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  1. So, according to Aristotle, the form of apple exists within each apple, rather ,than in the world of the forms. Biology and medicine In Aristotelian science
  2. Sciences. In particular, social sciences often develop statistical descriptions, rather ,than the general laws derived in physics or chemistry, or they may explain
  3. This time, agriculture was developed independently in the Far East, with rice, rather ,than wheat, as the primary crop. Chinese and Indonesian farmers went on to
  4. Because of its strong connections to the Greek and Roman cultures, alchemy was, rather ,easily accepted into Christian philosophy, and Medieval European alchemists
  5. Was not a superior moral faculty that suppresses basic selfish urges but, rather ,was basic to the brain, hard-wired and pleasurable. Another experiment funded
  6. Or Swedish, etc., programmer using their national variant of ISO/IEC 646, rather , than ASCII, had to write, and thus read, something such as: ä AAU='On '; ü
  7. View," that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world, rather ,than how they act in it ". In the study published in the February 2007 print
  8. Modifications are no longer systematic and have to be learned as a syllabify, rather ,than as a segmental script. Even more extreme, the Pahlavi ahead eventually
  9. Of a keyboard. Since the space character is considered an invisible graphic (, rather ,than a control character) and thus would not normally be visible, it is
  10. Snowball arguing that wings count as legs as they are organs of propulsion, rather ,than manipulation),which the sheep constantly repeat, distracting the crowd
  11. To be a practical rather than theoretical study, i. e., one aimed at doing good, rather ,than knowing for its own sake. He wrote several treatises on ethics, including
  12. And philosophy departments dismissing her as a pop culture phenomenon, rather ,than a subject for serious study. Academics with an interest in Rand, such as
  13. Amharic, Hindi,and Thai. The Canadian Aboriginal syllabic are also an abused, rather ,than a syllabify as their name would imply, since each glyph stands for a
  14. A political animal. " Aristotle conceived of politics as being like an organism, rather ,than like a machine, and as a collection of parts none of which can exist
  15. When greeted as" blessed in life, blessed in death ", responds that he would, rather ,be a slave to the worst of masters than be king of all the dead. But Achilles
  16. Trained or held faculty positions in sociology, philosophy,or other fields, rather ,than in anthropology. Most commentators consider Marcel Mass (1872–1950)
  17. Technology similar to PEERS can also be used to act within a person's home, rather ,than just to respond to a detected crisis. Using one of the examples above, gas
  18. Swift’s main target in A Modest Proposal was not the conditions in Ireland, but, rather , the can-do spirit of the times that led people to devise a number of illogical
  19. Tibetan abused, but all vowel marks were written after the preceding consonant, rather ,than as diacritic marks. Although short a way not written, as in the India
  20. Called ASCIIbetical order. Collation of data is sometimes done in this order, rather ,than" standard" alphabetical order (collating sequence). The main
  21. Gained strength because he highlighted the moral basis of republicanism, rather ,than its legalisms. Nevertheless, in 1861,Lincoln justified the war in terms
  22. Anthropology is carried out in nationally funded research laboratories (CNRS), rather , than academic departments in universities. Other influential writers in the
  23. Chemical element. Rubidium is roughly as abundant as zinc and, rather ,more common than copper. It occurs naturally in the minerals' Lucite, pollucite
  24. Of Vicksburg, and understood the necessity of defeating the enemy's army, rather ,than simply capturing territory. Indian affairs were troubled by the Sioux
  25. Films which typically use a different version of a puppet for different frames, rather ,than simply manipulating one existing puppet. * Clay animation, or Plasticine
  26. Injustice and bad policy, but the promulgation of abolition doctrines tends, rather ,to increase than abate its evils. " He closely followed Henry Clay in
  27. But neither Lincoln nor his commanders saw destruction as the main goal, but, rather , defeat of the Confederate armies. As Newly (2004) concludes, there was no
  28. His conclusion, that Luce had sovereign rights over Pintos, evokes modern, rather ,than archaic sea-law. " Luce had also a reputation as a place of healing.
  29. His time turning the animals' minds to thoughts of Sugar candy Mountain (, rather ,than their work) and yet does no work himself. He feels unequal in comparison
  30. But may also be geared towards adults and employ a series of photographs, rather ,than drawings. Flip books are not always separate books, but may appear as an
  31. Was not immutable, and that human conduct and behavior resulted from nurture, rather ,than nature. Influenced by the German tradition, Boas argued that the world was
  32. Practical philosophy Ethics Aristotle considered ethics to be a practical, rather ,than theoretical study, i. e., one aimed at doing good rather than knowing for
  33. Aim of the city is not just to avoid injustice or for economic stability, but, rather , to allow at least some citizens the possibility to live a good life, and to
  34. Symbols, but like a syllabify the phonemes of the syllable finals are not;, rather , each possible final (excluding the medial glide) is represented by its own
  35. Not say he would take up arms to defend the U. S. He claimed a philosophical, rather ,than a religious objection, and therefore was not exempt under the McCarry Act
  36. Larger function, and generally seemed to assume a Victorian idea of progress, rather ,than the idea of non-directional, multilineal cultural development proposed by
  37. Did not" preserve the issue for appeal" by objecting. In cases where a judge, rather ,than a jury decided issues of fact, an appellate court will apply an abuse of
  38. To examining whether the court below made the correct legal determinations, rather ,than hearing direct evidence and determining what the facts of the case were.
  39. Was some debate at the time whether there should be more control characters, rather ,than the lower case alphabet. The indecision did not last long: during May 1963
  40. The right to determine locally whether to allow slavery in new U. S. territory, rather ,than have such a decision restricted by the national Congress. Finer (2010)
  41. With describing and mapping the distribution of particular elements of culture, rather ,than with the larger function, and generally seemed to assume a Victorian idea
  42. But in accordance with the Egyptians, placed the rational soul in the heart, rather ,than the brain. Notable is Aristotle's division of sensation and thought
  43. Languages in addition to alchemy. The Franciscan ideals of taking on the world, rather ,than rejecting the world led to his conviction that experimentation was more
  44. In 2005 Special Academy Awards These awards are voted on by special committees, rather ,than by the Academy membership as a whole, but the individual selected to
  45. Suggest that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world, rather ,than how they act in it. " We believe that the ability to perceive other people
  46. Codes originally intended not to represent printable information, but, rather , to control devices (such as printers) that make use of ASCII, or to provide
  47. Or more independent branches of Afroasiatic, viewing Cushitic as a Sprachbund, rather ,than a language family. * Christopher Egret (1995) groups Egyptian, Berber
  48. The German tradition, Boas argued that the world was full of distinct cultures, rather ,than societies whose evolution could be measured by how much or how little "
  49. Most references to" amoebas" or" amoebae" are to asteroids in general, rather ,than to the specific genus Amoeba. The genus Amoeba and asteroids in general
  50. The child with important information regarding up-coming events/activities, rather ,than relying on auditory information. When the child asks when a particular

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