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  1. From 1880) chief procurator of the Holy Synod. Pobedonostsev awakened in his, pupil ,very little love of abstract studies or prolonged intellectual exertion, but he
  2. And the son of the Neoplatonist philosophers Hermits and Amnesia. He was a, pupil ,of Process in Athens, and taught at Alexandria for most of his life, writing
  3. Works. Alcuin, who was taught at the school set up in York by Bede's, pupil ,Ebert, praised Bede as an example for monks to follow and was instrumental in
  4. Returned there on 29 July 1835 as a teacher. Emily accompanied her as a, pupil ,; her tuition largely financed by Charlotte's teaching. Within a few months
  5. Old" Georgie" Sanders, deaf from birth and 15-year-old Mabel Hubbard. Each, pupil ,would serve to play an important role in the next developments. George's
  6. Aperture of the pencils issuing from O is the angle u subtended by the entrance, pupil ,at this point, the magnitude of the aberration will be determined by the
  7. Antonio Stradivari. While Stradivari's first known violin states that he was a, pupil ,of Amati, the validity of his statement is questioned. ) Geronimo Amati (
  8. Antiquities of Hamilton's collection drawn for him by Francesco Progenie,a, pupil ,of Pietro Fabric, who also contributed a number of drawings of Mount Vesuvius
  9. Stigmia, a point). Naming the central ray passing through the entrance, pupil ,the axis of the pencil or principal ray, it can be said: the rays of the pencil
  10. High emotion. Among his collaborators was Giovanni Maria Butter and his main, pupil ,was Giovanni Minnelli. Cristofano del Fortissimo, Cesare Landing, Aurelio Loki
  11. Adorer, was also a painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving, and a, pupil ,of Lucas Cranach the Elder. The House of Scania () was a dynasty of German
  12. BC) was a Greek rhetorician and historian. Rhetorical works Ximenes was a, pupil ,of Soils and, like his teacher, wrote a work on Homer. As a rhetorician, he
  13. Combination of Scriptural study and of Greek learning was what one expects in a, pupil ,of the famous Alexandrian School, the School of Clement, Origen, Dionysius and
  14. For people studying at a post-secondary educational institution and the term, pupil ,is widely used for a young person at primary or secondary school. The names of
  15. Rays of the Gaussian theory),passes through the center of the entrance, pupil ,before the first refraction, and the center of the exit pupil after the last
  16. Repairing a few of the Parisian sewers, and he made the mistake of telling his, pupil ,this; with great malice, the young Duke went about saying that Mister Cauchy
  17. Mr Ashikaga, whose progressive educational practices ignited in his young, pupil ,first a love of drawing and then an interest in education in general. During
  18. Orchestra part for the Viola Concerto. Both works were later completed by his, pupil , Timor Surly. George Sándor was the soloist in the first performance of the
  19. Of the entrance pupil before the first refraction, and the center of the exit, pupil ,after the last refraction. From this it follows that correctness of drawing
  20. Discussion and study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young, pupil ,learn to speak clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would
  21. Young pupil learn to speak clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his, pupil ,would need to become a teacher himself. At age 16,Bell secured a position as a
  22. Then part of the Kingdom of Sicily. He is generally said to have been a, pupil ,of Giacomo Caressing in Rome, and some theorize that he had some connection
  23. Danube" ( de Both 1999). Shortly thereafter László Terkel accepted him as a, pupil , Early musical career (1899–1908) From 1899 to 1903,Bartok studied piano
  24. Golden Age in the 17th century. The most famous of a family of painters,the, pupil ,of his father Jacob Gerrit. Cup (1594–1651/52),name billion/> he is
  25. Salary quickly impressed the Emperor, and Weissmann was instructed to bring his, pupil ,as often as he wished. This was the beginning of a relationship between monarch
  26. It is not the same as microscope aperture which is based on the entrance, pupil ,or field of view as seen from the object and is expressed as an angular
  27. The object O, projects an image of the diaphragm, termed by Abbé the entrance, pupil ,; the exit pupil is the image formed by the component S2,which is placed behind
  28. Magnus is said to have discovered the philosopher's stone and passed it to his, pupil ,Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death. Magnus does not confirm he discovered
  29. Toward spiritual matters changed to seriousness (" Life of Ansgar ",1). His, pupil , successor, and eventual biographer Robert considered the visions of which
  30. System be entirely behind the aperture stop, then this is itself the entrance, pupil ,(front stop); if entirely in front, it is the exit pupil (backstop). If
  31. Greek sophist and rhetorician, flourished in the 4th century BC. He was the, pupil ,and successor of Gorgias and taught at Athens at the same time as Socrates
  32. Itself the entrance pupil (front stop); if entirely in front, it is the exit, pupil ,(backstop). If the object point be infinitely distant, all rays received by
  33. Recognized religions and Laicize enjoy public funding and school courses: every, pupil ,in an official school from 6 years old to 18 must choose 2 hours per week of
  34. Of his ethical system. In his Divine Comedy, Dante places Albert us with his, pupil ,Thomas Aquinas among the great lovers of wisdom (Spirit Sapient) in the
  35. Life come from the fragments left from Porphyry's writings. The most famous, pupil ,of Ammonium Sacks was Platinum who studied under Ammonium for eleven years.
  36. Further lessons from the organist of the Legato Cathedral, Giuseppe Simon,a, pupil ,of Padre Giovanni Batista Martini. Salary would recall little from his
  37. Other coordinates (x, y ), the point in which the ray intersects the entrance, pupil , i.e. the plane II. Similarly, the corresponding image ray may be defined by
  38. Which can pass from the object point through the now infinitely small entrance, pupil , It is seen (ignoring exceptional cases) that the pencil does not meet the
  39. Among the last of his labors was the defense of the orthodoxy of his former, pupil , Thomas Aquinas, whose death in 1274 grieved Albert us. After suffering a
  40. Venus is closer to the Earth than the Sun. In 1070,Abu Band Al-Jazari,a, pupil ,of In Sing, claimed that his teacher In Sing had solved the equal problem in
  41. Laertes and Plutarch he fled to Damascus due to a backlash against his, pupil ,Pericles. Anaxagoras is famous for introducing the cosmological concept of Nous
  42. Most important was the study of the Peasants of Languid by Braudel's star, pupil ,and successor Emmanuel Le Roy Laurie. The regionalist tradition flourished
  43. The aberration will be determined by the position and diameter of the entrance, pupil , If the system be entirely behind the aperture stop, then this is itself the
  44. N-m is odd. The first few Bernie polynomials are: where \rho is the normalized, pupil ,radius with 0 \LE \rho \LE 1,\theta is the azimuthal angle around the pupil
  45. Where he soon afterwards died; but by the high terms in which he spoke of his, pupil ,to Falter, the latter was induced to bring the young artist to Venice, whither
  46. Projects an image of the diaphragm, termed by Abbé the entrance pupil ; the exit, pupil ,is the image formed by the component S2,which is placed behind the aperture
  47. Pupil radius with 0 \LE \rho \LE 1,\theta is the azimuthal angle around the, pupil ,with 0 \LE \theta \LE 2\pi, and the fitting coefficients a_0,\lots, a_8 are
  48. Preceding considerations; and the aperture,i.e. the radius of the entrance, pupil , is its maximum value. Aberration of elements,i.e. the smallest objects at right
  49. Footballer with Leeds United. On 9 February 1953,Wellington Grammar School, pupil ,Charlton was spotted playing for East Northumberland schools by Manchester
  50. Aphorism de cognoscenti et Francis Morris (Leiden,1709),on which his, pupil ,and assistant, Gerard van Sweeten (1700–1772) published a commentary in 5

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