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  1. Created for the film looked exactly as he had imagined it. He said," I saw a, segment ,of Douglas Trumbull's special effects for Blade Runner on the KABC-TV news. I
  2. Enzyme, RNA polymerase. The myxopyronin changes the structure of the switch-2, segment , of the enzyme, inhibiting its function of reading and transmitting DNA code.
  3. Example of divide and conquer is merge sorting. Sorting can be done on each, segment ,of data after dividing data into segment s and sorting of entire data can be
  4. The midpoint of segment FH, and Y be the midpoint of segment GI. The length of, segment ,XY is an integer. Find all possible values for the length of side AE. Solution:
  5. People, he asked," When did we start giving a shit about these people? " The, segment ,was in response to a proposed initiative to have the puppet characters Bert and
  6. The A8 is usually the lightest all-wheel drive car in the full-size luxury, segment , also having best-in-class fuel economy. The disadvantage of the aluminum frame
  7. Word" Bar" ( պար) means dance in the Armenian language * Bar (music),a, segment ,of time in musical notation * The Bar (book) (1906),a book by Margery
  8. To the anus, and a nerve cord with an enlargement (a ganglion) for each body, segment , with an especially large ganglion at the front, called the brain. The brain is
  9. Prominently on automotive blog Salonika, with their" Down on The Street ", segment ,consisting of cars found on the streets of Alameda. Salonika has nicknamed it "
  10. Of benthic animals, suggesting a pelagic existence. The thoracic, segment ,appears to form a hinge between the head and pygidium allowing for a bivalved
  11. Machine to the next, up to the maximum of 32 permitted on any Locally, segment , The system was slow by today's standards, but at the time the additional cost
  12. The budget was also cut, and the screen time allocated for the Japanese, segment ,would now be no longer than 90 minutes—a major problem, considering that
  13. MMI has been generally well-received, as it requires less menu-surfing with its, segment ,buttons around a central knob, along with 'main function' direct access
  14. Of Azkaban, nominated ) Filmography Short films * Paris, je t'time (2006) (, segment ," PARC Conceal" ) * The Shock Doctrine (2007) Co-writer and Producer (a
  15. Cache, thus the firm completes its dual-core product portfolio for each market, segment , The latest AMD microprocessor architecture, known as K10,became the successor
  16. 82 % of total revenue from continuing operations in 2007,and the consulting, segment ,accounted for 18 %. The company employs approximately 59,000 workers in its 500
  17. Of the sides AB, BC,CD, and DE, respectively. Let X be the midpoint of, segment ,FH, and Y be the midpoint of segment GI. The length of segment XY is an integer
  18. Of a pervasive corruption. The main beneficiary of this situation is a social, segment ,constituted since 1975,but mainly during the last decades, around the
  19. Largest single foreign contributor to the development of the BDF, and a large, segment ,of its officer corps has received U. S. training. It is considered an
  20. To signal more than one other cell. Initial Segment The axon initial, segment ,(AIS) consists of a specialized complex of proteins which form part of the
  21. Forms. The 5 Series Gran Tourism (F07),beginning in 2010,will create a, segment ,between station wagons and crossover SUV. BMW's full-size flagship executive
  22. Depending on its phonological environment, assimilating voicing of the previous, segment ,or inserting a schwa when following an alveolar stop: *as or in verbs whose
  23. Country. (International Telecommunication Union,2006). The mobile telephone, segment ,has benefitted from a competitive environment between operators Center, Télécel
  24. France, when three British Mark IVs met three German A7Vs. *1922 – The first, segment ,of the Imperial Wireless Chain providing wireless telegraphy between Le afield
  25. Change their route without changing the paint. Some drivers also drive only a, segment ,of a route rather than the whole path; such drivers generally stop at a point
  26. Tracking station failed, which would have prevented communication on the last, segment ,of the Earth return. Repair was not possible until a staff member had his
  27. Just a week after the dissemination of the email, while Bill O'Reilly devoted a, segment ,of his show, The O'Reilly Factor, to urge students to stay away from Acapulco.
  28. Portrays Salary in the 2009 French musical" Mozart, l'opera rock ". *In a, segment ,of The Simpsons episode" Magical History Tour ", Salieri is represented by
  29. 12 months, a selection compiled by a small committee of Academy members. This, segment ,has drawn criticism over the years for the omission of some names. In 2010,the
  30. DE, respectively. Let X be the midpoint of segment FH, and Y be the midpoint of, segment ,GI. The length of segment XY is an integer. Find all possible values for the
  31. Portfolio, the AMD 7-Series chipsets, covering from enthusiast multi-graphics, segment ,to value IGP segment , to replace the AMD 480/570/580 chipsets and AMD 690
  32. Various segment s, with each segment being followed by an interlude to the next, segment , and it ended with an encore. Some changes were made during the 2000 leg, with
  33. Places since 1989. The History Channel series Cities of the Underworld ran a, segment ,(" New York's Secret Societies" ) on the tunnel in Fall 2008. The TV show
  34. Checkpoint Charlie Memorial. JPG|A memorial of over a thousand crosses and a, segment ,of the wall for those who died trying to cross. The memorial stood for ten
  35. Metapleural glands, and a strong constriction of their second abdominal, segment ,into a node-like petiole. The head, mesosoma and melanoma or master are the
  36. Forms a narrow waist between their melanoma (thorax plus the first abdominal, segment , which is fused to it) and master (abdomen less the abdominal segment s in the
  37. Excerpted and licensed by the Beastie Boys for use in the" Egg Raid on Mojo ", segment ,of the" Skills to Pay the Bills" long form home video released by Capitol
  38. Be it for television or audio broadcasting) is perhaps the biggest market, segment ,(and user area) for audio processing products—globally. Traditionally the
  39. In the 'Choir' composition. We hold today that Beastie Boys' use of a brief, segment ,of that composition, consisting of three notes separated by a half-step over a
  40. Use as anthem During the division of Germany in the Cold War, the Ode to Joy, segment ,of the symphony was also played in lieu of an anthem at the Olympic Games for
  41. 7-Series chipsets, covering from enthusiast multi-graphics segment to value IGP, segment , to replace the AMD 480/570/580 chipsets and AMD 690 series chipsets, marking
  42. Line from any point to any other point.: # It is possible to extend a line, segment ,continuously in a straight line.: # It is possible to describe a circle with
  43. AMD LIVE! Is a platform marketing initiative focusing the consumer electronics, segment , with a recently announced Active TV initiative for streaming Internet videos
  44. Promote the product. The show was divided into various segment s, with each, segment ,being followed by an interlude to the next segment , and it ended with an encore
  45. The main protagonist has a friend named" Hercules Poiret ". In the final host, segment ,of Mystery Science Theater 3000s episode" The Rebel Set ", Tom Servo dresses
  46. Aromatic compounds, the degree of aromaticity can be different for each ring, segment , According to Clar's rule (formulated by Erich Car in 1964) for Pass the
  47. In employee benefits administration. The risk and insurance brokerage, segment ,accounted for 82 % of total revenue from continuing operations in 2007,and the
  48. And other personal matters. " Film and television Lamp was removed from a, segment ,of NBC Nightly News when, after being asked to demonstrate his skills for the
  49. Parties, the educational system is segregated within a secular and a religious, segment , The secular branch of schooling is controlled by the communities, the
  50. President Ronald Reagan and others in Washington’D. C. In 1993,an In Memoriam, segment ,was introduced, honoring those who had made a significant contribution to

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