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  1. Refers to a research doctorate awardee, and is distinct from Art, a medical, practitioner , In the Dutch language the word" doter" refers to a physician, whereas "
  2. A diagnostic assessment may be conducted by a suitably trained general, practitioner , or by a psychiatrist or psychologist, This issue is even more marked in
  3. Of worship and a more emotional conception of the Nordic gods than Scandinavian, practitioner , reflecting the parallel tendency of highly emotional forms of Christianity
  4. Cord is given. Ape lido Traditionally, the baptized is the moment when the new, practitioner ,gets or formalizes his or her ape lido (literally nickname). This tradition
  5. And about (solicitor),and expanded to become the generalist legal, practitioner , After the 1971 and 1990 legal reforms, the advocate was fused with the solicitor
  6. Detriment. Continued education enhances the scientific knowledge of the, practitioner , Effectiveness Opinions differ as to the effectiveness of chiropractic
  7. Health care facilities in Costa Rica include health clinics, with a general, practitioner , nurse, clerk,pharmacist and a primary health technician. In 2008,there were
  8. Illuminati. Additionally, the acclaimed comic book author Alan Moore, himself a, practitioner ,of ceremonial magic, has also included Crowley in several of his works. In
  9. Such treatment often, though not always, is for health-related problems, and a, practitioner ,'s patient may request help for personal problems as well, such as
  10. If a Statement of Death or Death certificate is approved by a licensed medical, practitioner , Various legal consequences follow death, including the removal from the person
  11. From the effectiveness of the person providing the treatment. " Blinding of the, practitioner ,in acupuncture remains challenging. One proposed solution to blinding patients
  12. Licentiate in medicine and surgery, bachelor of medicine, surgeon,general, practitioner ,and apothecary" did have special protection in law. In India, the MBBS (
  13. Discourse ranged in tone from organized arguments by tobacconist and medical, practitioner ,John Williams, who posited that" several arguments proving that inoculating
  14. The evaluation and recognition of the skills, knowledge,and/or competence of a, practitioner ,in the field. Project management certifications come in a variety of flavors: *
  15. One of the most notable theoreticians of Legalism * Li Si, major proponent and, practitioner ,of Legalism * Hooking, The 6th Buddhist patriarch of the Chan (Zen) School in
  16. Even under the stress of dangerous situations. This is necessary to enable the, practitioner ,to perform the bold enter-and-blend movements that underlie aikido techniques
  17. In monotheism; rather each suggests a path of action that will bring the, practitioner ,into conformance with the divine law: AHIMA — 'no harm' — for Buddhist and
  18. Of the voice. For example, depending on tongue and pulse conditions, a TCM, practitioner ,might diagnose bleeding from the mouth and nose as:" Liver fire rushes upwards
  19. Had sought the services of both a medical doctor and an alternative medicine, practitioner , The same survey found that 96 % of respondents who sought the services of an
  20. C Black, it is noted that in the context of the UK," not all qualified medical, practitioner ,hold the (M. D.) degree" but that" those ... who have not taken it are
  21. Are funded by taxation but that the state assumes it is the only legitimate, practitioner ,of physical force. That is, it forcibly prevents the private sector from
  22. Receiving of Aikido. The fall itself is part of Aikido, and is a way for the, practitioner ,to receive, safely,what would otherwise be a devastating strike or throw and
  23. Head-on. This requires very little physical strength, as the aikido (aikido, practitioner ,)" leads" the attacker's momentum using entering and turning movements. The
  24. And techniques," Proceedings of Weston,1970. * Scion, D. A. The reflective, practitioner ,: How professionals think in action, Basic Books, USA,1983. * Simon, H. A. The
  25. With proper knowledge of such aspect of energy flow will enable the Fend Shoo, practitioner ,to apply certain cures or rearrangement of energy in a way they believe to be
  26. Government funds chiropractic care when the patient is referred by a medical, practitioner , History Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David (D. D.) Palmer in
  27. Was reported to be considering a new law to legalize circumcision if the, practitioner ,is a doctor and if the child consents. In February 2010,a Jewish couple were
  28. Founder of French impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific, practitioner ,of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature
  29. Light trance (a high or even total degree of awareness and thus safer for the, practitioner , and extremely rare when well-done). Healing is the ability to induct health
  30. The surface, creating a bas-relief. Tammy Ruhr (Cayuga) is a contemporary, practitioner ,of this style. Zuni artists have developed a tradition of three-dimensional
  31. And others. Since the late 1990s,Harry Turtledove has been the most prolific, practitioner ,of alternate history and has been given the title" Master of Alternate History
  32. At the Groove Schulz Hospital in Cape Town, after which he worked as a general, practitioner ,in Ceres, a rural town in the Cape Province. In 1951,he returned to Cape Town
  33. Other treatment plans that should be discussed with a knowledgeable health care, practitioner , which can be used in conjunction with behavioral therapy to greatly reduce the
  34. Masri, Lebanese actress and singer *1977 – Elisa vet Mystakidou, Greek taekwondo, practitioner ,and Olympic medalist * 1977 – Juan Pierre, American baseball player * 1978 –
  35. Conservative, cautious,and competent. Charles was a study in contrasts. As a, practitioner , he was flawless in executing complex and risky maneuvers of troops in the heat
  36. Point as research on spinal manipulation is equally useful regardless of which, practitioner ,provides it. Chiropractic care, like all medical treatment, benefits from the
  37. That 96 % of respondents who sought the services of an alternative medicine, practitioner ,also sought the services of a medical doctor in the past 12 months. Medical
  38. An art. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a, practitioner ,in the visual arts only. The term is often used in the entertainment business
  39. Greatest dramatists of the twentieth century. Some calling him the last great, practitioner ,of the American stage, and Broadway theaters darkened their lights in a show of
  40. Ship. (b. 1891) *1938 – Constantin Stanislavsky, Russian/Soviet theater, practitioner ,(b. 1863) *1941 – Rabindranath Tagore, Indian author, Nobel Prize Laureate (
  41. Beyond thinking and inexplicable ..." Also later, the famous Indian Buddhist, practitioner ,and teacher, mahasiddha Tilapia discouraged any intellectual activity in his six
  42. Therapy is also dependent on a therapeutic alliance between the health care, practitioner ,and the person seeking assistance. (See Therapeutic relationship) Criticism
  43. Of conduct). It bars violence against" all creatures" ( sarvabhuta) and the, practitioner ,of AHIMA is said to escape from the cycle of metempsychosis (CU 8.15.1). It
  44. Sarah, died in 1949. Their only child, Robert Fleming, became a general medical, practitioner , After Sarah's death, Fleming married Dr. Amalia Koutsouri-Vourekas, a Greek
  45. Psychiatric medication without the knowledge and supervision of a medical, practitioner , Suicide Patients with depression are at greatest risk for suicide immediately
  46. The directory of practitioner s and teachers in the Christian Science Journal. A, practitioner ,who has been listed for at least three years' may apply for" Normal" class
  47. Both armsand an inspection of the tongue; it is believed that this gives the, practitioner ,a good indication of what is happening inside the body. Classically, in
  48. Be either an Official Receiver (a civil servant) or a licensed insolvency, practitioner , Current law in England and Wales derives in large part from the Insolvency Act
  49. Active lives past the age of 100 years. In 2002,there were 0.58 new general, practitioner ,consultations and 0.33 new specialist consultations per capita, and a hospital
  50. S book 777. ) Crowley has also been labelled by some anthropologists as a, practitioner ,of shamanism and revivalist of shamanistic philosophies in the early 20th

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