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  1. The Hydro plant at Memory, via the electrolysis route. Various renewable energy, electricity ,sources are also potentially applicable. Biosynthesis In certain organisms
  2. A fitness center and a dedicated generating plant as primary source of, electricity ,(powered by natural gas and other more environmentally sound means).
  3. To provide continued reliability of supply. Adelaide derives most of its, electricity ,from a gas-fired plant operated by AGL Energy at Torrens Island, with more
  4. And electricity . Some major companies are: Energy, which generates, electricity ,; Electronic, which transmits electricity from the generators to the
  5. Error during the events of Hickory Hickory Dock and the fishtailing of an, electricity ,bill, although in her defense she was worried about strange events surrounding
  6. To the surrounding ecosystem due to an international treaty. The base generates, electricity ,with its own power plant, and grows fruits and vegetables in a hydroponic green
  7. Had determined that the most effective pair of dissimilar metals to produce, electricity ,was zinc and silver. Initially he experimented with individual cells in series
  8. For the generation, transmission,distribution and retail sales of gas and, electricity , Some major companies are: Energy, which generates electricity ;
  9. Are: Energy, which generates electricity ; Electronic, which transmits, electricity ,from the generators to the distribution network; ESA Utilities (formerly a
  10. Up a thrusting gas; they can also transfer their energy to a fluid and generate, electricity ,through a magneto hydrodynamic generator. One more proposal which utilizes the
  11. Up his workshop, Bell continued experiments based on Helmholtz's work with, electricity ,and sound. He designed a piano, which,by means of electricity , could transmit
  12. For example in spacecraft. Although americium produces less heat and, electricity ,– the power yield is 114.7 mW/g for 241Am and 6.31 mW/g for 243Am Another
  13. They had to rely on paying visitors to afford the upkeep of the house. It had, electricity ,installed only in 1962. Dame Jean was at one time a lady-in-waiting to Princess
  14. Boasts all the same technology as our world, but all based on water instead of, electricity , When a character in Ada makes a long-distance call, all the toilets in the
  15. By his mistress, Catherine Walton. She rented a cottage in Reweigh, with no, electricity , one outside tap for water, and a corrugated iron roof on the traditional stone
  16. He replaced the frog's leg with brine-soaked paper, and detected the flow of, electricity ,by other means familiar to him from his previous studies. In this way he
  17. Substantial investment has been made in maintenance and reinforcement of the, electricity ,supply network to provide continued reliability of supply. Adelaide derives
  18. Transaction will also help finance ArmRosGazprom's acquisition of the Radar, electricity ,generating plant’s fifth power bloc (Hrazdan-5),the leading unit in the
  19. Arcologies, namely the" projects ", which is a megastructure constructed with, electricity , heat, oxygen,and food that it produced. They are also featured in the Bridge
  20. Built fast enough. Although precariously built, the vast majority of them have, electricity , running water and modern household amenities. Nevertheless, many of these
  21. On the location of the smelter. Aluminum production consumes roughly 5 % of, electricity ,generated in the U. S. In 2005,the People's Republic of China was the top
  22. Sun God, one of whose titles was Elector or the Awakened. The modern terms ", electricity ," and" electron" derive from the Greek word for amber and come from William
  23. To replace Metaphor, which is under international pressure to close. The, electricity ,distribution system was privatized in 2002. Armenia's severe trade imbalance
  24. Absorption refrigerator, a refrigerator that runs on surplus heat rather than, electricity ,* Absorption air conditioning, a type of solar air conditioning Mathematics and
  25. Of electricity (we would now call it an electrolyte) and as a detector of, electricity , He replaced the frog's leg with brine-soaked paper, and detected the flow of
  26. Three sons, Giovanni,Flamingo and Panino. Volta and Galvani The" animal, electricity ," noted by Luigi Galvani when two different metals were connected in series
  27. K_A\franc so :1\ =\sort The SI unit of charge, the coulomb," is the quantity of, electricity ,carried in 1 second by a current of 1 ampere ". Conversely, a current of one
  28. Plans to build an 800 MW coal-fired power plant in Albania, to diversify, electricity ,sources. Nearly 100 % of the electricity is generated by aging hydroelectric
  29. Are used mainly for heating and cooking purposes, and in some countries for, electricity ,generation. Methane and ethane are the main components of natural gas; they are
  30. Power plant in Albania, to diversify electricity sources. Nearly 100 % of the, electricity ,is generated by aging hydroelectric power plants, which are becoming more
  31. From transmission companies to end users; and AGL Energy, which retails gas and, electricity , Substantial investment has been made in maintenance and reinforcement of the
  32. One another. Volta realized that the frog's leg served as both a conductor of, electricity ,(we would now call it an electrolyte) and as a detector of electricity . He
  33. And (mood/morale). It is used to mean energy or force, as in (, electricity ,) and (magnetism). The term connects the practice of aikido with the
  34. In the 19th century, Wheatstone,Ohm, and Henry developed the analogy between, electricity ,and acoustics. The twentieth century saw a burgeoning of technological
  35. S work with electricity and sound. He designed a piano, which,by means of, electricity , could transmit its music at a distance. Once the family was settled in, both
  36. Utility company, is formed as a result of the nationalization of a number of, electricity ,producers, transporters and distributors. *1950 – India and Pakistan sign the
  37. Procedures. The" Atari Twist" seemed to help discharge built-up static, electricity ,(Atari soldered-down the metal shielding to fix the problem) while the "
  38. In some aerial locations. Oxyacetylene welding may also be used in areas where, electricity ,is not readily accessible. As well, oxy-fuel cutting is still very popular and
  39. And collecting the effluent. He also found acetylene was formed by sparking, electricity ,through mixed Cyanogen and hydrogen gases. Bert helot later obtained acetylene
  40. Direct band gap, and so can be used in laser diodes and LEDs to directly convert, electricity ,into light. During the Vietnam War the United States used Agent Blue, a mixture
  41. Street cleaning and street lighting. Infrastructure in private hands includes, electricity , gas and telecoms. Water supplies are provided by Scottish Water. *Police:
  42. In 1814. Ampère's fame mainly rests on his establishing the relations between, electricity ,and magnetism, and in developing the science of electromagnetism, or,as he
  43. Household income of less than $12,000 are permitted a sales tax exemption for, electricity ,usage. Sales of alcoholic beverages account for added taxes. A 10 %
  44. To operate farm vehicles and machinery; and use of gas, liquid propane, and, electricity , to power dryers, pumps,lights, heaters,and coolers. American farms directly
  45. Of the linear analogues. Conductivity and Solubility Alkanes do not conduct, electricity , nor are they substantially polarized by an electric field. For this reason
  46. A minimum of laboratory equipment. Bell concentrated on experimenting with, electricity ,to convey sound and later installed a telegraph wire from his room in Somerset
  47. Sunnah" the" supreme law" but the bill is defeated in the Senate. *2003 – An, electricity ,blackout cuts off power to around 500,000 people living in south-east England
  48. Helmholtz had done it ... and that my failure was due only to my ignorance of, electricity , It was a valuable blunder ... If I had been able to read German in those days
  49. Which was privatized by the Olsen Government in the 1990s),which distributes, electricity ,from transmission companies to end users; and AGL Energy, which retails gas and
  50. Pounds of oxygen, which was used for breathable air and the production of, electricity ,and water. However, the construction of the tank made internal inspection of

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