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  1. That Afghanistan was now outside this sphere of influence, and for Russia to, consult ,directly with Britain on matters relating to Russian-Afghan relations. Britain
  2. On account of his severe illness when a youth, his father sent his wife to, consult ,the prophet Elijah regarding his recovery. The prophet, though blind with old
  3. A private investigator with his own agency, the police never intentionally, consult ,him as he stumbles from one crime scene to another. The role and legitimacy of
  4. 1991 by the first Bush administration. Under that treaty, the two governments, consult ,semi-annually on transborder air pollution, which has demonstrably reduced
  5. S native language. For more details concerning the pronunciation of Arabic, consult ,the articles Arabic phonology and varieties of Arabic. *The names of the Arabic
  6. For astronomy and mathematics. Near East Timeline: Dates are approximate, consult ,particular article for details Images = width:800 height:115 Plataea =
  7. Of some 4,000 miles. East Asia Timeline: Dates are approximate, consult ,particular article for details Images = width:800 height:60 Plataea =
  8. However, the Treaty of Lima between Peru and Chile specified that Chile must, consult ,Peru before granting any land to a third party in the area of Tarapacá.
  9. Citizenship or both and the Governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom, consult ,on matters not devolved to the Northern Ireland Executive. The Northern Ireland
  10. Had a close friendship with" Antoninus ", possibly Antoninus Pius, who would, consult ,Rabbi Judah on various worldly and spiritual matters. After the longest reign
  11. Areas, unanimity in others. Usually where it operates unanimously, it needs only, consult ,the Parliament. However, in most areas the ordinary legislative procedure
  12. The power, nor do I dare, to approve the objects of your mission until I can, consult ,our gods by the casting of lots and until I can inquire the will of the people
  13. The war, the British ceded lands which they did not really control, and did not, consult ,about it with their Indian allies. They" transferred" control to the
  14. Convenient shorthand” among professionals. The DSM advises laypersons should, consult ,the DSM only to obtain information, not to make diagnoses, and people who may
  15. The public, but here in Italy it is the actors and actresses whom you must, consult , as well as the composer of the music and the stage decorators. Everything must
  16. In 1 Chronicles 13:3 it is stated that the people were not accustomed to, consult ,the Ark in the days of Saul. In the days of King David At the beginning of his
  17. His wife Queen Mary fell ill in 1558,King Philip sent the Count of Beria to, consult ,with Elizabeth. This interview was conducted at Hatfield House, where she had
  18. In the game's books. The rules are flexible about how often the GM should, consult ,the Fortune Deck, whether the cards should be shown to players, and how much
  19. Of Heaven required that the emperor properly carry out the proper rituals, consult ,his ministers, and made it extremely difficult to undo any acts carried out by
  20. And warmhearted personality ”. Cézanne said" he was a father for me. A man to, consult ,and a little like the good Lord," and he was also one of Gauguin's masters.
  21. Foreign secretary, sent him a letter stating that the Derive was obliged to, consult ,the British consul on such issues as cabinet appointments. In January 1894
  22. Made for their later incorporation. However, a vague undertaking was given to, consult ,their inhabitants, and although successive South African governments sought to
  23. His death. The Riddler is finally sent to Arkham Asylum, and Chase is asked to, consult ,on his case. Riddler offers to reveal the identity of Batman to her-only to
  24. His mother. The projected union initially aroused great opposition: he did not, consult ,with his father, who had been on vacation in Karloff Vary and making
  25. By Timorous and Jacobus Plains to local physicians, urging them to, consult ,about the matter. He received no response. Next, Mather pleaded his case to Dr.
  26. Their selection of a mandatory do not propose, as I understand the matter, to, consult , them. In short, so far as Palestine is concerned, the Powers have made no
  27. Animals, but wish to get them from the god of the island himself, they, consult , Achilles ’ oracle. They ask permission to slaughter the victims chosen from
  28. Congress for his first two years in office. Thereafter, he was compelled to, consult ,closely with Democratic Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson in the Senate and
  29. A computer needs to read information from the tertiary storage, it will first, consult ,a catalog database to determine which tape or disc contains the information.
  30. Homework which Botvinnik assigned greatly helped him, since it required that he, consult ,chess books and work diligently. Karol improved so quickly under Botvinnik's
  31. The army before he first met the Philistines, but the king was too impatient to, consult ,it is before engaging in battle. In 1 Chronicles 13:3 it is stated that the people
  32. Usability is bypassed by developers because these individuals never think to, consult ,test users. Allowing users to test developing products can have its limits in
  33. Sydney Smirk, opened in 1857. For almost 150 years researchers came here to, consult ,the Museum's vast library. The Reading Room closed in 1997 when the national
  34. Fields of engineering, and practicing biomedical engineers must routinely, consult ,and cooperate with regulatory law attorneys and other experts. The Food and
  35. Offerings until 100. South Asia Timeline: Dates are approximate, consult ,particular article for details Images = width:800 height:50 Plataea =
  36. Because in early years UUP computers did not maintain (and could not, consult ,central servers for) information about the location of all hosts they
  37. A snake near his palace, sent a delegation including two of his sons to, consult ,the oracle.: For a list of some of the most noted oracular pronouncements of
  38. For what may be regarded as a dysfunctional market. ORR said it will, consult ,the industry and the public on what to do, and will publish its decision in
  39. Infringer. In such a situation, a suspected infringer who has been unable to, consult ,the text of the patent in the official language of the Member State in which he
  40. And to gain a much deeper knowledge of Canada and its culture, one must also, consult ,the other articles pertaining to Canada and its peoples. Development of
  41. Made for their later incorporation. However, a vague undertaking was given to, consult ,their inhabitants, and although successive South African governments sought to
  42. Council have been published very often and in many languages (for a large list, consult ,British Museum Catalog, under " Trent, Council of" ). The first issue was by
  43. The risk that Beatty's illegitimacy might be exposed. Beatty went so far as to, consult ,a fortune-teller, Mrs. Roberts, who predicted a fine outcome to the match.
  44. Betting box is deemed to have control over the position, and the dealer will, consult ,the controlling player for playing decisions regarding the hand; the other
  45. Elections, and no common representative body (although their politicians, consult ,regularly). There is no common newspaper or radio station, but there is a
  46. By President Beyond to share power with him. Karma replied that he needed to, consult ,his with comrades on this issue and inform Beyond later. However, he never
  47. And spend profits of parasitical firms. The president is not required to, consult ,the National Assembly. The judiciary is subordinate to the executive branch's
  48. Information. Data show that CRM users are oftentimes unwilling to, consult ,a help menu if it is not easily accessible and immediate in providing
  49. A 'no hole card' game is played, meaning that the dealer does not draw nor, consult ,his or her second card until after all players have finished making decisions.
  50. Through reserve powers reserved to him in the Constitution. However, he must, consult ,with the Premier prior to using such powers and must do so in the interest of

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