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  1. To the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the anus of a sexual, partner , The term can also include other sexual acts involving the anus, including
  2. So, Carnegie left mediation of the dispute in the hands of his associate and, partner ,Henry Clay Brick. Brick was well known in industrial circles for maintaining
  3. He contacted Adams, Howsam, and Winter (as well as Winter's business, partner , Bill Boyer) to gauge their interest in starting a new league. Hunt's first
  4. Of distance, foot movement, presence and connectedness with one's training, partner ,(s). Multiple attackers and random One feature of aikido is training to
  5. In a lot of my recorded canon. Now I feel like I’m in a perfect place. My, partner ,Mike Napolitana co-produced this record – my guitar and voice have never
  6. 16,but there are two close-in-age exemptions: minors 14-15 may have sex with a, partner ,who is less than five years older, and minors aged 12-13 may have sex with a
  7. As well. Litigation with Intel AMD has a long history of litigation with former, partner ,and x86 creator Intel. *In 1986 Intel broke an agreement it had with AMD to
  8. His relationships with a number of men, including Peter Trotsky, his lifelong, partner , Judge Clayton W. Horn ruled that" Howl" was not obscene, adding," Would
  9. Corporation "," socialism ", both ultimately based on the verb" to share, partner ,with ";" university ", based on" to gather, unite ";" republic ", based on "
  10. Nerve endings and thus the source of pleasure or pain. " In a male receiving, partner , being penetrated can produce a pleasurable sensation due to the inserted penis
  11. Charlotte came across Emily's poems. They had been shared only with Anne, her, partner , in the world of Gonadal. Charlotte proposed that they be published. Anne also
  12. Of weapons of mass destruction. It is a good case that Azerbaijan is our active, partner ,in struggle against spread of weapons of mass destruction ". There is also a
  13. Limited to, singing,scene-work, monologue techniques, audition techniques and, partner ,work. Professional actors Not all people working as actors in film, television
  14. Of receiving a technique. Good semi involves attention to the technique,the, partner ,and the immediate environment—it is an active rather than a passive receiving
  15. Instead they receive this diploma from one of CCSET's (constantly changing), partner , schools based in Ontario. In contrast, Island Academy has offered international
  16. Greatly decreases the dissociation constant of ATP from its protein binding, partner ,without affecting the ability of the enzyme to catalyze its reaction once the
  17. Also vary, depending on experience, position within the firm (staff architect, partner ,or shareholder, etc.) and the size and location of the firm. Professional
  18. Antonio, Texas,when a fire broke out, destroying the chamber. Smith and his, partner ,narrowly escaped. Other oxygen fire occurrences are documented in certain US
  19. Deepwater section, Block 14,with. Angola is the third-largest trading, partner ,of the United States in Sub-Saharan Africa, largely because of its petroleum
  20. Particle, either of position or momentum, different properties of the entangled, partner ,could be discovered without disturbing it in any way. He then used a hypothesis
  21. 2009,Delta Air Lines, with help from TPG, made a bid of $1 billion for JAL to, partner ,with them. Two days later, reports came from Japan that AA and TPG had teamed
  22. Come back and compete again. In June 2010,Kournikova reunited with her doubles, partner ,Martina Hinges to participate in competitive tennis for the first time in seven
  23. Children, disruption of education, relationship problems with a husband or, partner , the perception that she is too young, and unemployment. A 2004 study in which
  24. Interface called TRAINMAN, although most content maintenance was performed by, partner ,and internal employees. Two former community leaders, Brian Williams of Dallas
  25. Or managing principal/ partner . *Mid-level Principal / Partner: Principal or, partner ,; titles may include executive or senior vice president. *Junior Principal /
  26. Crisis in the country. The Soviet Union was Afghanistan's main trading, partner ,from the start in 1978. This eventually led to government officials swapping
  27. Males are lured to the blooms and attempt to copulate with their imaginary, partner ,: although this endeavor is not crowned with success for the bee, it allows the
  28. Or senior vice president. *Junior Principal / Partner: Recently made a, partner ,or principal of the firm; title may include vice president. *Department head /
  29. In the posture of affairs. Now queen, Amalasuntha made her cousin Theodora, partner ,of her throne (not, as sometimes stated, her husband, for his wife was still
  30. Lexington. Early career and militia service In 1832,at age 23,Lincoln and a, partner ,bought a small general store on credit in New Salem, Illinois. Although the
  31. People in 1889. At the suggestion of his friend Benjamin Ruff,Carnegie's, partner ,Henry Clay Brick had formed the exclusive South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club
  32. Overview In May 2008,American served 260 cities (excluding code shares with, partner ,airlines) with 655 aircraft. American carries more passengers between the US
  33. Where she has at times been the World No. 1 player. With Martina Hinges as her, partner , she won Grand Slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002. Based on their looks
  34. Responsible for major department (s) or functions; reports to a principal or, partner , *Project Manager: Licensed architect, or non-registered graduate with more
  35. Speakers also use upward inflection as a way of including their conversational, partner ,in the dialogue. This is also common in Californian English. Western
  36. Falls in major sports history. He was forced to resign his managing general, partner ,post in the late summer of 2004. In a 2004 interview with columnist Hal Bosley
  37. Of Agricultural and Smallholder People often shared power in parliament as a, partner ,in the five-party Petra coalition. The party's leader Antonin Sheila (
  38. Is also looking into investing in the troubled airline, along with Delta's, partner ,Air France-KLM. Both Delta and AF-KLM are part of Steam,Oneworld's alliance
  39. Who is less than five years older, and minors aged 12-13 may have sex with a, partner ,who is less than two years older. Some states in the United States also allow
  40. 2009,Amway Global signed a multi-year deal to become the official presenting, partner ,of the Los Angeles Sol of Women's Professional Soccer. The deal, however
  41. Usually a defense against an attack; therefore, to practice aikido with their, partner , students must learn to deliver various types of attacks. Although attacks are
  42. Works, such as The Stranger and The Plague. Despite his split from his" study, partner ,", Sartre,some still argue that Camus falls into the existentialist camp. He
  43. One of Us ", dealt with the painful experience of separating from a long-term, partner , though it looked at the trauma more optimistically. With the now publicized
  44. His attorneys Philander Knox and James Hay Reed, as well as Frick's business, partner ,Andrew Carnegie. High above the city, near the small town of South Fork, the
  45. Often in the absence of a condom. The risk of injury to the receptive, partner ,due to anal intercourse is many times higher than that due to vaginal sex. Also
  46. He also invited the Taliban to join the process wanting them to be a, partner ,in providing stability to Afghanistan during such a process. Many analysts like
  47. CEO; becoming its primary public face. Ken Kendrick became the managing general, partner , Following the 2004 season, the Diamondbacks hired Wally Beckman to be the team
  48. During World War II. During his service, Morita met his future business, partner ,Maseru Ibiza in the Navy's Wartime Research Committee. Sony On May 7,1946
  49. Tagline to" Truth in Engineering" in the U. S. Sponsorships Audi is a strong, partner ,of different kinds of sports. In association football, long partner ships exist
  50. Returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his, partner , Charles Study (one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two

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