Eugenics of Comedian.
  39. Of the infected black men were unaware. " It has been estimated that" 184,991, adult , and adolescent HIV infections were diagnosed during 2001–2005" ( 1). More
  40. Democracy created at Athens was a direct, not a representative democracy: any, adult ,male citizen of age could take part, and it was a duty to do so. The officials
  41. Have amounted to 100,000 people and out of these some 30,000 will have been the, adult ,male citizens entitled to vote in the assembly. In the mid-5th century the
  42. Teresa, and both were exiled by her orders. In 1122 Alfonso became fourteen,the, adult ,age in the 12th century. He made himself a knight on his own account in the
  43. The paper, Turing suggested that rather than building a program to simulate the, adult ,mind, it would be better rather to produce a simpler one to simulate a child's
  44. Secret marriage with the release of" Age Ain't Nothing but a Number" and the, adult ,content that Kelly had written for Aaliyah. Vibe magazine later revealed a
  45. Of tissue penetration of salicylates. When small doses (less than 250 mg in an, adult ,) are ingested, all pathways proceed by first-order kinetics, with an
  46. Was huge: most of the thousand or so Greek cities could only muster 1000–1500, adult , male citizens and Corinth, a major power, had at most 15,000 but in some very
  47. System. In Sing memorized the Qur'an by the age of seven, and as an, adult , he wrote five treatises commenting on Surat from the Qur'an. One of these
  48. Decaling and homemade interior designs that range from comic book scenes, to, adult , themes,and even to" Hello Kitty" themes. Government As the seat of a
  49. Of one genus have been found with legs greatly different from those of, adult ,trilobites, suggesting they are not members of the lamellipedian clade, of
  50. State in the nation to exercise. Alabama has one of the highest incidents of, adult ,onset diabetes in the country, exceeding 10 % of adult s. Economy The state has

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