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  1. Shows how numbers, letters,and signs can be stored in a binary system on a, computer , or via ASCII. The device consists of a series of beads on parallel wires
  2. The term" traditional" to describe CEL animation which makes extensive use of, computer ,technology. Examples of traditionally animated feature films include Pinocchio
  3. 4" is before" one" An intermediate order which can easily be programmed on a, computer ,converts uppercase letters to lowercase before comparing ASCII values. Austin
  4. Descent burn, and above the surface of the Moon, the LM navigation and guidance, computer ,distracted the crew with the first of several unexpected" 1202" and" 1201 "
  5. Altruistic and selfish people. The researchers invited 45 volunteers to play a, computer ,game and also to watch the computer play the game. In some rounds, the game
  6. To do was put the spacecraft in the correct attitude, blunt end forward. If the, computer ,broke down, Borman would take over. Once the Command Module was separated from
  7. A function which returns the polar angle of a complex number *Argument (, computer ,science),a piece of data provided as input to a subroutine *Argument
  8. A computer . 2D animation 2D animation figures are created and/or edited on the, computer ,using 2D bitmap graphics or created and edited using 2D vector graphics. This
  9. 35 W): 150 MA *Tungsten light bulb (60–100 W): 250–450 MA In mathematics and, computer ,science, an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of
  10. Scroll wheels on mice remove the need to locate the scrolling interface on the, computer ,screen. More ambitiously, and quite crucially when keyboard or mouse prove
  11. And" 1201" program alarms. Inside Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, computer , engineer Jack German told guidance officer Steve Bales it was safe to continue
  12. Braille display. An electronic tactile device which is placed below the, computer ,keyboard. A line of cells which correspond to Braille text move up and down to
  13. Also known as Accessible computing) refers to the accessibility of a, computer ,system to all people, regardless of disability or severity of impairment.
  14. Telephones, accessible keyboards, large print, Braille,& speech recognition, computer ,software. People with disabilities often develop personal or community
  15. Established in 1997. The University provides first-level degrees in nursing, computer ,science, business administration, and educational sciences, in addition to
  16. Braille output from a computer by punching dots onto paper. It connects to a, computer ,in the same way as a text printer. * Perkins Braille. To manually emboss Grade
  17. The program alarms indicated" executive overflows ", meaning the guidance, computer ,could not complete all of its tasks in real time and had to postpone some of
  18. ISO symbols, leading many to falsely assume that they are identical. *The first, computer ,programming language standard was" American Standard FORTRAN" ( informally
  19. The computer alarms. When Armstrong again looked outside, he saw that the, computer ,'s landing target was in a boulder-strewn area just north and east of a
  20. The unifying factor being that the animation is created digitally on a, computer , 2D animation 2D animation figures are created and/or edited on the computer
  21. Researchers invited 45 volunteers to play a computer game and also to watch the, computer ,play the game. In some rounds, the game resulted in the volunteers winning
  22. Of artworks, gained an important means of controlling the sale of video and, computer ,artworks in limited editions to collectors. " Agnostic is an order of
  23. As the rendezvous radar switch being in the wrong position, causing the, computer ,to process data from both the rendezvous and landing radars at the same time.
  24. In LEED sustainable rating systems for buildings, computer graphics and, computer ,vision. The average overall albedo of Earth, its planetary albedo, is 30 to 35
  25. Of fast Internet in the last part of the 20th century along with advances in, computer ,controlled telescope mounts and CCD cameras 'Remote Telescope' astronomy is
  26. Precision, meant that no round off was allowed, when translated into modern, computer ,arithmetic. The rediscovery of the Nepohualtzintzin was due to the Mexican
  27. Accepting a particular conclusion. Argument may also refer to: Mathematics and, computer ,science *Argument (complex analysis),a function which returns the polar
  28. Wires arranged in three separate rows. The beads represent a switch on the, computer ,in either an 'on' or 'off' position. An acid (from the Latin acids/acre
  29. Integrated Braille display. * Braille embosser. Embosses Braille output from a, computer ,by punching dots onto paper. It connects to a computer in the same way as a
  30. Mouse with their eyes. Accessibility Software In human- computer interaction, computer ,accessibility (also known as Accessible computing) refers to the
  31. A line of text on the computer screen. * Electronic Notetaker. A portable, computer ,with a Braille or QWERTY keyboard and synthetic speech. Some models have an
  32. Sightings, maneuvering the module to view various stars by using the, computer ,keyboard. However, he accidentally erased some of the computer 's memory, which
  33. By using the computer keyboard. However, he accidentally erased some, computer ,'s memory, which caused the inertial measuring unit (IMU) to think the module
  34. Up, in case of an emergency landing abort),should have been irrelevant to the, computer , But an electrical phasing mismatch between two parts of the rendezvous radar
  35. Stealing, as the rendezvous radar updated an involuntary counter, caused the, computer ,alarms. When Armstrong again looked outside, he saw that the computer 's
  36. Correspond to Braille text move up and down to represent a line of text on the, computer ,screen. * Electronic Notetaker. A portable computer with a Braille or QWERTY
  37. Encoding declaration part of the prologue of some XML documents. Variants As, computer ,technology spread throughout the world, different standards bodies and
  38. Japan,1988). Traditional animated films which were produced with the aid of, computer ,technology include The Lion King (US,1994) Sen to Chirico no Kamikakushi (
  39. Drawings and the backgrounds are either scanned into or drawn directly into a, computer ,system. Various software programs are used to color the drawings and simulate
  40. Information Interchange on magnetic tapes and paper tapes when they are used in, computer ,operations. All computer s and related equipment configurations brought into the
  41. Award from AAA. United Kingdom In 2001,Steve Grand OBE, creator of the, computer ,game, Creatures,created an android, or anthropoid, he named Lucy. The
  42. Richmond, British Columbia, Canada * Aberdeen LLC, a server and storage server, computer ,system manufacturer Algae (or; singular alga, Latin for" seaweed" ) are a
  43. Minute broadcast. After two uneventful days the crew prepared for re-entry. The, computer ,would control the re-entry and all the crew had to do was put the spacecraft in
  44. Instead of the more common ASCII-1967,such as found on the ZX Spectrum, computer , Atari and Malaysia computer s also used ASCII variants. Incompatibility vs
  45. Interpolated rotoscoping. 2D animation has many applications, including analog, computer ,animation, Flash animation and PowerPoint animation. Cinema graphs are still
  46. The rendezvous radar system could cause the stationary antenna to appear to the, computer ,as dithering back and forth between two positions, depending upon how the
  47. In agricultural science. New technologies, such as biotechnology and, computer ,science (for data processing and storage),and technological advances have
  48. Reflectivity of surfaces in LEED sustainable rating systems for buildings, computer ,graphics and computer vision. The average overall albedo of Earth, its
  49. Are headquartered in Huntsville, such as the network access company ADRIAN, computer ,graphics company Intergraph, design and manufacturer of IT infrastructure
  50. Keyboard and a mouse remains the dominant way of interacting with a personal, computer , Some Assistive Technology reduces the strain of this way of work through

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