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  1. Audi returned as a full factory effort to touring car racing by entering two, factory ,supported Jest Racing A4 DTM cars. Sports car racing Starting in 1999,Audi
  2. Throughout his career. During production, the actress playing the leader of the, factory ,workers, Yōko Yamaguchi, was chosen by her colleagues to present their demands to
  3. Of an electric powered conveyor moving cans through a filling line in a canning, factory , The meatpacking industry of Chicago is believed to be one of the first
  4. Ironically, by the time they sold the business it also included a large new, factory ,and near production-ready modern four-stroke engine, which would enable the
  5. Which is now considered lost. He next turned to the subject of wartime female, factory ,workers in The Most Beautiful, a propaganda film which he shot in a
  6. Film, Record of a Living Being, was conceived. The story concerned an elderly, factory ,owner (Toshiba Minute) so terrified of the prospect of a nuclear attack that
  7. The director had them live in a real factory during the shoot, eat the, factory ,food and call each other by their character names. He would use similar methods
  8. Soon the little shop became much too small, and they moved to a much larger, factory ,building nearby (formerly a window glass factory ),and started mass-producing
  9. Realistic performances from his actresses, the director had them live in a real, factory ,during the shoot, eat the factory food and call each other by their character
  10. Were often prohibited from talking. Charles Piaget, a skilled worker at the LIP, factory , recalled that beside being prohibited from speaking, the semi-skilled workers
  11. Sport Association also provides a venue for amateurs to compete in home-built, factory ,derived vehicles on various local circuits. Sports car racing In sports car
  12. In 1880,Carrier-Belleuse — now art director of the Sevres national porcelain, factory ,— offered Rodin a part-time position as a designer. The offer was in part a
  13. And blew up the Crematorium IV, using explosives smuggled in from a weapons, factory ,by female inmates. At this stage they were joined by the Birkenau Commando I of
  14. 1964 Volkswagen acquired a 50 % holding in the business, which included the new, factory ,in Ingolstadt and the trademark rights of the Auto Union. Eighteen months later
  15. Who designed the American Civil War ironclad USS Monitor. In 1859,the, factory ,was left to the care of the second son, Ludvig Nobel (1831–1888),who greatly
  16. Plant is now used to produce the larger Audi models A6 and A8. The Neckarsulm, factory ,is also home of the quarto GmbH, a subsidiary responsible for development and
  17. Germany * Dresser Atlas, a provider of oil field services and subsequently, factory ,automation services * Western Atlas, US company, subsequently Atlas Wire line
  18. ABT taking the 2002 title with Laurent Hello, Audi returned as a full, factory ,effort to touring car racing by entering two factory supported Jest Racing A4
  19. Sense. One night, Bäumer along with a group of other soldiers are holed up in a, factory ,with neither rations nor comfortable bedding. Kandinsky leaves for a short
  20. Was also a center of the aviation industry, with Kickers setting up a, factory ,and aerodrome there during World War I. The racing circuit was closed in 1939
  21. Parents. His first job in the United States was as a factory worker in a bobbin, factory , Later on he became a bill logger for the owner of the company. Soon after he
  22. Of machine tools to make the parts for the blocks used by the Royal Navy. This, factory ,was so successful it remained in use until the 1960s,with the workshop still
  23. That oversights such as the failure to control access to the QA'CAA munitions, factory ,in Yusufiyah have allowed large quantities of munitions to fall into the hands
  24. Returning to Sank City in the summer of 1931,Delete worked in a local canning, factory ,and collaborated with childhood friend Mark Scorer (later Chairman of the
  25. Were given autonomy, or as Speer put it," self-responsibility ", and each, factory ,concentrated on a single product. Backed by Hitler's strong support (the
  26. Assembly line concept, which he put to work in his Olds Motor Vehicle Company, factory ,in 1901. This development is often overshadowed by Henry Ford, who perfected
  27. States as a child with his parents. His first job in the United States was as a, factory ,worker in a bobbin factory . Later on he became a bill logger for the owner of
  28. Items),for instance, had over 200,000 workers that lived and worked in the, factory , with employees regularly working more than 60 hours per week. The article also
  29. On December 10, 1943,Speer visited the underground Mittelwerk V-2 rocket, factory ,that used concentration camp labor. Shocked by the conditions there (5.7
  30. They moved to a much larger factory building nearby (formerly a window glass, factory ,), and started mass-producing the Aster for a period of a few years, in which
  31. Decorations. Boucher also became the principal designer for the royal porcelain, factory ,and the director of the Goblins tapestry factory . The Vulcan Presenting Venus
  32. He immersed himself in designs for vases and table ornaments that brought the, factory ,renown across Europe. The artistic community appreciated his work in this vein
  33. Recorded on March 19, 1895. This first film shows workers leaving the Lumiere, factory , First film screenings The Lumiere held their first private screening of
  34. Morgues in the basement and ground-level furnaces, was converted into a killing, factory ,by placing a gas-tight door on the morgues and adding vents for Zyklon B and
  35. Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas is a template for a tapestry made by this, factory , Characterized by elegant and refined yet playful subject matters
  36. Of Turin). A big explosion occurred on the 3 September 1864 at their, factory ,in Hellebore in Stockholm, killing five people. Among them was Alfred's
  37. Fans and the figure was mass-produced in China and marketed by Audi in their, factory ,outlet store. Typography Audi Sans (based on Universe Extended) was originally
  38. Premonstratensian nunnery near Regular in Hesse *Gutenberg, a former zinc, factory ,in Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, now the Headache Industriemuseum
  39. For the royal porcelain factory and the director of the Goblins tapestry, factory , The Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas is a template for a tapestry
  40. One evening soon after his appointment, Speer went to visit a Berlin armament, factory ,; he found no one on the premises. Speer overcame these difficulties by
  41. The years. In particular, an agreement was reached over the construction of the, factory ,of intelligence and combat drones in Azerbaijan. The Israeli defense company
  42. La Sortie de l'Using Lumiere à Lyon (literally," the exit from the Lumiere, factory ,in Lyon ", or,under its more common English title, Workers Leaving the Lumiere
  43. The Soviet Air Force pilot Yuri Gagarin was the first cosmonaut. A Russian, factory ,worker Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman cosmonaut, as well as arguably
  44. Area, one of the latest in full redevelopment, is located around a historic gas, factory , now converted into the Technologies cultural multiplex, and also includes
  45. South had no complaints, but the low rates angered Northern industrialists and, factory ,workers, especially in Pennsylvania, who demanded protection for their growing
  46. 19,000 Roma. Auschwitz III-Monowitz served as a labor camp for the Buna-Werke, factory ,of the IG Carbon concern. The SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV) was the SS
  47. Cloister, at the extreme verge of the convent area to the south, stands the ", factory ," (Z),containing workshops for shoemakers, saddlers (or shoemakers
  48. S entire assets were expropriated without compensation. The former Audi, factory ,in Zwickau restarted assembly of the pre-war-models in 1949. These DKW models
  49. King George VI. *1943 – An Allied bomber attack misses the Minerva automobile, factory ,and hits the Belgian town of Morsel instead, killing 936 civilians. *1945 –
  50. Of Pennsylvania. *1690 – Job Cannock of the East India Company establishes a, factory ,in Calcutta, an event formerly considered the founding of the city (in 2003

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