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  1. Is the most northerly major city in Canada, and serves as a gateway and hub for, resource ,development in northern Canada. The region, with its proximity to Canada's
  2. Fox, raccoon dog and other animals. Ego deer were a particularly important food, resource ,for the Ainu as were salmon. They also hunted sea eagles such as white-tailed
  3. In spite of that, they are still being developed and applied in cases where, resource ,constraints or peculiarities in the target system's architecture prevent the
  4. It – that original appropriation is legitimized:" Any attempt to claim a new, resource ,that someone does not use would have to be considered invasive of the property
  5. Or asymmetrical subproblems and collect the results back together. The, resource ,consumption in such algorithms is not only processor cycles on each processor
  6. There is also a website, that has served as a community discussion and support, resource ,since the 1994 bankruptcy. Other popular English-language for a also exist
  7. Is also used in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship, which is the primary worship, resource ,for the ELLA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. The Lutheran
  8. Artifacts yield new technology and hasten secret projects; landmarks provide, resource ,bonuses; and random events add danger and opportunity. Excessive development
  9. Employment in consumption sections. In addition, the initial booms also cause, resource ,reallocation, which implies an increase in unemployment under the Austrians '
  10. Systems, security systems, and sensors. ** particularly, a system with severe, resource ,constraints (e.g., an embedded system) must be hand-coded to maximize the
  11. It to be the person's property," for once his labor is mixed with the natural, resource , it remains his owned land. His labor has been irretrievably mixed with the
  12. A pay-per-view approach the accounting process is based on a metering of the, resource ,usage by the user (usually time spent with an active connection or the amount
  13. Woodworkers of America (IRA),the most powerful of the province's, resource ,unions. Tens of thousands participated in protests and many felt that a general
  14. Into education programs. #* The value of museums' collections as a research, resource ,will be well understood, and better links built between the academic community
  15. Calling themselves the New Alchemists believed the warnings of imminent, resource ,depletion and starvation. The New Alchemists were famous for the depth of
  16. Requires TCP/IP—DNS. To be fully functional, the DNS server must support SRV, resource ,records or service records. Replication Active Directory replication is 'pull '
  17. In transportation, agriculture,and commerce. Solar explored reductions in, resource ,consumption and duplication, land reclamation, and proposed to eliminate most
  18. Victoria (provincial capital),Williams Lake Economy British Columbia has a, resource ,dominated economy, centred on the forestry industry but also with increasing
  19. Three cup anemometers are currently used as the industry standard for wind, resource ,assessment studies. Windmill anemometers The other forms of mechanical velocity
  20. To providing the means for government to address significant demographic, resource ,and pollution challenges, these policies are often also designed to stimulate
  21. Fields. For example, dynamic programming was invented for optimization of, resource ,consumption in industry, but is now used in solving a broad range of problems
  22. Anticipated economic conditions. To date, about 2 % of the initial established, resource ,has been produced. * In 2003,total crude bitumen production in Alberta
  23. The primary supply and service hub for Canada's oil sands and other northern, resource ,industries. Approximately south of the capital is Calgary,Alberta's largest
  24. Toxics Release Inventory and Superfund Basic Research Programs. TAXMAN is a, resource ,funded by the US Federal Government. TOXMAP's chemical and environmental
  25. Suggestion is that the widespread use of timber in Chapman constructions—a, resource ,not locally available—needed a large and easy transportation system. Through
  26. Kelp and attempted to manage supply circa 1900,later labeling it a wartime, resource , Definition According to the FAO, aquaculture " is understood to mean the
  27. Right of whoever the first user will turn out to be. " Rothbard notes that the, resource ,need not continue to be used in order for it to be the person's property,"
  28. Analysis It is frequently important to know how much of a particular, resource ,(such as time or storage) is theoretically required for a given algorithm.
  29. US markets accounting for 10 per cent of US oil imports. * The conventional oil, resource ,is estimated to have approximately of remaining established reserves.
  30. Since independence, oil and diamonds have been the most important economic, resource , Smallholder and plantation agriculture have dramatically dropped because of
  31. Scholastic In doing so, he elevated Lombard's work from a major theological, resource ,to an authoritative text from which masters could teach. The commentary (or
  32. Confidential information). OED's evaluation resource s are displayed by, resource ,type, topic,region and country, and date. Learnings are also gathered in an
  33. On geography, environment,history and culture * The World Atlas of Wine, resource ,on wine by Hugh Johnson and Janis Robinson Comics * Atlas Comics (1950s)
  34. Anarcho-capitalistic. People on the frontier invented institutions that fit the, resource ,constraints they faced. " Early Pennsylvania Murray Rothbard's history of
  35. Launched http://www.standardsportal.org/ WWW. StandardsPortal. Org, an online, resource ,for facilitating more open and efficient trade between international markets in
  36. In Asia face huge sustainability challenges: environmental degradation, resource ,constraints and climate change, as well as social inequality and institutional
  37. Systems and large applications. This was because these systems had severe, resource ,constraints, imposed idiosyncratic memory and display architectures, and
  38. Outdoor recreation and tourism, though its economic mainstay has long been, resource ,extraction, principally logging and mining. Etymology The province's name was
  39. Fuller's three prototype Domain houses adopted many techniques to reduce, resource ,use, such as a" forger" shower head to reduce water use, a packaging toilet
  40. In the al-Jarrah. After devastating its countryside to deprive it of any, resource , he encircled it. Finding it difficult to bombard with catapults, he ordered
  41. Resource The approaches above treat human excrement as a waste rather than a, resource , Composting toilets use bacteria to decompose human feces into useful
  42. Was only 4,556). The town's hot springs and mud baths are the main economic, resource , The waters have a temperature of some 80 °C. History The baths were known to
  43. As they emerge from the centralized planning system's disastrous approach to, resource ,management. By 1980 the infrequency of sightings of Mount Ararat, which looms
  44. Act of accounting is usually defined as the act of collecting information on, resource ,usage for the purpose of trend analysis, auditing,billing, or cost allocation.
  45. Of software and manuals (no hardware) for $300. Included with the kit were a, resource ,kit, C compiler (first Halcyon C, then Mark Williams C),debugger, and 68000
  46. Elsewhere. Employment is primarily in government and industries such as natural, resource ,extraction, shipping,and transportation. Military bases are a significant
  47. Suffer water shortages, which have had a significant impact on GDP. Asia's, resource ,problems are exacerbated by inadequate infrastructure. At the end of 2008.37 %
  48. Industry but also with increasing importance in mining. Employment in the, resource ,sector has fallen steadily, and new jobs are mostly in the construction and
  49. With features like processor, disk and network virtualization, dynamic hardware, resource ,allocation (including fractional processor units),and reliability
  50. However, the economy continued to struggle against the backdrop of a weak, resource ,economy. Housing starts and an expanded service sector saw growth overall

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