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  1. The same theological consensus as the general Church. This clearly did not, happen ,in the Ethiopian church. According to some Protestants, it is evident from
  2. Being wrong:" yet, this is taking a chance, for,after all, being itself might, happen ,not to be existentially neutral. In other words, it is quite possible that
  3. Citizens. So it's that kind of feeling that you don't know what's going to, happen ,next that's making ... some European Jewish communities uncomfortable. "
  4. Lincoln warned the border states that a more radical type of emancipation would, happen ,if his gradual plan based on compensated emancipation and voluntary
  5. The mood swing; a person is introduced to alcohol, in some cultures this can, happen ,at a relatively young age. The person enjoys the happy feeling, at this stage
  6. Specifically the latest types of weapons' sights. These projects will probably, happen ,in the near future too. United States Section 907 of the United States Freedom
  7. That he would meet, the abbot Ballard, who would instruct him in what was to, happen , In the vision, he searched for and found Ballard, who commanded" Islands
  8. Would happen if an electron in state 1 were to move to state 2? For this to, happen , the electron would need to gain an energy of exactly E2 - E1. If the electron
  9. Island is not inhabited, and goats graze on it, not many, which the people who, happen ,to arrive here with their ships, sacrifice to Achilles. In this temple are also
  10. He said. " Whoever wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to, happen ,to some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the
  11. By the assembly. If the assembly broke the law, the only thing that might, happen ,is that it would punish those who had made the proposal that it had agreed to.
  12. The Sikhs did not support either side and decided to setback and see what would, happen , The exception was Ala Singh of Partial, who sided with the Afghans and was
  13. Slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia,but is arrested before he can make it, happen , *1813 – Battle of KLM: French forces are defeated by an
  14. Never tested by distress and sorrow? " Abu Bakr said," No doubt, all this does, happen , " Then he said," There, this is the requital of whatever evil you may have
  15. You do for the better increases the portion of the multiverse where good things, happen , " This view is perhaps somewhat too abstract to be explored directly in
  16. In the clouds with great power and glory" ( St Mark),and states when it will, happen ,:" This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled" ( St
  17. Were neither brave, nor clever, nor skilled, but simply lucky enough to, happen ,on the universe in which they did not choose the cowardly route, take the
  18. The town center should look like over the next 10–15 years and how to make this, happen , The Council using funding from the Single Regeneration Budget appointed URGED
  19. Increased by the possibility of Albert's early death and the need, should that, happen , to appoint a regent, as his only son, Albert Frederick was still a mere youth.
  20. Media Center, a collective of protesters reporting on the actions as they, happen , Key grassroots organizations * Movement for Justice en el Barrio in the United
  21. To sincere, strategic voting. In one sense, conditions where this can, happen ,are robust and are not isolated cases. On the other hand, the variety of
  22. And indifference to problems within a revolution could allow horrors to, happen ,if a smooth transition to a people's government is not achieved. Plot summary
  23. Bomb-making, was a forger, a logistical, and someone who made things, happen , and made“ al-Qaeda function. ” - Former CIA station chief, Bob Greater *“I
  24. His target shooting endangered her children, he replied," If that should ever, happen , madame, we should ourselves be happy to get new ones with you" ( though he
  25. Sell, trade,or hold shares. Starting with the player who caused the merger to, happen , each player may either sell his shares in the acquired chain, trade in two
  26. And is now almost at its closest point to the Sun. Closest approach will, happen ,in about 4000 years, when the star will be a few hundredths of a light year
  27. The assault rifle concept, based upon research that showed that most firefights, happen ,at close range, within approximately 300 meters. The power and range of
  28. Thought it would be better to stay and try to fight back when the attacks would, happen , Ultimately, Cotta decided they would stay, but it wouldn't be his fault if
  29. Pratchett depicts a character informing Times that while anything that can, happen , has happen ed, nevertheless there is no history whatsoever in which Times has
  30. Ecosystem because of the oxygen they transport into the Baltic deeps, used to, happen ,on average every four to five years until the 1980s. In recent decades they
  31. In the Algerian question; he stated that he was worried about what might, happen ,to his mother, who still lived in Algeria. This led to further ostracism by
  32. Fruits in general, protect against some cancers. Since fruits and vegetables, happen ,to be good sources of antioxidants, this suggested that antioxidants might
  33. Concepts that the center had to be controlled by pawns, that development had to, happen ,in support of this control, that rooks always belong on open files, that wing
  34. From the 2011 Took earthquake and tsunami). In Canada, it is scheduled to, happen ,August 31, 2011. China is scheduled to switch in 2015. In the United Kingdom
  35. Best way to survive an ambush is not to encounter them. In order for this to, happen , patrol movement mustn't be predictable in timing or route, and should avoid
  36. Adaptive expectations mean that people form their expectations about what will, happen ,in the future based on what has happen ed in the past. For example, if inflation
  37. In both North America and Europe later on in the year, but that did not, happen , The anime premiered in the United States, on Cartoon Network, on March 28
  38. Of the" blessed dead ", living on as an aka, or " effective one ". For this to, happen , the deceased had to be judged worthy in a trial, in which the heart was
  39. Attackers" were so worried" and threatened to leave if the interview did not, happen ,in the next 24 hours (until September 10, 2001). They were finally granted an
  40. However likely the man in question would be to deny an affair that did in fact, happen , he could only be more likely to deny an affair that never did. Conflict of
  41. Of that scene recited to the audience. By being already aware of what will, happen , the audience can then better concentrate on what is going on in the scene.
  42. Or spectators. Despite display rules and guidance, accidents have continued to, happen , However, air show accidents are rare and where there is proper supervision air
  43. Of the danger because they do not believe in pestilence or that it could, happen ,to them, just as the French were complacent at the beginning of the war. They
  44. Has a fixed energy of E1,and state 2 has a fixed energy of E2. Now, what would, happen ,if an electron in state 1 were to move to state 2? For this to happen , the
  45. Merits, which has the same effect as affirming the judgment below. (This would, happen , for example, if the appellant waited too long, under the appellate court's
  46. Obliged to punish criminals and should not hesitate to kill them, even if they, happen ,to be his own brothers and sons. According to some interpretations, the concept
  47. Vowel (stressed or unstressed as represented in the IPA). This does not, happen ,in the non-rhotic varieties of North American speech. Some other English
  48. Public for his behavior and assured all concerned that it would never, happen ,again. On 29 January 2004,after seeking medical treatment, Bartlett returned
  49. That if all three families had a common ancestor, we should expect losses to, happen ,at random, not only at the geographical margins of the family, and that the
  50. Events occur, seemingly just to keep the audience unable to guess what will, happen ,next. For example, Jimmy is going crazy at having nothing to do, when all of a

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