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  1. Has been interpreted as evidence that he was not actively involved in politics, despite ,his highly political plays, as well as his friendships with person of high
  2. Hits compilation followed a few months later to number 2 on the German charts, despite ,all similarities with The Very Best album. Also included on Greatest Hits was a
  3. Troops were thus unavailable for further offensive operations. In addition, despite ,the professionalism and discipline of the British troops, unfamiliar guerrilla
  4. Victim for violating the sanctity of his property rights. Benson opines that, despite ,the lack of objectively measurable losses in such cases," standardized rules
  5. Political reasons, Arabs mostly assert that they all speak a single language, despite ,significant issues of mutual incomprehensibility among differing spoken
  6. Arose. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941,Speer came to doubt, despite ,Hitler's reassurances, that his projects for Berlin would ever be completed.
  7. Churches could manifest the unity of the church in their episcopal collegiality, despite ,the absence of universal legal ties. Some bishops were initially reluctant to
  8. Method of producing the metal 1892,Charles Martin Hall used the -um spelling, despite ,his constant use of the -IBM spelling in all the patents It has consequently
  9. The aardvark is not closely related to the South American anteater, despite ,sharing some characteristics and a superficial resemblance. Is taken into
  10. By Mutsuhito, who had not introduced the" Panasonic" brand to Australia yet, despite ,its widespread use in other parts of the world such as the United States.
  11. In the 20th century was Amsterdam's relation to Catholicism normalized, but, despite , its far larger population size, the Catholic clergy chose to place its
  12. Languages,e.g. Mehdi. ) # In many varieties, ( ) are actually epiglottis (, despite ,what is reported in many earlier works). # and () are often post-velar
  13. Triisobutylaluminium. Such compounds are widely used in industrial chemistry, despite ,the fact that they are often highly pyrophoric. Few analogues exist between
  14. Liked each other. *Half Embank is called" the literary leader of the age ", despite ,the fact that he has never sold more than three thousand copies of his books.
  15. Einstein realized that there must be something causing the needle to move, despite ,the apparent" empty space ". As he grew, Einstein built models and mechanical
  16. And in fact many patients report being happy with their quality of life, despite ,profound disability. This may reflect the use of coping strategies such as
  17. g. The case endings -a -i -u and mood endings -u -a) are often not pronounced, despite ,forming part of the formal paradigm of nouns and verbs. The following levels of
  18. James Longstreet's corps (from Lee's army in the east),defeated Rosecrans, despite ,the heroic defensive stand of Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas. Rosecrans
  19. And political disputes escalated into famines and small-scale civil wars. Yet, despite ,difficult problems, local leaders, owing no tribute to the pharaoh, used their
  20. By Azerbaijani experts. Azerbaijan is known as one of the chess superpowers;, despite ,the collapse of the Soviet Union, chess is still extremely popular. Notable
  21. Within the Kingdom),oil processing was the dominant industry in Aruba, despite ,expansion of the tourism sector. Today, the influence of the oil processing
  22. And criticizes mainstream economics for supposedly accepting cardinality, despite ,the fact that neoclassical economists have shown that their work holds for
  23. In technique. Roy Lichtenstein's (1923–1997) paintings are not pointillist, despite ,his uses of dots, because they are not aligned with the original proponents of
  24. Base of party support and was in a strong position to redefine the war effort, despite ,the New York City draft riots. The stage was set for his address at the
  25. In March 1976,the band released the compilation album The Greatest Hits, despite ,having had only six Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  26. Teens which left Huxley nearly blind, that his eyesight was exceedingly poor (, despite ,the partial recovery which had enabled him to study at Oxford). For instance
  27. D. C., and " preserve the Union ", which,in his view, still existed intact, despite ,the actions of the seceding states. This call forced the states to choose sides
  28. Virginia declared its secession and was rewarded with the Confederate capital, despite ,the exposed position of Richmond so close to Union lines. North Carolina
  29. Of non-logical axioms. The completeness theorem and the incompleteness theorem, despite ,their names, do not contradict one another. Further discussion Early
  30. With Marxism but opposed the Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat, despite ,the stated Marxist goal of a collectivist stateless society. Anarchist
  31. From more intense and frequent loneliness compared to non-autistic peers, despite ,the common belief that children with autism prefer to be alone. Making and
  32. However as they avoided the two major endurance events (Daytona and Sebring), despite , winning on a regular basis, they would lose out on the title. Touring cars In
  33. With her atheism and civil libertarianism. " Philosopher Jack Wheeler says that, despite ," the incessant bombast and continuous venting of Radian rage," Rand's
  34. By any nation and the region is still considered a de jure part of Azerbaijan, despite ,being de facto independent since the end of the war. Azerbaijan, a nation with
  35. In Form VII and VIII verb forms stress may not be on the first syllable, despite ,the above rules: Hence" he subscribed" ( whether the final short vowel
  36. A railroad executive whose personal art collection seeded the museum. ) But, despite ,all this, at least one of the important functions of art in the 21st century
  37. Speer was so successful that Germany's war production continued to increase, despite ,massive and devastating Allied bombing. After the war, he was tried at
  38. A Constitutional Court with powers of judicial review was never constituted, despite ,statutory authorization. In practice, power was more and more concentrated in
  39. Husband has decided to continue living" where her fragrant memory persists ", despite ,the horrid memories. Though Alexander, a critic of the government, hopes to use
  40. I was a kid I'm not sorry ...." Biographer Jonah Rankin has claimed that, despite ,his often stark opposition to communist orthodoxy, Ginsberg held" his own
  41. Called thylakoid membranes. Therefore, they differ significantly from the Algae, despite ,occupying similar ecological niches. By modern definitions Algae are Eukaryotes
  42. A place in a German Evangelical mission, but wished to follow the original call, despite ,the doctrinal difficulties. Amid a hail of protests from his friends, family
  43. Who was trapped inside the Bermuda Hundred river bend. Grant was tenacious and, despite ,astonishing losses (over 65,000 casualties in seven weeks),name "
  44. Voters have chosen" Non-Partisan" or" Undeclared" as their affiliation, despite ,recent attempts to close primaries. Because of its population relative to other
  45. Described in the novel. The Plague is considered an existentialist classic, despite ,Camus' objection to the label. The narrative tone is similar to Kafka's
  46. Court with powers of judicial review has not been constituted until 2010, despite , statutory authorization. After the end of the Civil War the regime came under
  47. Other inventors of the period, was based on earlier acoustic principles and, despite ,evidence of earlier experiments, the final case involving Mecca was eventually
  48. S hope of actually being recognized as German citizens and not foreigners, despite ,their various other ethnic and cultural ties. Market conditions for rap One of
  49. And they increased after Fredericksburg. Lincoln brought in Joseph Hooker, despite ,his history of loose talk about a military dictatorship. The midterm elections
  50. Average education levels rose dramatically from their very low starting point, despite ,two changes in the standard alphabet, from Perso-Arabic script to Roman in the

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