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  1. Darwin's priority. Wallace had not asked for publication of his essay, but, publishing , the contents of letters from far-off naturalists was a common event in those
  2. A desire to create a book giving greater detail to the Courts of Chaos. The, publishing ,rights to the Amber DRPG games were acquired in 2004 by Guardians of Order, who
  3. Meanwhile, Anne and Emily were obliged to pay fifty pounds to help meet the, publishing ,costs. Their publisher, urged on by the success of Jane Eyre, finally published
  4. According to Crowley, Theodor Reuse called on him in 1912 to accuse him of, publishing ,O. T. O. secrets, which Crowley dismissed on the grounds of having never
  5. 1896 Agassiz visited Fiji and Queensland and inspected the Great Barrier Reef, publishing ,a paper on the subject in 1898. Of Agassiz's other writings on marine zoology
  6. The early 1970s,Stephen McAllen, a former U. S. Army Airborne Ranger, began, publishing , a newsletter titled The Rune stone. He also formed an organization called the
  7. The colonial and local Committees took charge, examining merchant records and, publishing ,the names of merchants who attempted to defy the boycott by importing British
  8. Smith returned home and spent the next ten years writing The Wealth of Nations, publishing ,it in 1776. He died in 1790. Biography Early life Smith was born to Margaret
  9. States Government program * American Technical Publishers, an employee-owned, publishing ,company located in Orland Park, Illinois Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) was
  10. Of these three products was responsible for the creation of the desktop, publishing ,market. In 1985 a power struggle developed between Jobs and CEO John Sculley
  11. By William Barclay Turnbull in 1834 in Scott's honor, for printing and, publishing ,historical works connected with his writings. Its publications extended from
  12. On the Macintosh platform was their failure to develop their own desktop, publishing ,(DTP) program. Instead, Aldus with Pacemaker in 1985 and Quark with
  13. Act. Pierre Bourdieu’s essay“ The Field of Cultural Production” depicts the, publishing ,industry as a“ space of literary or artistic position-takings,” also called
  14. 1960s. In the mid-1950s,no reputable publishing company would even consider, publishing ," Howl ". At the time, such “ sex talk” employed in" Howl" was considered by
  15. Of militarism. Wallace continued his social activism for the rest of his life, publishing ,the book The Revolt of Democracy just weeks before his death. Wallace continued
  16. She would commonly be referred to simply by her last name. He also founded a, publishing ,company, naming it the Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth in parody
  17. But they have been made available as PDF downloads. In June 2007 a new, publishing ,company, headed by Edwin Stamp and Eric Todd, was formed with the express
  18. S daughter, Sylvie,has attacked her father's decision for selling the family, publishing ,firm and the rights to produce new Asterix adventures after his death. She is
  19. Spelling was not standardized. Different standards became noticeable after the, publishing ,of influential dictionaries. For the most part current BRE spellings follow
  20. Between the author and the editor, often the author’s only liaison to the, publishing ,company, is often characterized as the site of tension. For the author to reach
  21. As its artistic director, having the purpose of promoting Vivaldi's music and, publishing ,new editions of his works. Historically informed performances seem to have
  22. Exchange of the Braves, valued in the deal at $450 million, a hobbyist magazine, publishing ,company, and $980 million cash, for 68.5 million shares of Time Warner stock
  23. Historians give Than In Afghan the principal credit for re-verification and, publishing ,the Qur'an. Shi'as reject the idea that Abu Bakr or Umar were instrumental in
  24. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature. He devoted much of his last years to, publishing ,his Journal. Gide died in Paris on 19 February 1951. The Roman Catholic Church
  25. By the font's outlines, and licensed it to Microsoft. Adobe responded by, publishing ,the Type 1 specification and releasing Adobe Type Manager, software that
  26. Isolated conditions in Normandy and became a prolific writer at an early age, publishing ,his first novel, The Notebooks of Andre Walter (French: Les Cashiers d'André
  27. Six years later. http://www.arkhamhouse.com/ In 1960,Delete began editing and, publishing ,a magazine called Hawk and Whippoorwill, dedicated to poems of man and nature.
  28. Traffic engineering and security systems),Arbor text (provider of XML-based, publishing ,software),JSTOR (the digital scholarly journal archive),Media Span (
  29. Identified under the heading of Conceptual art ... substituting performance and, publishing ,activities for engagement with both the material and materialistic concerns of
  30. 1950s,and a significant figure in the 1960s. In the mid-1950s,no reputable, publishing ,company would even consider publishing " Howl ". At the time, such “ sex talk ”
  31. The version of" Amazing Grace" set to" New Britain" immense popularity by, publishing ,it in a series of hymnals that were used in urban churches. Excel altered some
  32. Proceedings. Trying to gain more members for his AWAY, Crowley decided to begin, publishing ,a biannual journal, The Equinox, which was billed as" The Review of Scientific
  33. University Press,1997). " Manuscripts written in the 1980s While not, publishing ,mathematical research in conventional ways during the 1980s,he produced
  34. Of the absurd ". He showed less interest in the Absurd shortly after, publishing ,Le Myth de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus). To distinguish his ideas
  35. Stories. Delete and Sandra soon expanded Arkham House and began a regular, publishing ,schedule after its second book, Someone in the Dark, a collection of some of
  36. He accompanied by this very brief introduction:“ Scribner's magazine is, publishing ,a series of three articles: ‘ If Booth Had Missed Lincoln ’, ‘ If Lee Had Won
  37. Printer to be offered at a reasonable price, and Pacemaker, an early desktop, publishing ,package. The Mac was particularly powerful in this market due to its advanced
  38. That crossed over the Spider-Man books in late 1996. The Clone Saga tied into a, publishing ,gap after #406 (Oct. 1995),when the title was temporarily replaced by The
  39. Through 1916 and went on to play a pioneering role in the US aircraft industry, publishing ,two early aviation trade journals. In 1904,he also wrote a novel, Born Again
  40. One of the more popular desktop applications was the Pacemaker desktop, publishing ,software. IBM PS/2 series AIX PS/2 (also known as AIX/386) was developed by
  41. In 1946,Conan Doyle's two sons made some attempts to force Delete to cease, publishing ,the Solar Pons series, but the efforts were unsuccessful and eventually
  42. A supermarket chain in Greece * Atlantic Books, an independent British, publishing ,house * Atlantic LNG, a liquefied natural gas producing company based in
  43. Archbishop of Boston (d. 1970) *1897 – Fred Rose, American songwriter and, publishing ,executive (d. 1954) *1898 – Malcolm Cowley, American literary critic (d.
  44. The practice of authors paying for their publications is often called vanity, publishing , and is looked down upon by many publishers, even though it may have been a
  45. This episode is recounted and documented in The Oak and the Calf). The, publishing ,of his work quickly stopped; as a writer, he became a non-person, and,by 1965
  46. Atlas Shrugged. Afterward she turned to nonfiction to promote her philosophy, publishing ,her own magazines and releasing several collections of essays until her death
  47. Was aided in shaping the works by Joachim Fest and Wolf Jobs Simpler from the, publishing ,house Holstein. However, Speer found himself unable to re-establish his
  48. And different parts of the globe. By the 1960s the school was building a vast, publishing ,and research network reaching across France, Europe,and the rest of the world.
  49. Defended it at the presidium of the Politburo hearing on whether to allow its, publishing , and added:" There's a Stalinist in each of you; there's even a Stalinist in
  50. Churches all over the U. S. were eager to acquire them. Moody and Sanka began, publishing ,their compositions in 1875,and" Amazing Grace" appeared three times with

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