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  1. Beautiful for pilgrim feet: Whose stern impassion'd stress: A thoroughfare for, freedom ,beat: Across the wilderness.: America! America!: God mend thine eV'Ry flaw,
  2. But always conscious in its own actions, Kierkegaard believed that the, freedom ,given to people leaves the human in a constant fear of failing his/her
  3. Love for the few with love for the many. Love confirms others in their, freedom , shuns propaganda and masks, assures others of its presence, and is ultimately
  4. Imagery of the sea is often used in Camus's works to suggest life, vigor,and, freedom , In The Plague, a key description of Oran occurs early, when it is explained
  5. It and adding an amendment to prohibit Congress from passing laws that restrain, freedom ,of trade. *Ben Nearly is a railroad contractor whom Deign Haggard hires to
  6. He called the" sheet anchor" of republicanism. The Declaration's emphasis on, freedom ,and equality for all, in contrast to the Constitution's tolerance of slavery
  7. And mentor at the film school, Mikhail Room, allowed his students considerable, freedom ,and emphasized the independence of the film director. Tchaikovsky was, according
  8. To the metallurgic term meaning the heating and cooling of metal to achieve, freedom ,from defects. The purpose of the random variance is to find close to globally
  9. The war. The British recruited slaves belonging to Patriot masters and promised, freedom ,to those who served. Because of manpower shortages, George Washington lifted
  10. Amongst all who joined, etc.) would, under anarcho-capitalism, enjoy the, freedom ,to do as they please (provided, of course that they set up their operation on
  11. NT total number of cases to the F-distribution with I − 1,NT − I degrees of, freedom , Using the F-distribution is a natural candidate because the test statistic is
  12. Degrees of freedom . This one has 17 facial points, for a total of 56 degrees of, freedom , As for the materials they used, the WD-2's mask is fabricated with a highly
  13. Was his openness about homosexuality. Ginsberg was an early proponent of, freedom ,for gay people. In 1943,he discovered within himself" mountains of
  14. Associated with Peter's Siberian official, Vasily Tatishchev, and was allowed, freedom ,to conduct geographical and anthropological studies in preparation for a future
  15. Anarcho-communism is the best social system for the realization of individual, freedom , Most anarcho-communists view anarcho-communist as a way of reconciling the
  16. The military then intervened, declared a state of emergency that limited, freedom ,of speech and assembly, and canceled the second round of elections. It forced
  17. Treatment at different levels.: S_ = S_ + S_\, \! So, the number of degrees of, freedom ,f can be partitioned similarly and specifies the chi-squared
  18. And excitement of the army. Others cheered because they anticipated the, freedom ,to plunder and to do as they pleased now that the Federal troops were there. "
  19. To the confederation government,i.e." Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom , and independence, and every power, jurisdiction,and right, which is not by
  20. Increased cabin space in the Apollo Command Module afforded astronauts greater, freedom ,of movement, contributing to symptoms of space sickness for Borman and, later
  21. Of Anxiety, described anxiety or dread associated with the" dizziness of, freedom ," and suggested the possibility for positive resolution of anxiety through the
  22. Lincoln concluded that the Civil War had a profound objective—a new birth of, freedom ,in the nation. General Grant Meade's failure to capture Lee's army as it
  23. Constitution, a province is a territorial collectivity enjoying some economic, freedom , The People's Provincial Assembly is the political entity governing a province
  24. Or to contract to be employees of others, whichever they prefer and the, freedom ,to pay and receive wages. Some anarcho-capitalists prefer to see
  25. Aruba in 1667. In August 1806,General Francisco de Miranda and a group of 200, freedom , fighters on their voyage to liberate Venezuela from Spain stayed in Aruba for
  26. And risks associated with GMO foods, some believe the public should have the, freedom ,to choose and know what they are eating and require all GMO products to be
  27. Spandau and the lobby of the Berlin hotel where Speer spent his first hours of, freedom ,in over 20 years. However, Speer said little, reserving most comments for a
  28. Václav Havel points to Ginsberg as an important inspiration in striving for, freedom , Gay rights One contribution that is often considered his most significant and
  29. In the Cold War years,Lincoln's image shifted to emphasize the symbol of, freedom ,who brought hope to those oppressed by communist regimes. As a Whig activist
  30. Without the establishment of the self as a positive value there could be no, freedom ,and no democracy. " The first such postwar hero was, atypically for the artist
  31. Specific facial points on a mask, with each point possessing three degrees of, freedom , This one has 17 facial points, for a total of 56 degrees of freedom . As for
  32. Opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual, freedom , Early years Albert Camus was born on 7 November 1913 in Dream (then known as
  33. By the Patriots, and 12,000 left the country at the end of the war, for, freedom , in Canada or slavery in the West Indies. Baller (2006) examines family
  34. S potential losses smaller, while in turn allowing himself more artistic, freedom ,as co-producer. Kurosawa agreed, and Kurosawa Production Company was
  35. Congress out of a need to have" a plan of confederacy for securing the, freedom , sovereignty, and independence of the United States. " After the war
  36. Prime Minister in 1946 and began an experiment allowing greater political, freedom , but reversed the policy when it went further than he expected. He was replaced
  37. Turns its back on life. When the plague hits, the deprivation of this symbol of, freedom ,becomes more pronounced, as the beaches are closed, as is the port. In summer
  38. Americans did not wait for Lincoln's action before escaping and seeking, freedom ,behind Union lines. From early years of the war, hundreds of thousands of
  39. Of the free rotation about a carbon – carbon single bond. Despite this apparent, freedom , only two limiting conformations are important: eclipsed conformation and
  40. Was officially declared to be the world's first atheist state. Religious, freedom ,has returned to Albania since the regime's change in 1992. Albanian Muslim
  41. And non-coercive setting ". Fiercely anti-clerical, Ferrer believed in ", freedom ,in education ", education free from the authority of church and state. Murray
  42. Religion, sovereignty,trade, or any other pretense whatever. " # Establishes, freedom ,of movement – anyone could pass freely between the states, excluding " paupers
  43. Led many to suicide. Thinking that this consequential death would lead to, freedom ,and access to the Taoist heavens, the ensuing deaths encouraged people to
  44. The Fraser Institute states that Alberta also has very high levels of economic, freedom ,and rates Alberta as the freest economy in Canada, and the second freest
  45. W. Horn ruled that" Howl" was not obscene, adding," Would there be any, freedom ,of press or speech if one must reduce his vocabulary to vapid innocuous
  46. Roots back to Josiah Warren and to experimental communities, viewed sexual, freedom ,as a clear, direct expression of an individual's self-ownership. Free love
  47. That my blood pressure was rising tremendously ... Anxiety amidst all my, freedom ,and power! Wartime architect (1939–1942) Speer supported the German invasion
  48. Attributing that which she cites J. Krishnamurti as naming the spirit of ", freedom ,from the known " which she suggests that Huxley applied, non-exhaustively,in
  49. To completely describe the geometry of a molecule. There is a further degree of, freedom ,for each carbon – carbon bond: the torsion angle between the atoms or groups
  50. Units were formed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts; many slaves were promised, freedom ,for serving. Another all-black unit came from Haiti with French forces. At

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