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  1. Holding a position similar to that of Molotov. Benjamin is a very dedicated, friend ,to Boxer, and does nothing to warn the other animals of the pigs' corruption
  2. Upon two legs is an enemy. # Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a, friend , # No animal shall wear clothes. # No animal shall sleep in a bed. # No animal
  3. Frequent reading among early hippies. While living in Los Angeles, Huxley was a, friend ,of Ray Bradbury. According to Sam Weller's biography of Bradbury, the latter
  4. To Britain. Dr T. Lamb Prison claims that his father, Samuel Roland Prison,a, friend ,of Coleridge, was also" instrumental in introducing the asphalt pavement (in
  5. U. S. In 1937,Huxley moved to Hollywood, with his wife Maria, son Matthew, and, friend , Gerald Heard. He lived in the U. S., mainly in southern California, until his
  6. As being a" father figure" to Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's childhood, friend ,and former business manager, Perry Rogers, sued Graph for $50,000 in management
  7. Lips but her father, Gardiner Greene Hubbard,Bell's benefactor and personal, friend , wanted her to work directly with her teacher. Telephone By 1874,Bell's
  8. Deeply in love with her throughout the book, while also being a good and loyal, friend ,of her other two lovers, Hank Rear den and John Salt. His full name is Francisco
  9. Supporting character for the better part of the next decade, and remain a, friend ,and occasional lover into the 2010s. The 1980s The Amazing Spider-Man #200 (
  10. Documentary footage of war-ravaged Tokyo neighborhoods shot by Kurosawa's, friend , Shirt Honda, the future director of Moira (aka, Godzilla ). Scandal
  11. A few days before shooting ended,Kurosawa's composer, collaborator and close, friend ,Audio Alaska passed away (of tuberculosis) at the age of only 41. The film
  12. Described her as" a large, coarse-skinned young woman but with something of my, friend ,'s features, particularly the mouth ". This description followed their meeting
  13. Of Wisconsin and was a contributing editor of Outdoors Magazine. With longtime, friend ,Donald Sandra, Derleth in 1939 founded Arkham House. Its initial objective was
  14. Or about September 1,1861. There Johnston was appointed a full general by his, friend , Jefferson Davis. On May 30, 1861,Johnston became the second-highest ranking
  15. Is out to destroy. *Paul Larking is an unsuccessful, middle-aged businessman,a, friend ,of the Rear den family. He meets with the other Looters to work out a plan to
  16. Something is wrong with the world, but he is unable to define the problem. His, friend , Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand and by this mechanism the reader is
  17. Year for 1988. He failed an ATP drug test, but wrote a letter claiming the same, friend ,spiked a drink. The ATP dropped the failed drug test as a warning. He stated
  18. The company Minerva Films (founded in 1920 by the actor Leslie Howard and his, friend ,and story editor Adrian Brunei). These were The Bump, starring Aubrey Smith;
  19. Guests on the 50th birthday of Gore Hansen in 1999. Hansen was a long-time, friend ,of all four, and also former secretary of Sting Anderson. Honoring Gore, ABBA
  20. Steel, collapsible wheelchair was created by Harry Jennings and his disabled, friend ,Herbert Everest, in 1933. Examples of Assistive technology in architecture
  21. Rearden's friend s and a member of the cultural elite. *Clifton Local is a, friend ,of Jim Haggard who takes the position of vice-president of operation when Deign
  22. This period Huxley earned some Hollywood income as a writer. In March 1938,his, friend ,Anita Loos, a novelist and screenwriter, put him in touch with
  23. Italy, where he shot the documentary Voyage in Time, together with his longtime, friend ,Toning Guerra. Tchaikovsky returned to Italy in 1980 for an extended trip during
  24. Later to Paris, Ontario,to stay with the Reverend Thomas Henderson, a family, friend , After a brief stay with the Henderson's, the Bell family purchased a farm of at
  25. The First Day (Russian: Первый День Pervy Den′),based on a script by his, friend ,and long term collaborator Andrei Konchalovsky. The film was set in 18th century
  26. A Canadian being treated by his father and boarder who had become a family, friend , To close relatives and friend s he remained" Alec" which his father
  27. 1931,Delete worked in a local canning factory and collaborated with childhood, friend ,Mark Scorer (later Chairman of the University of California, Berkeley English
  28. Described by most people as being dainty. However, John Hothouse, Lord Byron's, friend , was the exception, and he described her as" a large, coarse-skinned young
  29. Lived in Italy part of the time in the 1920s,where Huxley would visit his, friend ’D. H. Lawrence. Following Lawrence's death in 1930,Huxley edited Lawrence's
  30. Beyond both sensual satisfactions and sentimentalities. Huxley became a close, friend ,of Rem sen Bird, president of Occidental College. He spent much time at the
  31. Superstars, Edie Sedgwick, aspired to be a fashion designer, and his good, friend ,Alston was a famous one. Warhol's work in fashion includes silk screened
  32. Health. Speer's wife and friend s managed to have his case transferred to his, friend ,Dr. Karl Brandt, and he slowly recovered. In April,Speer's rivals for power
  33. Lee defied the Comics Code Authority with this story, in which Parker's, friend ,Harry Osborn, was hospitalized after tripping on LSD. Lee wrote this story upon
  34. Cooperating with his country's enemy. Wodehouse got some revenge on his former, friend ,by creating fatuous parodies of the Christopher Robin poems in some of his
  35. Orren Boyle is the head of Associated Steel antithesis of Hank Rear den and a, friend ,of James Haggard. He is an investor in the San Sebastián Mines. *Laura Bradford
  36. He was so anxious to capture the tune in his head, he asked fellow passenger, friend ,Harry Martin for his shirt cuff to write the tune on, thus perhaps to off the
  37. Arkham House and the" Cthulhu Mythos" Delete was a correspondent and, friend ,of H. P. Lovecraft – when Lovecraft wrote about" LE Comte d'Palette" in his
  38. Before Plato had died. He then traveled with Democrats to the court of his, friend ,Hermits of Atreus in Asia Minor. While in Asia, Aristotle traveled with
  39. Called him" the white mole of Union Square. " Andy Warhol with his longtime, friend ,Stuart Pi var, founded the New York Academy of Art in 1979. 1980s Warhol had a
  40. French atmosphere. " When the tone poem moves into the blues," our American, friend ,... has succumbed to a spasm of homesickness. " But," nostalgia is not a fatal
  41. Me, I didn't know anything about the Holocaust. Just look at the Führer's, friend , he didn't know about it either. Allioideae is the
  42. Later installed a telegraph wire from his room in Somerset College to that of a, friend , Throughout late 1867,his health faltered mainly through exhaustion. His
  43. To live in America, often working side by side, Einstein wrote to a, friend ," For me the most beautiful thing is to be in contact with a few fine Jews—a
  44. Botanical specimens as well as experimenting even at an early age. His best, friend ,was Ben Herman, a neighbor whose family operated a flour mill, the scene of
  45. More than two years. That same year they also performed privately at another, friend ,'s 40th birthday: their old tour manager, Claes AF Gamertag. They sang a
  46. To the Absurd occurs in a collection of four letters to an anonymous German, friend , written between July 1943 and July 1944. The first was published in the Revue
  47. Tour on a full-time basis, and played the tournament as a favor to long-time, friend ,Jim Courier. Andre played a charity tournament with Lampreys, Federer,and Naval
  48. By inheritance of the world's the largest copper mining empire. He is a childhood, friend , and the first love, of Deign Haggard. A child prodigy of exceptional talents
  49. The driver of the FACEL Vega car, Michel Hallmark, his publisher and close, friend , also died in the accident. In August 2011,the Milan newspaper Corriere Della
  50. Sat for a sculpture portrait by Elisabeth Na, he told Richard Wagner's, friend ,Malinda von Maseru," I have not yet spoken my last word about women. I

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