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  1. Alien, the court, stalking the crew of an exploration spaceship. It was the, cover ,story of the issue of Astounding that is sometimes described as having ushered
  2. Space Center in French Guiana at orbital positions 46° East. The satellite will, cover ,Europe and significant part of Asian countries and Africa and will have
  3. Areas are 10 % to 50 % higher than nearby forested areas because snow does not, cover ,the trees as readily. Deciduous trees have an albedo value of about 0.15 to
  4. To the ground, where they are usually sheltered from the coldest nights by snow, cover , and make use of warm periods in winter for growth when the snow melts. Some
  5. The opinion of Robert Plant that the re-formed Led Zeppelin was more like a, cover ,band of itself than the original band. Slaves stated that he wanted the band
  6. Made table where he could place his notes and equipment inside a locking, cover , Worse still, his health deteriorated as he suffered severe headaches.
  7. Cress. Winter annuals are important ecologically, as they provide vegetative, cover ,that prevents soil erosion during winter and early spring when no other cover
  8. In the early 1990s due to the UK synth-pop duo Erasure who released a, cover ,extended play featuring versions of ABBA's songs which topped the charts in
  9. Lyrics to Abbas 1976 instrumental track Arrival for Sarah Brightman's, cover ,version recorded for her 2008 'Winter Symphony album. New English lyrics have
  10. Polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings, cover ,many subjects, including physics, metaphysics,poetry, theater,music, logic
  11. Parental employment. US states increasingly require private health insurance to, cover ,autism services, shifting costs from publicly funded education programs to
  12. In Down Under tour ... and the media cover age of the quartet rivals that set to, cover ,the upcoming Royal tour of Australia ", wrote Variety),and is captured on
  13. Of a worthless playboy, by which he is known to the world, as an effective, cover , However, he is forced to give up Deign, knowing that she would not be ready to
  14. Inside, and it is followed by" All the animals, except Napoleon" took, cover ,; Orwell had the publisher alter this from" All the animals, including Napoleon
  15. Medical conditions in space. This study's techniques are now being applied to, cover ,professional and Olympic sports injuries as well as ultrasound performed by
  16. Soon-to-be head of Kurosawa Production, to negotiate a loan in Japan that would, cover ,the film's production costs. Shooting took more than eight months to complete
  17. That the account of natural death, given by Prices, was an ecclesiastical ", cover ,story" and that Emperor Marian (who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire from 450
  18. Of several American archaeologists in espionage in Mexico under their, cover ,as scientists. But by the 1940s,many of Boas' anthropologist contemporaries
  19. To do several portraits of Mick Jagger, and in 1982 he designed the album, cover ,for the Diana Ross album Silk Electric. One of his last works was a portrait of
  20. Attack with an aikido technique. Use continuously seeks to regain balance and, cover ,vulnerabilities (e.g., an exposed side),while age uses position and timing
  21. However, unlike county-equivalents in the other 49 states, the boroughs do not, cover ,the entire land area of the state. The area not part of any borough is referred
  22. Recognised and embraced by other acts: Evan Dandy of The Lemon heads recorded a, cover ,version of" Knowing Me, Knowing You ", Sinéad O'Connor and Boyzone's Stephen
  23. Variables Throughout the 1910s,quantum mechanics expanded in scope to, cover ,many systems. After Ernest Rutherford dis cover ed the nucleus and
  24. Wallowitch's debut album, This Is John Wallow itch!!! (1964). He designed the, cover ,art for the Rolling Stones albums Sticky Fingers (1971) and Love You Live (
  25. I remember Robert Plant saying Led Zeppelin were a cover band now because they, cover ,all their own stuff. I think that hit the nail on the head. " However, on 3
  26. Deciduous forests: These forests of deciduous oaks and evergreen pines, cover ,the plateau of central Anatolia. *Central Anatolian (salt tolerant) plant
  27. Of Ruled Sid Sheikh, Ahmed Bey and Fatwa N'Sourer. Indeed, the conquest did not, cover ,all the current territory of Algeria until the early 20th century when the
  28. Cover that prevents soil erosion during winter and early spring when no other, cover ,exists, and they provide fresh vegetation for animals and birds that feed on
  29. And agricultural science The two terms are often confused. However, they, cover , different concepts: *Agriculture is the set of activities that transform the
  30. And when layered on objects, became quite hard upon cooling. This was used to, cover ,objects that needed waterproofing, Approximately 40 A. D. Discords described
  31. Full of energy and ambition. I remember Robert Plant saying Led Zeppelin were a, cover ,band now because they cover all their own stuff. I think that hit the nail on
  32. Magazine Interview that is still published today. The loopy title script on the, cover ,is thought to be either his own handwriting or that of his mother, Julia
  33. ASD, and PDD are often used interchangeably. The manifestations of autism, cover ,a wide spectrum, ranging from individuals with severe impairments—who may be
  34. A single," Belle ", a duet with French singer Daniel Balancing. The song was a, cover ,of ABBA's instrumental 1976 track" Arrival ". As the single" Belle" sold
  35. A remixed version of" Ring Ring" instead of" Honey, Honey ", and a, cover ,version of" Honey, Honey " by the act Sweet Dreams peaked at number 10. Both
  36. Cultural practices are used. Cultural practices include crop rotation, culling, cover , crops,intercropping, composting,avoidance, and resistance. Integrated pest
  37. Or, until mid-1864,pay commutation money. Many eligible spooled their money to, cover ,the cost of anyone drafted. Families used the substitute provision to select
  38. Numbering (#471) returned and placed alongside the volume-two number on the, cover , Other longtime, rebooted Marvel Comics titles, including Fantastic Four
  39. With proceeds going to the Youth Music charity in England. It featured all new, cover ,versions, notable tracks were by Madness (" Money, Money,Money" ), Culture
  40. As gifts to clients and friends. Copy #4,inscribed" Jerry" on the front, cover ,and given to Geraldine State, was used for a facsimile printing in 1987 and the
  41. Silk Electric. One of his last works was a portrait of Aretha Franklin for the, cover ,of her 1986 gold album Aretha, which was done in the style of the Reigning
  42. Including cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment, autism,and many others, cover ,varying degrees of communication impairment. AAC interventions are highly
  43. Anisum - anise, Levisticum official - lavage, Hacquetia epideictic - garden, cover ,plant Cultivation Many members of this plant group are cultivated, for various
  44. Health care centers in various locations around the Principality. Bus services, cover ,all metropolitan areas and many rural communities, with services on most major
  45. Status in Finland. The single" If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" ( a, cover ,of the Villa Black 60s song) became Fältskog's biggest solo hit in the United
  46. Alaska has more than three million lakes. Marshlands and wetland permafrost, cover ,(mostly in northern, western and southwest flatlands). Glacier ice cover s
  47. Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Master System, and Mobile phone * Top Spin 4 (On, cover ,of game) for Xbox 360,PlayStation 3 and Wii The Austro-Asiatic languages are
  48. Designed many album cover s for various artists starting with the photographic, cover ,of John Wallowitch's debut album, This Is John Wallow itch!!! (1964). He
  49. Their bodies are nevertheless given decent burials in the orchard, with a, cover ,story given related to their deaths.; The Cows: Their milk is stolen by the
  50. Congress. The copies sent to the states for ratification were unsigned, and a, cover ,letter had only the signatures of Henry Laurens and Charles Thomson, who were

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