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  1. In mathematics and statistics, the arithmetic mean, often referred to as, simply ,the mean or average when the context is clear, is a method to derive the
  2. NSU brands effectively dead, the company's official name was now shortened to, simply ,Audi AG. In 1986,as the Passat-based Audi 80 was beginning to develop a kind
  3. Theories of labor in 18th century England. " If one regards the Modest Proposal, simply ,as a criticism of condition, about all one can say is that conditions were bad
  4. Art can connote a sense of trained ability or mastery of a medium. Art can also, simply ,refer to the developed and efficient use of a language to convey meaning with
  5. The moral code of those who wish to destroy it. She believes these destroyers, simply ,want to heap burdens upon her for the sake of others, which she has the ability
  6. Some aikido organizations use belts to distinguish practitioners' grades, often, simply , white and black belts to distinguish lower and higher grades, though some use
  7. Chemical substances in the present-day sense of the word. The four elements are, simply ,the primary, and most general, qualities by means of which the amorphous and
  8. Are less likely to make requests or share experiences, and are more likely to, simply ,repeat others' words (Chalía) for example, they may look at a pointing
  9. One and relied instead on his dialectic. Plato believed that deduction would, simply ,follow from premises, hence he focused on maintaining solid premises so that
  10. Place to spend a day with family, be it for having picnics, hiking,biking or, simply ,enjoying good food and nature. There is also an exact replica of the house
  11. Can be used to display a telescope's RA and Dec coordinates, they are not, simply ,a digital read-out of what can be seen on the telescope's analog setting
  12. By most scholars. In this interpretation,Apollo's title of Legends can, simply ,be read as" born in Lucia ", which effectively severs the god's supposed link
  13. World Rally Championship and a driver for Audi, took the Sport Quarto S1,now, simply ,called the" S1 ", and raced in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The
  14. Solstice. In the Greek tradition, the constellation became represented as, simply ,a single vase from which a stream poured down to Pisces Austrians. The name in
  15. As either the agent or agency or particular events or states of affairs. More, simply ,again that which immediately sets the thing in motion. So take the two dominoes
  16. Who does not know the country of origin of such material to refer to it as, simply ," anime ". Some works result from co-productions with non-Japanese companies
  17. Another discipline, to (with commercial arts) to sell a product, or, simply , as a form of communication. # Communication. Art, at its simplest, is a form of
  18. Up by a telegram from a stranger, received by Borman after the mission, that, simply , stated," Thank you, Apollo 8. You saved 1968. " One of the most famous aspects
  19. Remaining relatively safe. Another popular method of exploiting this bug was to, simply ,use thrust to keep the ship in motion with 1 or 2 asteroids in the playfield
  20. The random variance is to find close to globally optimal solutions rather than, simply ,locally optimal ones, the idea being that the random element will be decreased
  21. Back ... If there had been more Southern victories, and a lot more, the North, simply ,would have brought that other hand out from behind its back. I don't think the
  22. And predicted that, if a Marxist party came to power, its leaders would, simply ,take the place of the ruling class they had fought against. In 1872,the
  23. Of overwhelmingly English extraction, however most English Americans identify, simply ,as having American ethnicity because their roots have been in North America as
  24. Such subset has the smallest element, so to specify our choice function we can, simply ,say that it maps each set to the least element of that set. This gives us a
  25. Marcel Mass, Radcliffe-Brown published an account of his research (entitled, simply ,The Andaman Islanders) that paid close attention to the meaning and purpose of
  26. Reactions involve the transfer of a proton. A Brønsted-Lowry acid (or, simply ,Brønsted acid) is a species that donates a proton to a Brønsted-Lowry base.
  27. Which made him a great leader. Thus, rather than megalomania, such behavior may, simply ,have been a practical attempt at strengthening his rule and keeping his empire
  28. And understood the necessity of defeating the enemy's army, rather than, simply ,capturing territory. Indian affairs were troubled by the Sioux uprising in
  29. Who are actively interested in observing or" armchair astronomers" who may, simply ,be interested in the topic. Societies range widely in their goals, depending on
  30. The soul (psyche) was a simpler concept than it is for us today. By soul, he, simply ,meant the form of the living being. Since all beings are composites of form and
  31. Of Crisis and other gifts. Achilles rejected all Agamemnon offered him, and, simply , urged the Greeks to sail home as he was planning to do. The Trojans, led by
  32. To the Navy sailors; the captured crewmen were mostly British, and they were, simply ,released. The Southern economy nearly collapsed during the war. Shortages of
  33. Some in the community seek a cure, while others believe that autism is, simply ,another way of being. Albedo (), or reflection coefficient, is the diffuse
  34. With the field corresponding to American sociocultural anthropology being, simply ,anthropology. The social and cultural subfield has been heavily influenced by
  35. The environment and a need for food is not inevitable, and that pesticides, simply ,replace good agronomic practices such as crop rotation. Agriculture can both
  36. Technology, and having classified the model internally as the F103,sold it, simply ,as the" Audi. " Later developments of the model were named after their
  37. Script, Arabic script is used to write down a verse of the Qur'an, a Hadith, or, simply , a proverb, in a spectacular composition. The composition is often abstract, but
  38. Of thousands of slaves escaped during the war and joined British lines; others, simply ,moved off into the chaos. For instance, in South Carolina, nearly 25,000 slaves
  39. Revolutionary War (1775–1783) or the American War of Independence, or, simply , the Revolutionary War, began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and
  40. That if the artwork was a performance that would leave nothing behind, or was, simply ,an idea, it could not be bought and sold. " Democratic precepts revolving
  41. First, and most obviously, nearly all were members of the clergy. This was, simply ,because few people outside the parochial schools had the education to examine
  42. National languages generally elect to address the problem of dialects by, simply ,associating the alphabet with the national standard. However, with an
  43. Other extreme, are languages such as English, where the spelling of many words, simply ,has to be memorized as they do not correspond to sounds consistently.
  44. Typically use a different version of a puppet for different frames, rather than, simply ,manipulating one existing puppet. * Clay animation, or Plasticine animation
  45. Of the same coin. Noumea do not cause phenomena, but rather phenomena are, simply ,the way by which our minds perceive the Noumea, according to the Principle of
  46. In Biblical Aramaic and in Syriac as used by the Assyrian Church, both meaning, simply ," God ". In the Sikh scriptures, Guru Grant Sahib, the term Allah () is used
  47. Without any specific political goal. In this case, the function of art may be, simply ,to criticize some aspect of society. Led on publicly viewable walls, buildings
  48. An old woman, and then ferociously beaten by several police officers, Deltoid, simply , spits on him. *The prison chaplain: The character who first questions whether
  49. Depending on a combination of their interests and resources. Methods include, simply ,looking at the night sky with the naked eye, using binoculars, and using a
  50. Arabic in extemporaneous speech,i.e. when producing new sentences rather than, simply ,reading a prepared text. It is similar to formal short pronunciation except

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