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  1. Successor. However, when he was going to assume the Bishop office in Prague, he, suddenly , died during the ceremony itself. Circumstances of his death are still unclear.
  2. D. Eisenhower. As Camp was ushered into the Oval Office, his prosthetic leg, suddenly ,collapsed into a pile of disengaged parts and hinges on the floor. The
  3. Of antidepressant weight gain. Withdrawal symptoms If an SSRI medication is, suddenly ,discontinued, it may produce both somatic and psychological withdrawal symptoms
  4. College, Cambridge. In December 1912 George Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, died, suddenly , and Eddington was promoted to his chair as the Permian Professor of Astronomy
  5. On Hear Interchange, ten minutes away from the hospital,Sharon's condition, suddenly ,began to deteriorate. Doctor Negev called Chief Loan, chief of cardiology at
  6. Is told three times. While Paul was on the road to Damascus, near Damascus,", suddenly ,a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground" (),the light
  7. And wiping the thought of slaughter from the suitors' families, because she, suddenly ,told them to stop fighting. The Judgment of Paris All the gods and goddesses as
  8. Him, but he would never forgive the ones who attacked his wife. Rachel died, suddenly ,on December 22, 1828,before his inauguration, and was buried on Christmas Eve.
  9. New manufacturers faced sharp competition from British products which were, suddenly ,available again. Political unrest in several states and efforts by debtors to
  10. Repente ex amino facts philosophes et ex philosophy sinus" Albert was, suddenly ,transformed from an ass into a philosopher and from a philosopher into an ass.
  11. Be at home. As Camus put it in The Myth of Sisyphus," In a universe that is, suddenly ,deprived of illusions and of light, man feels a stranger. His is an
  12. Seemed to have all his problems solved; however, his relationship with Joan, suddenly ,worsened, and in May 1423 he had her lover, and a powerful figure in the
  13. Sequence. (“ The Cookie Chase” ) As it ends, Fay is captured, and Dr. Desmond, suddenly ,recognizes her. Fay tells the townspeople about the fake miracle, but the town
  14. Dribble behind their backs, between their legs, and switch directions, suddenly , making a less predictable dribbling pattern that is more difficult to defend
  15. Emperor Valets with a huge dilemma-tens of thousands of displaced Goths had, suddenly ,arrived at his borders requesting asylum. In Roman service During the fourth
  16. Entered Virus, demanded in a somewhat threatening manner that if he were thus, suddenly ,requested to desist from war, he should be paid handsomely for what modern
  17. To fail, resulting in a medical emergency, as the patient's temperature, suddenly ,increases to dangerous levels. * Drug-induced parkinsonism due to dopamine D2
  18. A line of questioning.:" To this day Harold is not quite sure what made him, suddenly ,pour out the whole story to a little man to whom he had only spoken a few
  19. Testimony before the House of Commons led to its repeal. With this, Franklin, suddenly , emerged as the leading spokesman for American interests in England. He wrote
  20. Unprecedented) merchandising phenomenon that followed. As in the strip, Shmoos, suddenly ,appeared to be everywhere in 1949 and 1950—including a Time cover story. A
  21. From deportation to concentration camps. In the summer of 1943 Boris III died, suddenly , an event which pushed the country into political turmoil as the war turned
  22. And apparently reading his paper from the lectern without difficulty:" Then, suddenly ,he faltered—and the disturbing truth became obvious. He wasn't reading his
  23. Organized an attack against Margravate of Brandenburg in 1326. Aldona died, suddenly ,at the end of May 1339 and was buried in Kraków. Aldona was remembered for
  24. Albert Magnus," arrogantly boasted of his speculation before the deity and, suddenly ,became stupid. " Kierkegaard cites G. O. Maybach who he quotes as saying "
  25. When credit creation cannot be sustained. They claim that the money supply, suddenly ,and sharply contracts when markets finally" clear ", causing resources to be
  26. Arrested. As a further precaution, Capone and his entourage would often show up, suddenly ,at one of Chicago's train depots and buy up an entire Pullman sleeper car on
  27. The streets of Tokyo. His sorrow was magnified rather than diminished when he, suddenly ,heard the cheerful, vapid song" The Cuckoo Waltz ", and he hurried to escape
  28. With the murderer USA in a muddy field. The sound of a Mozart piece is, suddenly ,heard, played on the piano by a woman in a nearby house. As one commentator
  29. De facto ruler of the country. Marriage In the summer of 1900,King Alexander, suddenly ,announced his engagement to the widowed Madame Drama Main, formerly a
  30. Of his recovery, when an imposture, which had formed itself in his lungs, suddenly ,burst, and discharged a quantity of matter, which he continued to throw up
  31. Problems, and a sudden problem with Z80 processor deliveries) the company, suddenly ,folded even before it came to full fruition. Perhaps the Aster computer
  32. Only Tube station to be named specifically after a football club. Chapman died, suddenly ,of pneumonia in early 1934,leaving Joe Shaw and George Allison to carry on his
  33. On Overwork’s right flank, close to Families, ten of his squadrons, suddenly ,broke ranks and were scattered, riding headlong to the rear to recover their
  34. Was giving a lecture to a group of students, and he interrupted the lesson, suddenly ,in order to retrieve a packet of biscuits, wrapped in white paper, from his
  35. In June 1775,the Patriots had control of most of Massachusetts; the Loyalists, suddenly ,found themselves on the defensive. In all 13 colonies, Patriots had overthrown
  36. Been found that the frequency of the" Arab marker" Haplogroup J1 collapses, suddenly ,at the borders of Arabic-speaking countries. * Political: in the modern
  37. Monica, California. Hopkins has attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, since, suddenly , stopping drinking in 1975. As stated to TMZ in October 2010,Hopkins is a
  38. Student, Christopher Moscow, who was Turing's first love interest. Moscow died, suddenly ,only a few weeks into their last term at Seaborne, from complications of
  39. The deceleration imparted by the spin causes sliced strokes to slow down more, suddenly ,towards the end of their flight path. This can be used to create drop shots and
  40. Their peak usage around 1996,which was the same period that the World Wide Web, suddenly ,became mainstream. BBSes rapidly declined in popularity thereafter, and were
  41. Syria to complete official duties. One year later in October, Germanicus died, suddenly ,in Antioch (modern Antalya, Turkey ). Germanic us’ death in the year 19 caused
  42. 27-year-old keyboardist Jo Bruce (son of Cream bass player Jack Bruce),died, suddenly ,of an asthma attack. The band was devastated, and the album was put on hold.
  43. Indicated that the Axis might lose the War. In 1943,tsar Boris III died, suddenly , In the summer of 1944,after having crushed the Nazi defense around IASI and
  44. In the New Grove:" As the 20th century closed, the 'backward-looking' Berg, suddenly ,came as George Perl remarked, to look like its most forward-looking composer.
  45. Had long suffered from heart trouble, his early death was unexpected; taken ill, suddenly ,at the end of 1934,he lay bedridden for three months before dying of pneumonia
  46. In his nightshirt. Some accounts claim that he simply vanished, however he, suddenly ,collapsed. He was found and brought home, but died soon afterwards. He was
  47. Automated theorem proving in geometry. In the summer of 2001,age 54,he died, suddenly ,of a heart attack while traveling in Russia. British English, or English (BRE
  48. The limitations of Britain's fiscal-military state when it discovered it, suddenly ,faced powerful enemies, with no allies, and dependent on extended and
  49. And by Eleazar, his son, Aaron went to the summit of Mount For, where the rock, suddenly ,opened before him and a beautiful cave lit by a lamp presented itself to his
  50. Strangle Lucius during his siesta. The assassins left in terror, when a snake, suddenly ,darted from beneath Nero’s pillow—but it was only a sloughed-off snake-skin in

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