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  1. Or" vertical collectivism ", wherein hierarchy is emphasized and people, submit ,to authorities to the point of self-sacrifice. Horizontal collectivism is based
  2. Chief of the armed forces, may negotiate and ratify certain treaties, and may, submit ,a bill to a national referendum or to the National Assembly. According to the
  3. Do homage to him at Pa via. Only Duke Are chis II of Benedetto refused to, submit ,and proclaimed independence. Charlemagne was then master of Italy as king of
  4. Hertfordshire Cone, where they were blockaded and were ultimately forced to, submit , The force fell back on Essex and, after suffering another defeat at Ben fleet
  5. Grand Master, aware of his duties to the empire and to the papacy, refused to, submit ,to the crown of Poland. As war over the Order's existence appeared inevitable
  6. In 1193. Pope Innocent III espoused the cause of Iceberg; but Philip did not, submit ,until 1200,when, nine months after interdict had been added to excommunication
  7. Branches nominate those in their respective fields while all members may, submit ,nominees for Best Picture. The winners are then determined by a second round of
  8. And literally spit upon his Jewish gaberdine. To all this the Jew is obliged to, submit ,; it would be more than his life was worth to offer to strike a Mohammedan. "
  9. His ability to launch expensive forays into untested products. Rather than, submit ,to Sculley's direction, Jobs attempted to oust him from his leadership role at
  10. Of its eventual extinction, Barrow and Tiller propose the: Barrow and Tiller, submit ,that the FAP is both a valid physical statement and" closely connected with
  11. Their stayand many continued during the school year. Students write and, submit ,SURF proposals for research projects in collaboration with professors, and
  12. For the churches, although attempts to persuade the native Celtic bishops to, submit ,to Augustine's authority failed. Roman bishops were established at London and
  13. Foreign films must include English subtitles, and each country can only, submit ,one film per year. The members of the various branches nominate those in their
  14. Interfaces whereby researchers could both access existing data and, submit ,new or revised data. In order to study how normal cellular activities are
  15. Format of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, individuals may, submit ,their votes in separate categories. A dual voting system was developed in 1956.
  16. A legal alternative to litigation whereby the parties to a dispute agree to, submit ,their respective positions (through agreement or hearing) to a neutral third
  17. 2005,the Millennium Challenge Corporation selected Burkina Faso as eligible to, submit ,a proposal for Millennium Challenge Account assistance for fiscal year 2006
  18. Contract law or the law of treaties, the agreement between the parties to, submit ,their dispute to arbitration is a legally binding contract. All arbitral
  19. Lands. After 781,however, his cousin Charlemagne began to pressure Tassel to, submit ,and finally deposed him in 788. The deposition was not entirely legitimate.
  20. Studies at school. He failed to complete a twelfth-grade piano sonata, but did, submit ,an original composition, called " Surfing' ". Family gatherings brought the
  21. Cinema format with native resolution not less than 1280x720. Producers must, submit ,an Official Screen Credits online form before the deadline; in case it is not
  22. Catholic practices. The failure of political and ecclesiastical authorities to, submit ,to Puritan demands for more extensive reform was one of the causes of open
  23. And disqualification losses in WWF, he had never been pinned or forced to, submit ,in a WWF ring. Hogan came out to congratulate André and ended up being the
  24. Were launched to dissolve threats from nomadic tribes, extend the border, and, submit , neighboring states into tributary system. Military victories in the Tarim Basin
  25. Free view). On Free view Channel 301,interactivity does not permit users to, submit ,data (such as answering questions in a quiz or requesting video on demand)
  26. A conversation with Narrow. Room argues that one would have to be a madman to, submit ,willingly to the plague. Rather than accepting the natural order of things —
  27. He was profane, but they allowed him to write to Polly, and he set to begin to, submit ,to authority for her sake. He sought a place on a slave ship bound for Africa
  28. By the Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA). The numerous working groups, submit ,their reports to the Council through COREPER or SCA. Accordingly, for a
  29. And Ammonia to the west. Gregory had decreed that these Christians should, submit ,to Augustine and that their bishops should obey him, apparently believing that
  30. Ramiro to retreat to Burgos, and forced the Navarrete queen Today, his aunt, to, submit , to him as a vassal and withdraw from direct rule as regent for her son García
  31. States and Canada" only a licensed engineer may prepare, sign and seal, and, submit , engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or seal
  32. Of the remaining border disputes during bilateral talks. They also agreed to, submit ,Laguna del Desert to international arbitration in 1994. Almost the entire
  33. Did not receive payment, could not participate in meetings, and could not, submit ,papers. Still Cauchy refused to take any oaths; however, he did feel loyal
  34. Isolationist United States in 1953,which forces the country to surrender and, submit ,to a puppet government. The game's main character is a member of a resistance
  35. Would" reject $500,000 in contributions from private individuals rather than, submit ,to a government 'blacklist' policy. " The ACLU claims that the death penalty
  36. S all. " The organizers of the 1933 Nuremberg Nazi Party rally asked Speer to, submit ,designs for the rally, bringing him into contact with Hitler for the first time
  37. Eligibility may be achieved by a competitive nomination or a member may, submit ,a name based on other significant contribution to the field of motion pictures.
  38. Nordalbingia. In his first campaign, Charlemagne forced the Engrains in 773 to, submit ,and cut down an Arminius pillar near Paderborn. The campaign was cut short by
  39. A right being given to Roman Catholics and without, therefore,their having to, submit ,to the Church of England, even with a liturgy more acceptable to them. They
  40. Which had been in effect for one season, players testing positive were to, submit ,to six additional tests and undergo treatment and counseling. When the Players
  41. Italian film company, who had seen and admired the movie and convinced Data to, submit ,it. On September 10, 1951,Fashion was awarded the festival's highest prize
  42. Rivalries between the Band Heyday lords of Seville and Cardona to force them to, submit , He initially sent a special corps (has am) under Ahmad in Muhammad in
  43. IV, was in complete control of England. He attained those who refused to, submit ,to his rule, such as Jasper Tudor and his nephew Henry, naming them traitors
  44. Assault in 499 BC) and then to head to Greece to force Eritrea and Athens to, submit ,to Darius or be destroyed. After island-hopping across the Aegean, including
  45. In the 17th century, Christian families living under the Ottoman rule began to, submit ,their sons into the Kikuyu system willingly, as they saw this as a
  46. Despite being half hanged, racked and disemboweled alive, Wallace refuses to, submit ,to the king and beg for mercy. Awed by his courage, the Londoners watching the
  47. Commissions) and further asserted that officers with colonial commissions must, submit ,to the authority of any regular British officer, regardless of rank. This
  48. The calamity that had befallen it. They believed that the only solution was to, submit ,gracefully to an historical inevitability — the long-term dominance of Europe
  49. Of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus as of March 20, 1992" and" to, submit ,to the Supreme Soviet for approval the suggested structure of the Armed Forces
  50. Exceptions to this local form of local governance include a few churches that, submit ,to the leadership of a body of elders, as well as the Episcopal Baptists that

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