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  1. The turning circle as the yacht swings when it is anchored, such as in a very, narrow ,river or a deep pool in an otherwise shallow area. For ships, a edge may be
  2. Elision, were more likely to use weak consonants or restricted intonation (, narrow ,pitch range),were more likely to speak slowly (drawl),and further, showed
  3. Sites for future star formation. Detections of ammonia in dark clouds show very, narrow ,lines — indicative not only of low temperatures, but also of a low level of
  4. From the east. The valleys in the north and northeast are usually deep and, narrow , but in the Coastal Plain they are broad and in most cases rise in three
  5. Forming two imaginary narrow -angle 15° VR6 engines at an angle of 72°,and the, narrow ,angle of each set of cylinders allows just two overhead camshafts to drive each
  6. Highlands and lowlands is a rugged section with steep mountain-sides, deep, narrow , coves and valleys, and flat mountain-tops. Its elevations range from. In the
  7. The vicinity of the Vondelpark. One of Amsterdam's busiest high streets is the, narrow , medieval Kalverstraat in the heart of the city. Another shopping area is the
  8. Of needles. This may be done using purpose-built transducers to direct a, narrow ,ultrasound beam to a depth of 6–8 centimeters at acupuncture meridian points on
  9. Set. The unsmiling lips are usually full, but the mouth is depicted fairly, narrow , usually just slightly wider than the nose. The neck is somewhat long. The net
  10. The match was to be" timeless ", i. e., played to a finish. Australia had a, narrow ,first innings lead of 22. Jack Hobbs and Herbert Ratcliffe took the score to
  11. Mountain ranges that converge in the east. True lowland is confined to a few, narrow ,coastal strips along the Aegean, Mediterranean,and Black Sea coasts. Flat or
  12. And has only one aisle to the nave—that to the north; while the choir is long, narrow ,and aisleless. Each transept has an aisle to the east, forming three chapels.
  13. The two sides of his personality, split apart by a strait-laced education and a, narrow ,social moralism. Gide's work can be seen as an investigation of freedom and
  14. Called" tekunkani. " Women wore a necklace called" retune," a long, narrow ,strip of cloth with metal plaques. They wore a necklace that reached the breast
  15. Function. A strength of the theory is predicting stereotyped behavior and, narrow ,interests; two weaknesses are that executive function is hard to measure and
  16. Both ancient and modern. Modern critics are more likely to find fault with the, narrow ,definition of the citizen body, but in the ancient world the complaint if
  17. The South Atlantic Ocean, which is separated from the North Atlantic Ocean by a, narrow ,region between Natal, Brazil and Monrovia, Liberia. The use of this term
  18. 14 and 17 teeth, with an average count of 16. The teeth became shorter, more, narrow , and more curved toward the back of the skull. All the teeth had saw-like
  19. The area of a rectangle with sides of length one chain and one furlong. A long, narrow ,strip of land is more efficient to plow than a square plot, since the plow
  20. From the river's source. The area around Babelsberg is characterized by the, narrow ,valley of the Danube, where the Oldenburg Abbey stands, the valley of the
  21. Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It has a short stem bearing a tuft of long, narrow , arching leaves 10–35 cm long and 1–2 cm broad, and a central flower stalk
  22. To the compression on the belly. Hence, a limb sector of yew wood shows the, narrow , light-coloured sap-wood on the 'straight' part of the D, and the red/orange
  23. Government. But on meeting Mackenzie, Dufferin revised his opinions:" However, narrow ,and inexperienced Mackenzie may be, I imagine he is a thoroughly upright
  24. Appearance. It extends, chiefly as a single street, for several miles along a, narrow ,strip of land between the river and a ridge of rocky hills. The houses are
  25. The Catherine Canal and over the Peaches Bridge. The street was flanked by, narrow ,sidewalks for the public. A young member of the Narodnaya Volga (" People's
  26. Arrows designed to pierce armor in the Middle Ages would use a very, narrow ,and sharp tip (" bodkin head" ) to concentrate the force. Arrows used for
  27. Ammonia '. Ammonia does not burn readily or sustain combustion, except under, narrow ,fuel-to-air mixtures of 15–25 % air. When mixed with oxygen, it burns with a
  28. Celibacy and wearing a distinctive dress—a short dark-violet coat with, narrow ,collar. Being men of presumed learning and undoubted leisure, many of the class
  29. In broad, elevated basins. Access inland from the coast is limited to a few, narrow ,valleys because mountain ridges. Because of these natural conditions, the Black
  30. Cross-section of the limb also varies; the classic longbow is a tall bow with, narrow ,limbs that are D-shaped in cross-section, and the flat bow has flat wide limbs
  31. The range of thermodynamic stability of liquid ammonia solutions is very, narrow , as the potential for oxidation to dinitrogen, E° (N2 + 6NH4+ + 6e− 8NH3),is
  32. S sovereignty be shared between the count of Fix These are dissected by three, narrow ,valleys in a Y shape that combine into one as the main stream, the Gran Va lira
  33. Term" alphabet" is used by linguists and paleographers in both a wide and a, narrow ,sense. In the wider sense, an alphabet is a script that is segmental at the
  34. Is used to make lasers, which can emit a coherent beam of light energy in a, narrow ,frequency band. Valence and bonding behavior The
  35. In the heart of the city. Another shopping area is the Negev States: nine, narrow ,streets within the Grachtengordel, the concentric canal system of Amsterdam.
  36. Ancient buildings reflecting Roman, Byzantine,and Ottoman history and, narrow ,winding streets mark the old section. The new section, now centered on Kızılay
  37. Centered on -\omega_c). Each group contains the two side bands and a, narrow ,component in between that represents the energy at the carrier frequency. We
  38. In a smooth parabolic curve) or shield (generally shaped like half of a, narrow ,shield) cut and is often attached at an angle, known as helical fletching, too
  39. And may be considered a variety of edging: when a sailing-vessel is in a, narrow ,channel or on a lee shore so that there is no room to tack the vessel in a
  40. Senate of Janine Haines (a step with which not all Democrats agreed) and the, narrow ,failure of her strategic goal of winning the House of Representatives known as
  41. Social worker assigned the task of keeping Alex on the straight and, narrow , He seemingly has no clue about dealing with young people, and is devoid of
  42. Is bisected by an unusual geological formation known as Crowley's Ridge. A, narrow ,band of rolling hills,Crowley's Ridge rises from 250 to above the surrounding
  43. On the tsar's life in St. Petersburg by Dmitry Karamazov. To commemorate his, narrow ,escape from death (which he himself referred to only as" the event of 4 April
  44. Tall and thin and, as Narrow observes in his journal," his small, beady eyes, narrow ,nose, and hard, straight mouth make him look like a well-brought-up owl. "
  45. By each artist. These are all ways of beginning to define a work of art, to, narrow , it down. " Imagine you are an art critic whose mission is to compare the
  46. Bodkinhead" ) to concentrate the force. Arrows used for hunting would use a, narrow ,tip (" broad head" ) that widens further, to facilitate both penetration and a
  47. To or a systematic graphic modification of the consonants. In alphabets in the, narrow ,sense, on the other hand, consonants and vowels are written as independent
  48. Based in Buenos Aires. In the interview he said:" We (Russia) are walking a, narrow ,isthmus between Communists and the World Jewry. Neither is acceptable for us
  49. Largest known ahead is Sindhi, with 51 letters. The largest alphabets in the, narrow ,sense include Canadian and Abkhazia (for Cyrillic),with 58 and 56 letters
  50. Of level highlands from above sea level. South of these highlands, occupying a, narrow ,strip on each side of the Tennessee River, is a country of gentle rolling

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