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  1. Display the customer 's account on a" screen pop" for the next available, customer ,service representative: the MCI number above is intended specifically for use
  2. Costs, AOL decided to cease using U. S. -based call centers to provide, customer ,service. AOL drastically downsized U. S. corporate operations as well. On
  3. Where no books are printed until after an order is received from a, customer , Digital format The term e-book is a contraction of" electronic book "; it
  4. Have not demonstrated such negative effects of glutamate. Market forces and, customer ,demand have encouraged many restaurants to offer" MSG Free" or" No MSG "
  5. Bolivia via Petrobras' large (and expensive) pipelines, the supplier and, customer ,are strongly linked. Petrobras has announced plans to produce enough natural
  6. Are so plentiful that boat captains have been known to bet with a potential, customer ,that if he does not catch anything the trip is free. Today the fort serves as
  7. Playing there. OK bridge is a subscription-based club, with services such as, customer ,support and ethics reviews. Another subscription-based online Bridge club
  8. All about his adventure back in time, and how he could have been king. A female, customer ,becomes possessed by a demon and starts wreaking havoc on the store, and Ash
  9. Being abolished and replaced with business-led sectors. This led to far greater, customer ,focus, but was cut short in 1994 with the splitting up of BR for privatization.
  10. Stock subsequently went from $226 billion to about $20 billion. Similarly, its, customer , base decreased to 10.1 million subscribers as of November 2007,just narrowly
  11. Relatively scarce. Royal Air Force The Royal Air Force (RAF) was an early, customer ,for the B-25 via Lend-Lease. The RAF was the only force to use the B-25 on
  12. Number that is calling, but these are not intended for use in identifying the, customer ,'s own phone number. They are used in order for the agent in the call center to
  13. Service procedures. Under the agreement, AOL would no longer require its, customer ,service representatives to meet a minimum quota for customer retention in order
  14. Longer require its customer service representatives to meet a minimum quota for, customer ,retention in order to receive a bonus. On June 13, 2006,a man named Vincent
  15. In 1987 and Dan-Air, Gatwick-based carrier, in 1992. A long-time Boeing, customer , British Airways ordered fifty-nine Airbus A320 family aircraft in August 1998.
  16. Acceptance testing by the system provider from acceptance testing by the, customer ,(the user or client) prior to accepting transfer of ownership. In the case of
  17. And other lines which use ANI so that a computer can automatically display the, customer ,'s account on a" screen pop" for the next available customer service
  18. Are used in order for the agent in the call center to confirm the phone the, customer ,is calling from, so that a computer can automatically display the customer 's
  19. Will become the first American carrier to operate Boeing 777-300ER. The Boeing, customer ,code for American Airlines is 7x7-x23. (i.e. 737–823,777–223) File: Boeing
  20. Group Consumer lab. Com since 2002 have rated Nutritive as having the highest, customer ,satisfaction rating (96 % in 2006) in the direct selling/MLM brand category.
  21. Is Internet providers. Allowing direct data link layer communication between, customer ,nodes exposes the network to various security attacks, such as ARP spoofing.
  22. Display the customer 's account on a" screen pop" for the next available, customer ,service representative; they are distinct from purpose-made toll-free ANA
  23. Of the same event. Any given bookmaker will weight their odds so that no one, customer ,can cover all outcomes at a profit against their books. However, in order to
  24. First Class cabin and the passenger is booked in that class as a paying, customer ,or on a premium cabin frequent flyer award ticket (not as an upgrade). The
  25. Amber finding places in Europe Amber roads connect amber finding locations to, customer ,sites in Europe, in the Middle East regions and in the Far East. Overview of
  26. Production is currently averaging some. Japan has traditionally been the main, customer ,for Brunei's oil exports, but its share dropped from 45 % of the total in 1982
  27. Real-world usage conditions on behalf of the paying client or a specific large, customer , If the software works as intended and without issues during normal use, one
  28. In the American Le Mans Series in its first year. Audi also sold the car to, customer ,teams such as Champion Racing. In 2003,two Bentley Speed 8s,with engines
  29. Network. The system then allows or disallows calls and or features based on its, customer ,file. If an ESN/MIN Pair is intercepted, it could then be cloned onto a
  30. The Union) is in place and underwent significant reforms in 1999. There is no, customer ,deposit insurance system. Benin has a lively and diversified microfinance
  31. During October 2007,the last call center in Canada was also shut down. All, customer ,service calls became handled by outsourced representatives in Romania, the
  32. Technology is used in a variety of embedded systems (Casino slot machines and, customer ,kiosks for instance),several UPC designs in Asia markets, as well as the
  33. Discontinuing it. As Wozniak was the only person who could answer most, customer ,support questions about the computer, the company offered Apple I owners
  34. Are contradictory as to plans for future investment. By far the biggest, customer ,for Bolivian hydrocarbons has been Brazil, which imports two-thirds of Bolivia
  35. Use times in order to avoid necessitating the use of rolling blackouts. The, customer ,is given a credit of some sort in exchange, so it is often to the advantage of
  36. Outcome of a given event; by taking the best odds offered by each bookmaker,a, customer ,can under some circumstances cover all possible outcomes of the event and lock
  37. UAT is one of the final stages of a project and often occurs before a client or, customer ,accepts the new system. Users of the system perform these tests, which
  38. Incorporated into facility energy management systems in which the power utility, customer ,may control the overall energy expenditure. In addition, a growing number of
  39. Layout, with a maximum range of when fully loaded, depending on model. Launch, customer ,Air France introduced the type into service on 30 May 1974. Production of the
  40. To give the player a long-term edge in the game, making them an undesirable, customer ,for the casino and leading to ejection or blacklisting if they are detected.
  41. And software previously available only to its paying customer s provided the, customer ,accessed AOL or AOL. Com through a non-AOL-owned access method (otherwise
  42. Of ownership. In the case of software, acceptance testing performed by the, customer ,is known as user acceptance testing (UAT),end-user testing, site (
  43. Systems for specific customer s in the mainframe era and were also used by, customer ,personnel to satisfy their employers' needs by making specific versions of
  44. The customer is calling from, so that a computer can automatically display the, customer ,'s account on a" screen pop" for the next available customer service
  45. Online agreed to pay $1.25 million to the state of New York and reformed its, customer ,service procedures. Under the agreement, AOL would no longer require its
  46. As a replacement for Douglas DC-8 freighters. Boeing later catered to, customer ,requests by adding the option of more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and
  47. To blanket the largest mass market audience possible. However, usage tracking, customer ,profiles and the growing popularity of niche content brought about by
  48. Story by the software development team during the implementation phase. The, customer ,specifies scenarios to test when a user story has been correctly implemented. A
  49. Stock to Scott and Thomson in his businesses, and the Pennsylvania was his best, customer , When he built his first steel plant, he made a point of naming it after
  50. Complaints, New York Attorney General's office began an inquiry of AOL's, customer ,service policies. The investigation revealed that the company had an elaborate

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