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  1. Soprano Development Cos. Future plans In 2006,Apple announced its intention to, build ,a second campus on assembled from various contiguous plots (east of N Wolfe
  2. Company ** Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, Atlas Group joint venture with Honda to, build ,cars and motorbikes * Atlas-Imperial, a historic American diesel engine build er
  3. 5 billion. However, in February 2009 Italian company Eel announced plans to, build ,an 800 MW coal-fired power plant in Albania, to diversify electricity sources.
  4. For purposes of defense, early people naturally chose elevated ground to, build ,a new settlement, frequently a hill with precipitous sides. In many parts of
  5. When Lindbergh saw the crudeness of Carrel's machinery, he offered to, build ,new equipment for the scientist. Eventually they built the first perfusion pump
  6. Famous example being scientific management). Ford was the first company to, build ,large factories around the assembly line concept. Mass production via assembly
  7. The spotlight on antisemitism in the United States. The case was also used to, build ,support for the renewal of the Ku Klux Klan which had been inactive since 1870.
  8. The new suburb of Wilmer and the center of Amsterdam. Further plans were to, build ,a new highway above the metro to connect the Central Station and city center
  9. That an effective method of solving certain sets of problems exists if one can, build ,a machine which will then solve any problem of the set with no human
  10. Because of the low biodiversity, nutrient use is uniform and pests tend to, build ,up, necessitating the greater use of pesticides and fertilizers. This has led
  11. Is named in her honor. Construction Late in his life, Babbage sought ways to, build ,a simplified version of the machine, and assembled a small part of it before
  12. Former Ter-Petrossian government. The Government of Armenia's stated aim is to, build ,a Western-style parliamentary democracy as the basis of its form of government.
  13. Warhol used Amiga computers to generate digital art, which he helped design and, build ,with Amiga, Inc. He also displayed the difference between slow fill and fast
  14. You've all gone completely insane. " In January 1938,Hitler asked Speer to, build ,a new Reich Chancellery on the same site as the existing structure, and said he
  15. Alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists might win the race to, build ,an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to
  16. Territories as kingdoms for his sons to rule, alongside plans to, build ,a tomb in Alexandria for him and his queen to reside upon their deaths. In late
  17. Capture, and the Union built many copies of Monitor. Lacking the technology to, build ,effective warships, the Confederacy attempted to obtain warships from Britain.
  18. DTM) series with the Audi V8,and then in 1993,being unwilling to, build ,cars for the new formula, they turned their attention to the fast-growing Super
  19. Hires Owen to produce switches made of Rear den Metal. He is reluctant to, build ,anything with this unproven technology, and has to be cajoled into accepting
  20. Using simple but effective tools and sighting instruments, architects could, build ,large stone structures with accuracy and precision. The domestic dwellings of
  21. Is at present developing an effort to enlarge their numbers, and intends to, build ,an Islamic university in Luanda. The proportion of non-believers is significant
  22. Techniques tend to focus on image manipulation while 3D techniques usually, build ,virtual worlds in which characters and objects move and interact. 3D animation
  23. Semiprecious stones. These natural resources allowed the ancient Egyptians to, build ,monuments, sculpt statues, make tools, and fashion jewelry. Embalmers used
  24. Aircraft and later the Lawson Airplane Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,to, build ,airliners. The crash of his ambitious" Midnight Liner" during its trial
  25. Self-evident truth, but rather a formal logical expression used in deduction to, build ,a mathematical theory. To axiomatize a system of knowledge is to show that its
  26. The United Nations largely did not enforce, so both sides continued to, build ,up their stockpile. UNITS purchased weapons in 1996 and 1997 from private
  27. Saints' Articles of Faith refer to the American continent as where they are to, build ,Zion. The Old Catholic Encyclopedia's usage of America is as" the Western
  28. Of war-torn Afghanistan kicked off in 2002. The Afghan nation was able to, build ,democratic structures over the years, and some progress was made in key areas
  29. Not fulfill. He founded the Lawson Aircraft Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin,to, build ,military training aircraft and later the Lawson Airplane Company in Milwaukee
  30. To know if he can live with what logic and lucidity has uncovered – if one can, build ,a foundation on what one knows and nothing more. Creation of meaning is not a
  31. Culture and traditions. The case arose because of a 1978 government plan to, build ,two dams in the Sara River watershed in southern Hokkaido. The dams were part
  32. Was worked out by Dr. Standoff over the next year. A grant application to, build ,a proof of concept prototype was submitted in March 1939 to the Agronomy
  33. The leadership of Harrison Storms, North American Aviation won the contract to, build ,the CSM, and also the second stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle for NASA.
  34. Church are called Christian faithful, truly equal in dignity and in the work to, build ,the church. Some non-ordained people also have a formal public ministry, often
  35. Units. The first president of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutallibov, did not wish to, build ,an independent army, wanting to rely instead largely on Soviet troops. Even
  36. Assembly line and its basic concept is credited to Ransom Olds, who used it to, build ,the first mass-produced automobile, the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. Olds patented
  37. II, also known as Ra messes the Great, ascended the throne, and went on to, build ,more temples, erect more statues and obelisks, and sire more children than any
  38. To present a unified front when dealing with the European powers. As a tool to, build ,a centralized war-making government, they were largely a failure: Historian
  39. And artists go on strike and retreat to a mountainous hideaway where they, build ,an independent free economy. The novel's hero and leader of the strike, John
  40. New and used, but in some places it is also common for amateur astronomers to, build ,(or commission the build ing of) their own custom telescope. Some people even
  41. Act intelligently" as a working hypothesis, many researchers have attempted to, build ,such a machine. The general problem of simulating (or creating) intelligence
  42. Serious historical and academic study of Babbage's plans, with a view to then, build ,and test a fully working virtual design which will then in turn enable
  43. Expanded over peacetime—to hold the factions of his party together, build ,support for his own policies, and fend off efforts by Radicals to drop him from
  44. Agrarian National Union (BZNS) was organized in 1899 to resist taxes and, build ,cooperatives. BZNS came to power in 1919 and introduces many economic, social
  45. And spearheads Kurosawa-related projects, including a recently shelved one to, build ,a memorial museum for the director. In 1981,the Kurosawa Film Studio was
  46. The walls of Constantinople, build ing the city's first sea wall, and to, build ,up his border defenses along the Danube. The Huns remained out of Roman sight
  47. If a single exit occurs from the superstructure. The symbols and their use to, build ,the canonical structures are shown in the diagram. Examples Sorting example One
  48. The advantage of the W12 engine is its compact packaging, allowing Audi to, build ,a 12-cylinder sedan with all-wheel drive, whereas a conventional V12 engine
  49. Tunny team to Tommy Flowers who, under the guidance of Max Newman, went on to, build ,the Colossus computer, the world's first programmable digital electronic
  50. As Lucas Cranach, Friedrich Prefer, and Genghis Khan. He was allowed to, build ,an ambitious garden, transforming what he initially described as a" wilderness

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