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  1. Of submitted changes that meet the same consensus requirements into a draft, standard ,*availability of an appeal by any participant alleging that these principles
  2. Challenging even the lower court's findings of fact. This might be the proper, standard ,of review, for example, if the lower court resolved the case by granting a
  3. Rebar or wooden posts. Experience has shown straw, cement,or manure added to a, standard ,adobe mixture can all produce a stronger, more crack-resistant brick. A general
  4. Of this code varied. The original Teletype meaning, and the intent of the, standard , was to make it an ignored character, the same as NFL (all zeroes). This was
  5. Was placed in position 0x41 to match the draft of the corresponding British, standard , The digits 0–9 were arranged, so they correspond to values in binary prefixed
  6. For what was previously thought to be depictions of Apollo. The adaptation of a, standard ,recognizable type for a long time, is probably because nature gives preference
  7. Dramatically from their very low starting point, despite two changes in the, standard ,alphabet, from Perso-Arabic script to Roman in the 1920s and from Roman to
  8. Always be predicted from spelling in cases of irregular syllabic stress. In, standard ,Spanish, it is possible to tell the pronunciation of a word from its spelling
  9. The problem of dialects by simply associating the alphabet with the national, standard , However, with an international language with wide variations in its dialects
  10. And curettage (D&C),the second most common method of surgical abortion, is a, standard ,gynecological procedure performed for a variety of reasons, including
  11. Not orchestrate his musicals). Gershwin scored An American in Paris for the, standard ,instruments of the symphony orchestra plus celesta, saxophone,and automobile
  12. Is Z87.1,which gives a specific impact resistance rating to the eyewear. This, standard ,is commonly used for shop glasses, shooting glasses, and many other examples of
  13. Set 1 May 1886,as the date by which the eight-hour work day would become, standard , The next day,4 May, anarchists staged a rally at Chicago's Haymarket Square.
  14. Even if it was not preserved. For example Connecticut applies the following, standard ,to review unreserved claims: 1. The record is adequate to review the alleged
  15. Of the Western Pacific (1922) advocated an approach to fieldwork that became, standard ,in the field: getting" the native's point of view" through participant
  16. 1.5O2 → CO + 2H2O See the alkane heat of formation table for detailed data. The, standard ,enthalpy change of combustion, ΔcHo, for alkanes increases by about 650 kJ/MOL
  17. Accurate measurements revealed that this current is 0.99985 A. Realization The, standard ,ampere is most accurately realized using a watt balance, but is in practice
  18. 1974),currently used worldwide (ISO 6,ISO 2240,ISO 5800,ISO 12232). *A, standard ,for the set of values used to represent characters in digital computers. The
  19. By the Greek minority, a dialect of Greek that preserves features now lost in, standard ,modern Greek is really spoken. Other languages spoken by ethnic minorities in
  20. Choice between any number of possible interpretations, none of which may have a, standard ,agreed-upon meaning. This form of ambiguity is closely related to vagueness.
  21. Court will apply an abuse of discretion standard of review. Under this, standard , the appellate court gives deference to the lower court's view of the evidence
  22. Name Temps Atomize International) is a high-precision atomic coordinate time, standard ,based on the notional passage of proper time on Earth's gelid. It is the basis
  23. To be just one of several national variants of an international character code, standard , ultimately published as ISO/IEC 646 (1972),which would share most
  24. Number remains unknown). Estimates vary widely. For example, according to one, standard ,textbook, in the British Isles the UK Biodiversity Steering Group Report
  25. Languages, address page and document layout and formatting. The original ASCII, standard ,used only short descriptive phrases for each control character. The ambiguity
  26. Decided issues of fact, an appellate court will apply an abuse of discretion, standard ,of review. Under this standard , the appellate court gives deference to the
  27. TC 97 SC 2 voted during October to incorporate the change into its draft, standard , The X3.2.4 task group voted its approval for the change to ASCII at its May
  28. Longest continuous chain of carbon atoms * Name this longest root chain using, standard ,naming rules * Name each side chain by changing the suffix of the name of the
  29. Which a system of raised dots in one corner, based on Braille cells but not, standard ’s has been widely taken up. Hardware * Large monitors can be used with
  30. Court in the jurisdiction were the case was prosecuted. There are many types of, standard ,of review for appeals, such as de Nova and abuse of discretion. An appellate
  31. Additivity and randomization is similar to the design-based inference that is, standard ,in finite-population survey sampling. Derived linear model Kempthorne uses the
  32. Took place on December 18,a mere three days before the scheduled launch. The, standard ,lunar orbit for Apollo missions was planned as a nominal circular orbit above
  33. Assume that they are identical. *The first computer programming language, standard ,was" American Standard FORTRAN" ( informally known as" FORTRAN 66" )
  34. With the Comte Consultation International Telephone et Telegraphic, standard , Field, and early EBCDIC, more than 64 codes were required for ASCII. The
  35. 66" ), approved in March 1966 and published as ASA X3.9-1966. *The original, standard ,implementation of the programming language C was standard ized as ANSI
  36. Order. Collation of data is sometimes done in this order rather than ", standard ," alphabetical order (collating sequence). The main deviations in ASCII order
  37. Law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the wrong legal, standard , In some rare cases, an appellant may successfully argue that the law under
  38. Set of values used to represent characters in digital computers. The ANSI code, standard ,extended the previously created ASCII seven bit code standard (ASA X3.4-1963)
  39. Are sometimes referred to as ASCII, true ASCII is defined strictly only by ANSI, standard , ASCII was incorporated into the Unicode character set as the first 128 symbols
  40. Of religions: If I wished to take the results of my philosophy as the, standard ,of truth, I should have to concede to Buddhism pre-eminence over the others. In
  41. Of the world can be written by a rather small universal phonetic alphabet. A, standard ,for this is the International Phonetic Alphabet. English alphabet A, B,C, D,E
  42. And how it should be recorded on perforated tape. They proposed a 9-track, standard , for magnetic tape, and attempted to deal with some forms of punched card
  43. The molecule, which increases with the alkane's molecular weight Under, standard ,conditions, from CH4 to C4H10 alkanes are gaseous; from C5H12 to C17H36 they
  44. Named" delete" but the Teletype label was" rub out ". Since the original, standard ,did not give detailed interpretation for most control codes, interpretations of
  45. Standards Association's (ASA) X3.2 subcommittee. The first edition of the, standard ,was published during 1963,a major revision during 1967,and the most recent
  46. The ANSI code standard extended the previously created ASCII seven bit code, standard ,(ASA X3.4-1963),with additional codes for European alphabets (see also
  47. Is a sphere of radius 1 mm (over 300,000 neutral atoms). An alphabet is a, standard ,set of letters—basic written symbols or grapheme—each of which represents a
  48. End of a line, perhaps for compatibility with Teletype machines. This de facto, standard ,was copied into CP/M and then into MS-DOS and eventually into Microsoft Windows
  49. By Karl Poland and practiced by Marshall Sailing and George Dalton challenged, standard ,neoclassical economics to take account of cultural and social factors, and
  50. Model (like most modern Japanese) has 4 plus 1 bead per decimal place,the, standard ,sampan has 5 plus 2,allowing use with a hexadecimal numeral system. Instead

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