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  1. Poor performance was blamed on an extremely weak bullpen, which finished with a, collective ,5.47 ERA, and a lack of offense which was punctuated by the team setting the
  2. Disputes over contract terms, pressed for inclusion of grievance arbitration in, collective ,bargaining agreements. The Supreme Court subsequently made labor arbitration a
  3. Employed arbitration to resolve employee and union grievances arising under a, collective ,bargaining agreement. The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America made
  4. Vulgar in the other. Grammar Nouns Formal and notional agreement In BRE, collective ,nouns can take either singular (formal agreement) or plural (notional
  5. Competition among different brands of cars. " Anarcho-capitalists only accept, collective ,defense of individual liberty (i.e., courts,military or police forces)
  6. Obligation towards a specific individual (for example, a god, a king),or, collective ,(for example, a government). Some individuals may feel both altruism and duty
  7. Is the Singelgracht, which is often not mentioned on maps, because it is a, collective ,name for all canals in the outer ring. The Singelgracht should not be confused
  8. And tactical training with an emphasis towards furthering the efficiency of the, collective ,security element of the CST partnership. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia
  9. Control’s aim was to develop what he called an" economic humanism" through ", collective ,thinking. " In 1941,through connections to the cabinet of Vichy France
  10. British civil service convention, perhaps to emphasize the principle of cabinet, collective ,responsibility. Compare also the following lines of Elvis Costello's song "
  11. And that people should seek to imitate heaven by engaging in the practice of, collective ,love. His epistemology can be regarded as primitive materialist empiricism; he
  12. People hire fifth rate people. " The Achaeans (Greek:, Akhaioí) is one of the, collective ,names used for the Greeks in Homer's Iliad (used 598 times) and Odyssey. The
  13. CST Secretary, Nikolay Bordyuzha, came to a similar conclusion after, collective ,military drills in 2007 when he stated that," the Armenian Army is the most
  14. Report on them; therefore, some of them created the Independent Media Center,a, collective ,of protesters reporting on the actions as they happen. Key grassroots
  15. Sector. For that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a, collective ,responsibility when he has been one of the leaders. Who else is to be held
  16. Of the weather conditions. After roll call, there were individual and, collective ,punishments, depending on what had happened during the day, and after these
  17. At the relatively lower prices of the Russian domestic market as part of a, collective ,security agreement since January 2004. According to unconfirmed reports by the
  18. A method for resolving disputes over the interpretation and application of a, collective ,bargaining agreement. Species of Arbitration Commercial and other forms of
  19. Collapsed dramatically since the reorganization and privatization of state-run, collective ,farms beginning in 1992. As herds of domestic reindeer have declined, herds of
  20. For example staff, actually combine with plural verbs most of the time. In AME, collective ,nouns are almost always singular in construction: the committee was unable to
  21. Wittgenstein stated this in his lectures on aesthetics and language games. A, collective ,identification of beauty, with willing participants in a given social spectrum
  22. Translationum, Christie is the most translated individual author, with only the, collective ,corporate works of Walt Disney Productions surpassing her. Her books have been
  23. In Canada, the new Anglican churches developed novel models of self-government, collective ,decision-making, and self-supported financing; that would be consistent with
  24. Blamed on a struggling offense, and an inadequate pitching staff which had a, collective ,ERA of 4.18. 2010 Season The Diamondbacks continued to struggle during the 2010
  25. Use of some verbal auxiliaries; formal (rather than notional) agreement with, collective ,nouns; different preferences for the past forms of a few verbs (for example
  26. Saw Roma did not have major signing in 2010–11 season. Co-currently with the, collective ,TV agreement, Roma net loss was enlarged and the new owner already planned a
  27. Social or legal discrimination, political mobilization against the Jews, and, collective , or state violence – which results in and/or is designed to distance, displace
  28. Congresses or their equivalents, to serve as a vehicle for deliberation and, collective ,action. Standing Committees of Safety were created by each Provincial Congress
  29. Had popularized the concept of Zeitgeist, the idea that society consisted of a, collective ,consciousness which moved in a distinct direction, dictating the actions of its
  30. Collective, agreement news release covering the period July 1,2010, to June 30, 2014. The
  31. Of taking all levels of society into consideration and emphasized the, collective ,nature of mentalities. They rejected events as less important than the mental
  32. A union of opposites. Central to Maurice's perspective, is his belief that the, collective ,elements of family, nation and church represent a divine order of structures
  33. Theories concerning astrology. These included concepts such as archetypes,the, collective ,unconscious and with the collaboration of pioneer theoretical physicist (and
  34. Social organization would be a society composed of self-managing communes with, collective ,use of the means of production, organised democratically, and related to other
  35. Path by setting up a gate and charging tolls, he would be violating the, collective ,property right that the villagers together have earned. " Nevertheless, since
  36. Of this bad nature: (1) Jews have to be seen not as individuals but as a, collective , (2) Jews remain essentially alien in the surrounding societies. (3) Jews
  37. And historiography The Civil War is one of the central events in America's, collective ,memory. There are innumerable statues, commemorations,books and archival
  38. Of anarchists advocated the abandonment of these sorts of tactics in favor of, collective ,revolutionary action, for example through the trade union movement. The
  39. Between Bengali, Hindi and Tamil people from the mainland. The Andaman is a, collective ,term to describe the peoples who are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman
  40. With the word" Pudendum" to denote both" Jewry" ( the Jews as a, collective ,) and" Jewishness" ( the quality of being Jewish, or the Jewish spirit).
  41. Specifically gun control," the ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a, collective ,right. Therefore, we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision in D. C. v.
  42. Fire. All American tank destroyers were officially known by exactly the same, collective ,term used for American self-propelled artillery ordnance," Gun Motor Carriage
  43. The 1975 Nobel Prize in Physics" for the discovery of the connection between, collective ,motion and particle motion in atomic nuclei and the development of the theory
  44. The early development of an independent writing system, the organization of, collective ,construction and agricultural projects, trade with surrounding regions, and a
  45. It as" a persisting latent structure of hostile beliefs towards Jews as a, collective ,manifested in individuals as attitudes, and in culture as myth, ideology
  46. Director, Paul Morrissey, took over the film-making chores for the Factory, collective , steering Warhol-branded cinema towards more mainstream, narrative-based
  47. In the Arabic script. Dialects and descendants Colloquial Arabic is a, collective ,term for the spoken varieties of Arabic used throughout the Arab world, which
  48. With the Russian Civil War. By 1930 the family property had been turned into a, collective ,farm. Later, Solzhenitsyn recalled that his mother had fought for survival and
  49. This type of arbitration, wherein a neutral arbitrator decides the terms of the, collective ,bargaining agreement, is commonly known as interest arbitration. The United
  50. Was described by Jeff Nut tall as" the first healing wind on a very parched, collective ,mind ". Soon after the bookshop reading, plans were hatched for the

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