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  1. Based on rational materialism. Relation to Hermeticism In the eyes of a, variety ,of esoteric and Hermetic practitioners, the heart of alchemy is spiritual.
  2. The same period traditional breeding techniques yielded a more sustainable, variety ,of the same crop. Electrical energy efficiency on farms Policy Agricultural
  3. Animation of Satoshi Tamika (most famously Saving). Story themes A wide, variety ,of stories have been adapted into anime. They are sourced from Japanese history
  4. 8,350 rivers are greater than in length. Landscape Azerbaijan is home to a vast, variety ,of landscapes. Over half of Azerbaijan's land mass consists of mountain ridges
  5. e.g. the energetic mood) are almost never used in MSA. *No modern spoken, variety ,of Arabic has case distinctions. As a result, MSA is generally composed without
  6. Pilots. Once selected, NASA astronauts go through 20 months of training in a, variety ,of areas, including training for extra-vehicular activity in a facility such as
  7. During the 9th to 14th centuries, alchemical theories faced criticism from a, variety ,of practical Muslim chemists, including JA'far al-Sadiq, Alkindus, Abū
  8. Clay, such as in the films of Bruce Pickford, where clay creatures morph into a, variety ,of different shapes. Examples of clay-animated works include The Gumbo Show (
  9. And Nhaneca-Humbe, in both cases classification terms which stand for a, variety ,of small groups, the Rambo, the Herero, the Finding and scattered residual
  10. Other Greek deities, had a number of epithets applied to him, reflecting the, variety ,of roles, duties,and aspects ascribed to the god. However, while Apollo has a
  11. Intolerance due to volume loss, sleep disturbances, and radiation injury. A, variety ,of large scale medical studies are being conducted in space via the National
  12. Albania and Republic of Macedonia. It has a maximal depth of 289 meters and a, variety ,of unique flora and fauna can be found there, including " living fossils" and
  13. Interested in the topic. Societies range widely in their goals, depending on a, variety ,of factors such as geographic spread, local circumstances, size,and membership
  14. Colors on their characters. Facial expressions Anime characters may employ a, variety ,of predetermined facial expressions to denote moods and thoughts. These
  15. The word neophyte to describe a group which includes the angiosperms and a, variety ,of fossils (glossopteris, Pentoxylon, Bennettitales, and Antonia),but not
  16. Between spectral class and composition is not always very good, and a, variety ,of classifications is in use. This has led to significant confusion. While
  17. Balkan landmass, and the entire country lying at a latitude subject to a, variety ,of weather patterns during the winter and summer seasons, Albania has a high
  18. Is a multiethnic society. The population of the country is divided into a wide, variety ,of ethnolinguistic groups. Because a systematic census has not been held in the
  19. Of families, well beyond those officially classified as poor, have to adopt a, variety ,of survival strategies. At the same time, in urban areas social inequality is
  20. Become automatically president and vice-president of Angola. Through a, variety ,of mechanisms, the state president controls all the other organs of the state
  21. But are often used as a way to define or document algorithms. There is a wide, variety ,of representations possible and one can express a given Turing machine program
  22. The Animal" *"Animal" ( DES 'Dizzy' McKenna),drummer on Australian, variety ,program,Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Other uses *ANIMAL (image processing),an
  23. Norms and vocabulary, commonly known as Modern Standard Arabic. This is the, variety ,used in most current, printed Arabic publications, spoken by some Arabic
  24. Played as the welcome music. The song is often included in songbooks in a wide, variety ,of religious congregations in the United States. Lyrics: O beautiful for
  25. Today, aikido has evolved from the Wiki that Yeshiva studied into a wide, variety ,of expressions by martial artists throughout the world. The core martial art
  26. Detailed drawings and plausible movement. Fully animated films can be done in a, variety ,of styles, from more realistically animated works such as those produced by the
  27. Considering how far north the area is. This region has a tremendous amount of, variety ,in precipitation. An area stretching from the northern side of the Seward
  28. Of surgical abortion, is a standard gynecological procedure performed for a, variety ,of reasons, including examination of the uterine lining for possible malignancy
  29. Popular contemporaneously. Currently, anthropologists pay attention to a wide, variety ,of issues pertaining to the contemporary world, including globalization
  30. The varied terrain and wide scope of the Troopers' duties, they employ a wide, variety ,of land, air,and water patrol vehicles. Many rural communities in Alaska are
  31. Quantities in the vicinity of Neuchatel ", and that he proposed to use it in a, variety ,of ways -" principally in the construction of air-proof granaries, and in
  32. Looking at the night sky with the naked eye, using binoculars, and using a, variety ,of optical telescopes of varying power and quality, as well as additional
  33. L-39 for training and bombing role, Czech Lin for training role and a, variety ,of western made aircraft such as C-212\Vicar, Sud Aviation Fouetté III, etc.
  34. Azerbaijan has been since the ancient times known as a center of a large, variety ,of crafts. The archeological dig on the territory of Azerbaijan testifies to
  35. Is often kept parallel to the back. Angora rabbit The Angora rabbit () is a, variety ,of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. The Angora is one of the
  36. To earn $16,161 before becoming subject to provincial taxation in addition to a, variety ,of tax deductions for persons with disabilities, students,and the aged.
  37. Were defeated, a British attempt at Charleston, South Carolina failed, and a, variety ,of efforts to attack British forces in East Florida failed. After French entry
  38. Of exploring and developing theology. Alchemy was interesting to the wide, variety ,of churchmen because it offered a rationalistic view of the universe when men
  39. To study a particular place, problem or phenomenon in detail, using a, variety ,of methods, over a more extensive period than normal in many parts of academia.
  40. Emotional and unpleasant words, a less acute sense of humor, engaging a smaller, variety ,of sexual practices than their more risk-comfortable colleagues, a lower
  41. Of the intelligence and security organs. The President is also provided a, variety ,of powers, like defining the policy of the country. Even though it's not up to
  42. Astronomers include the Moon, planets,stars, comets,meteor showers, and a, variety ,of deep sky objects such as star clusters, galaxies,and nebulae. Many amateurs
  43. As a three-letter acronym (TLA) for Control-Z instead of Substitute. For a, variety ,of reasons, the end-of-text code, ETX aka Control-C, was inappropriate and
  44. Azerbaijani is mutually intelligible with Turkish and Gaga. The northern, variety ,of the language is written with a modified Latin alphabet today, but was
  45. Amateur astronomy objectives Collectively, amateur astronomers observe a, variety ,of celestial objects and phenomena. Common targets of amateur astronomers
  46. On centuries of history cannot be destroyed with a few kilos of dynamite ". A, variety ,of anarchists advocated the abandonment of these sorts of tactics in favor of
  47. Rand crucial to their success. Rand and her works have been referred to in a, variety ,of media. References to her have appeared on television shows including
  48. Of time, they need to complete compared to their input size. There is a wide, variety ,: some algorithms complete in linear time relative to input size, some do so in
  49. Thumb and Angry Kid shorts. Computer animation encompasses a, variety ,of techniques, the unifying factor being that the animation is created
  50. From the 1980s. Health risks of space travel Astronauts are susceptible to a, variety ,of health risks including decompression sickness, barotrauma

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