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  1. Church and was funded by direct taxation. An initial attempt by Disraeli to, negotiate ,with Cardinal Manning the establishment of a Roman Catholic university in
  2. Running of the NFL, Bell formally recognized the NHLPA and declared he would, negotiate ,with the NHLPA. His decision was heralded in the media as a" master stroke "
  3. For each airline. Since deregulation, airlines have been largely free to, negotiate ,their own operating arrangements with different airports, enter and exit routes
  4. Attacks, seizing a theater in Moscow in October 2002. Russian forces refused to, negotiate ,and gassed the entire building, killing one hundred thirty of the nine hundred
  5. There are all sorts of unconscious systems in our brain that we use to, negotiate ,romantic love and romantic attraction," said Thomson. " If these drugs cause
  6. Abed, Bacar’s government remained in power, and was apparently more willing to, negotiate ,with the Comoros. Presidential elections were held for all of the Comoros in 2002,and
  7. And conflict resolution, and their attention to the ways in which individuals, negotiate ,and make use of the social structural possibilities. In Britain, anthropology
  8. Her because his son is a weak-willed man and, not being imposing enough to, negotiate , would likely only encourage Wallace to press his advantage, but she is a
  9. The portfolio for External Affairs, and the Cayman Islands Government may, negotiate ,certain bilateral matters directly with foreign governments. The Governor can
  10. After the end of the War of the Pacific. Chile has traditionally refused to, negotiate ,on the issue, but Mesa nonetheless made this policy a central point of his
  11. While creditors and the debtor work with the Bankruptcy Court in order to, negotiate ,and complete a plan. Upon meeting certain requirements (e.g. fairness among
  12. River Natalia, where the warring parties approached each other on both sides to, negotiate ,peace. The narrative was told in great detail in Tacitus' History, book iv
  13. S son, Hisao, as co-producer and soon-to-be head of Kurosawa Production, to, negotiate , a loan in Japan that would cover the film's production costs. Shooting took
  14. Internal armed conflict. President Andrés Pastrami and the FARC attempted to, negotiate ,a solution to the conflict between 1999 and 2002. The government set up a "
  15. Possessing Cuba for strategic reasons, sending secret agents to the island to, negotiate ,with Governor Sombreros. In April 1823,US Secretary of State John Quincy
  16. Criminal procedures code in 1993 that permits traffickers to surrender and, negotiate ,lenient sentences in return for cooperating with prosecutors. In December 1996
  17. With Runic incursions in Asia Minor and Syria. Instead, Rufinus attempted to, negotiate ,with Alaric in person, which only aroused suspicions in Constantinople that
  18. At Vichy) that collaborated with the republican opponents and attempted to, negotiate ,acceptable terms for independence from the French. Cambodia's situation at the
  19. In which it performs the classical tasks of diplomacy: represent, inform and, negotiate , Foreign policy priorities are established by the President. Foreign policy
  20. The first time in Cuban history the country was governed by people who did not, negotiate ,the terms of political power with Spain (before i898),or with the United
  21. Works for uses specified in the ECL license. The collecting society can then, negotiate ,an ECL agreement with a user for certain uses. This agreement applies to
  22. To create policy, administer government agencies, command the armed forces, negotiate ,and ratify treaties, and declare a state of emergency. The president appoints
  23. Changes in those countries' policies toward Burma ". By flying to Burma to, negotiate , but Than She rejected all of his requests. On 11 August 2009 the trial
  24. Of Henry III of France, Pope Sixths V sent Enrico Caetano as legate to Paris to, negotiate ,with the Catholic League of France, and chose Melamine to accompany him as
  25. The Indian Removal Act into law in 1830. The Act authorized the President to, negotiate ,treaties to buy tribal lands in the east in exchange for lands further west
  26. Ukrainian. Each of these was to be governed by a national council that would, negotiate ,the future of the Empire with Vienna, and Trieste was to receive a special
  27. Had the Steelers' board of directors offer Bell a 20 % commission if he could, negotiate ,a sale of the Steelers to Thompson. On December 11, 1940,the league approved
  28. Mantra, and obtained from him the promise that he would withdraw from Italy and, negotiate ,peace with the emperor. To advance on Rome would have required supplies which
  29. Legion, in 1813. In the service of the Russian Empire, Clausewitz helped, negotiate ,the Convention of Tauroggen (1812),which prepared the way for the coalition
  30. Savoy, daughter of Amadeus III, Count of Savoy, and sent ambassadors to Rome to, negotiate ,with the Pope. He succeeded to relinquish suzerainty to his cousin Alfonso VII
  31. To conventional relationships, BDSM participants go to great lengths to, negotiate ,the important aspects of their relationships in advance, and to take great care
  32. View that the TRNC government is a puppet administration, and thus prefers to, negotiate ,with Turkey over the resolution of the Cyprus Problem. Turkey insists that the
  33. Development Bank. *1960 – The Netherlands and West Germany sign an agreement to, negotiate ,the return of German land annexed by the Dutch in return for 280 million German
  34. Victory for the Catholics, the Bohemian Trappists were still strong enough to, negotiate ,freedom of religion in 1436. This happened in the so-called Basel Compacts
  35. Job entails finding a resolution for the troubles of the City of Amnesia. He'd, negotiate ,almost anything for anyone, but he is a professional and expects the parties
  36. In September 1982,Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher travelled to Beijing to, negotiate ,with the Chinese government on the future of Britain's last major and most
  37. Forces, admitted defeat, sending the Magister minimum per Oriented Anatolia to, negotiate ,peace terms. The terms were harsher than the previous treaty: the Emperor
  38. Realised there were too many Romans for his troops to fight, and he decided to, negotiate ,with them. Ambrosia explained to the Roman camp leaders, Sabinus and Gotta
  39. Brooklyn, the British requested a meeting with representatives from Congress to, negotiate ,an end to hostilities. A delegation including John Adams and Benjamin Franklin
  40. States, the European Community, Switzerland and Japan announced that they would, negotiate ,ACTA. Furthermore, the following countries have joined the negotiations:
  41. The White House and 15 years after his daughter had died. The company failed to, negotiate ,an endorsement deal with Ruth, and many saw the company's story about the
  42. The rebellion, Longshanks poses to send the French princess Isabelle to try and, negotiate ,peace with Wallace. Princess Isabelle is the wife of Prince Edward, the Prince
  43. One people '. The Scottish and English parliaments established a commission to, negotiate ,a union, formulating an instrument of union between the two countries. A latent
  44. To defeat hunger and provides a neutral forum where nations meet as equals to, negotiate ,agreements and debate food policy and the regulation of agriculture. According
  45. A five-year term. The president is commander in chief of the armed forces, may, negotiate , and ratify certain treaties, and may submit a bill to a national referendum or
  46. Up of Boundary between Afghanistan and British Governed India was set up to, negotiate ,terms with the British, for the agreeing to the Durand line, and the two
  47. 1414 to discuss going to war with France, but the lords insisted that he should, negotiate ,further and moderate his claims. In the following negotiations Henry said that
  48. Benefit from their exclusive rights. Under ECL laws, collecting societies, negotiate ,ECL agreements with users, such as a TV broadcaster, covering the types of
  49. Committee received over 18,000 complaints from citizens and was able to, negotiate ,a mutually satisfactory solution to more than half of them. In 2005,as a pilot
  50. On November 14,MLB announced that Boston had won the bid for the rights to, negotiate ,a contract with Japanese superstar pitcher Daisuke Matsubara. Boston placed a

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