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  1. AMD Performance Library, a compiler library for AMD multicore processors *APL, file ,extension of the Monkey's Audio metadata file Software licenses *Adaptive
  2. The book, such as to lower and ENVIRON that are explained above; see the FIXES, file ,in the source archive for details. This version is used by e.g. FreeBSD
  3. He co-developed rsync, including the rsync algorithm, a highly efficient, file ,transfer and synchronization tool. He also was the original author of rip
  4. 3) print foobar (variable) print sin (3-2) Output may be sent to a, file ,: print" expression" >" file name" or through a pipe: print" expression" |
  5. AMD multicore processors *APL, file extension of the Monkey's Audio metadata, file ,Software licenses *Adaptive Public License - an Open Source license from the
  6. Use the service. Search data On August 4,2006,AOL released a compressed text, file ,on one of its websites containing twenty million search keywords for over
  7. March 1,2006, and May 31,intended for research purposes. AOL pulled the, file ,from public access by August 7,but not before its wide distribution on the
  8. Usr/bin/AWK -f BEGIN The -f tells AWK that the argument that follows is the, file ,to read the AWK program from, which is placed there by the shell when running.
  9. Emulator MESS. Electron software is predominantly archived in the UHF, file ,format. A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel by American writer
  10. The native graphical windowing, icons,menu and pointer environment for, file ,management and launching applications. Notably, AmigaDOS allowed long file names
  11. Rules in force. In the U. S. federal court system, criminal defendants must, file ,a notice of appeal within 10 days of the entry of either the judgment or the
  12. Computer programmer best known as the author of and contributor to the Samba, file ,server, and co-inventor of the rsync algorithm. He is known for his analysis of
  13. To reside in flash or EPROM memory. It generates a binary image, or Intel HEX, file ,rather than an object file . * An assembler directive or pseudo-opcode is a
  14. Song" Mamma Mia" with modified lyrics at rallies. The band had threatened to, file ,a lawsuit against the DF, saying they never allowed their music to be used
  15. Effects to its production line later in the year; it also controls the TIFF, file ,format. In 1995,Adobe added Adobe Frame Maker, the long-document DTP
  16. ZZT games. Many game walkthrough guides come as part of a basic. Txt file ; this, file ,often contains the name of the game in ASCII art. Such as below, word art is
  17. Known as TIS APL, for Z80-based systems. It featured the full set of, file ,functions for APL, plus a full screen input and switching of right and left
  18. ETC aka Control-C, was inappropriate and using Z as the control code to end a, file ,is analogous to it ending the alphabet, a very convenient mnemonic aid. Text
  19. Analysing the Server Message Block protocol used for workgroup and network, file ,sharing by Microsoft Windows products. He developed the tallow hierarchical
  20. Hello. Awk that prints the string" Hello, world! " May be built by creating a, file ,named hello. Awk containing the following lines: #! /USR/bin/AWK -f BEGIN The
  21. Arguing that he should not have to pay any money, then the plaintiff might, file ,a cross-appeal arguing that the defendant should have to pay $200,000 instead
  22. With that macro, then processes them as if they existed in the source code, file ,(including, in some assemblers, expansion of any macros existing in the
  23. Memory. It generates a binary image, or Intel HEX file rather than an object, file , * An assembler directive or pseudo-opcode is a command given to an assembler.
  24. In tort, equity,or other civil matters either party to a previous case may, file ,an appeal. In criminal matters, however,the state or prosecution generally has
  25. Using paint box programs ". He uploaded some of his early experiments to the, file ,sharing forums on CompuServe. *Tom Full is noted as saying he used the Amiga as
  26. Perversion" of the Constitution. They argued that if Scott could not legally, file ,suit, the Supreme Court had no right to consider the Missouri Compromise's
  27. And that" al-Qaida, literally " the database ", was originally the computer, file ,of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from
  28. In appearance is part of this article. Alternatively, one could look at the, file ,using the Type command in the command prompt. " Amiga"/"Toadstool" style ASCII
  29. 100 % green intensity (with 50 % opacity). For this reason, knowing whether a, file ,uses multiplied or straight alpha is essential to correctly process or
  30. Be translated as" the database ", and originally referred to the computer, file ,of the thousands of mujahideen militants who were recruited and trained with
  31. Animation. Cinema graphs are still photographs in the form of an animated GIF, file ,of which part is animated. 3D animation 3D animation is digitally modeled and
  32. If the appellant waited too long, under the appellate court's rules, to, file , the appeal. ) In England and many other jurisdictions, however,the phrase
  33. The Aegean city of Afyonkarahisar from the Greeks. *1927 – Five Canadian women, file ,a petition to the Supreme Court of Canada, asking," Does the word 'Persons '
  34. Long file names (up to 107 characters) with whitespace and did not require, file ,extensions. The windowing system and user interface engine which handles all
  35. To dismiss or demurrer; if such a motion is unsuccessful, the defendant must, file ,an answer to the complaint or risk an adverse default judgment. The answer
  36. Blocks and used Control-Z (SUB) to mark the end of the actual text in the, file , For this reason, EOF,or end-of- file , was used colloquially and conventionally
  37. Since all cheap printers can easily print photographs, and a normal text, file ,(or an e-mail message or Usenet posting) cannot represent overprinted text.
  38. Argument, then drops that argument and has AWK look for the pattern in each, file , ~ checks to see if its left operand matches its right operand;! ~ is its
  39. Cos (a); print (( AZD.6d$,a, b,c) ) OD) print - sends output to the, file ,stand out. Printf (up); - selects a new page. Printf (all); - selects a
  40. Apollo Lunar Surface Journal website contains a PDF, file ,with the http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a12/a12_cdrcuff.pdf photocopies of their
  41. Businesses selling all those books tapes and seminars; things the rank and, file ,distributors can’t sell themselves but, are told over and over again, they need
  42. DOS-based ZZT games. Many game walkthrough guides come as part of a basic. Txt, file ,; this file often contains the name of the game in ASCII art. Such as below
  43. Example an object schedule,3-ring binder schedule, clipboard schedule, manila, file , folder schedules, and dry-erase board schedules are all beneficial to increase
  44. Structure of AWK programs" AWK is a language for processing file s of text. A, file ,is treated as a sequence of records, and by default each line is a record. Each
  45. Systems such as the pre-VMS DEC operating systems, along with CP/M, tracked, file , length only in units of disk blocks and used Control-Z (SUB) to mark the end
  46. Channel, as found in the 16-bit RGBA High color mode of the True vision TGA image, file ,format and related TAIGA and AT-Vista/NU-Vista display adapters' High color
  47. Print sin (3-2) Output may be sent to a file : print" expression" > ", file ,name" or through a pipe: print" expression" |" command" Built-in variables
  48. How the appeal is officially begun. For example, the appellant might have to, file ,the notice of appeal with the appellate court, or with the court from which the
  49. Staff. Deceives kept his flight log, according to the article, but he did not, file ,a report with authorities. " Doc" went on to work for the FAA in Fort Worth
  50. NetObjects, Java EE Web application server; and San, a Storage Area Network, file ,system. For the professional creative market, there is Aperture for

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