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  1. Are indexed, reducing inflation's volatility. Under the compulsory private, pension ,system, most formal sector employees pay 10 % of their salaries into privately
  2. Caesar). Constantius allows him to live as a private citizen on a state, pension , * 800 – Coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor, in Rome. *1000 – The
  3. Capital Management and pay as much as $600 million into the automaker's, pension ,fund. The sale of substantially all of Chrysler's assets to" New Chrysler "
  4. 1763 his services to the Academic were acknowledged with an extra 200 lives in, pension , In 1765, he was unanimously elected associate member of the Academic DES
  5. Difficulties and lobbied long and hard to get Wallace awarded a government, pension ,for his lifetime contributions to science. When the £200 annual pension was
  6. Trains - owned by a consortium of private equity investors, mainly comprising, pension ,funds and insurance companies, and has 4,400 vehicles in the UK. * HSBC Rail -
  7. Empire by moving to Temecula. To make a little extra money beyond what his, pension ,and scripting earnings brought in, Barks started doing oil paintings to sell at
  8. Was born, but she died in 1746. In 1752 Hardin was granted a, pension ,of 500 lives by Louis XV. At the Salon of 1759 he exhibited nine paintings; it
  9. On the land a few hours earlier, thereby claiming for himself the lifetime, pension ,promised by Ferdinand and Isabella to the first person to sight land. Columbus
  10. To average growth rates of 8 % during the 1990s. The privatized national, pension ,system (AFP) has encouraged domestic investment and contributed to an
  11. An asylum in England, where he was made a legendary of Canterbury, received a, pension ,from King Edward VI's privy purse, and composed his capital work, the
  12. Senate, whose servant he considered himself to be, in consideration of the, pension , This he solicited, in person, and it was granted. He returned immediately to
  13. The information based partly on payments to the Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægs pension , pension ,fund of all employees and insured but unemployed members of an unemployment
  14. In 1879,Darwin first tried to rally support among naturalists to get a civil, pension ,awarded to Wallace, Joseph Hooker responded: Wallace has lost caste
  15. Increase in public housing funds, an increase in the real value of the old-age, pension , the development of a new youth support program, the re-introduction of
  16. In September 2009 it was revealed that Croydon Council had around £20m of its, pension ,fund for employees invested in shares in Imperial Tobacco and British American
  17. Agnes continued to hold the title Countess of Jeff and Salon and received a, pension ,from that fief's income. Agnes soon thereafter married Hugh of Begin, to whom
  18. Telecom networks in the UK. Pension fund BT has the largest defined benefit, pension ,plan of any UK public company. The trustees valued the scheme at £36.7 billion
  19. Press during these years was to photograph Montgomery cashing his old age, pension ,check at the local social security office. Due to his eminence, the British
  20. 2005 was 334 regular pesos per month ($16.70 per month) and average monthly, pension ,was $9. A person can get more jail time for killing a cow (10 years in prison
  21. Retirement from the age of 65 receive 120 % of their pre-retirement income in, pension ,and miscellaneous subsidies. The largest public sector (30 % of the entire
  22. When the Gurkha's signed up—frankly as mercenaries—they expected a, pension ,which would allow them to live well in their own country ". Later, he said that
  23. Of Antonello’s uncle Area, who had lands in Argos, were satisfied by a, pension , A Venetian governor (restore) was appointed, who was dependent on the
  24. ALM) of typical large financial institutions such as insurers, banks and/or, pension ,funds; generally reports to the CEO or CFO. * Chief Knowledge Officer or CIO –
  25. In London in May 1793. He tendered his formal resignation and was granted a, pension ,of £500 a year. Later life Phillip's wife, Margaret,had died in 1792. In 1794
  26. League Retirement Plan, was approved on May 24, 1962. After negotiating a, pension ,plan in 1959,little progress was made between the NHLPA and the NFL. Rozelle
  27. University *Association of Pension Lawyers - a group of lawyers who practice, pension ,law in the UK *Australian Premier League, an online football gaming league
  28. Congress, before the Articles were approved, had promised soldiers a, pension ,of half pay for life. However, Congress had no power to compel the states to
  29. Of the biology section of the British Association in 1876. *Awarded a civil, pension ,of £200 a year, in large part due to lobbying by Darwin and Huxley, by British
  30. For Reconstruction and Development (EBRO). The introduction of health and, pension ,insurance plans has expanded the private insurance industry. A series of reform
  31. Array of financial institutions populates the country’s financial system, with, pension , funds and commercial banks being the two most important segments by asset size.
  32. Adjustment measures included downsizing the civil service, implementing a, pension ,reform that placed the system on a much stronger financial footing, and
  33. Ceremony was one presented by members of the NHLPA. The first NFL players ', pension ,plan, the Bert Bell National Football League Retirement Plan, was approved on
  34. Act was passed. Under the act, Eisenhower was entitled to receive a lifetime, pension , state-provided staff and a Secret Service detail. In the 1960 election to
  35. Wage laws, forcing businesses to provide insurance to employees, and compulsory, pension ,systems. And furthermore," as an awakening agent, as an agitating force, the
  36. July 1520 Durer made his fourth and last major journey, to renew the Imperial, pension ,Maximilian had given him and to secure the patronage of the new emperor
  37. 56th),Mexico (60th) and Argentina which ranks 85th. The privatized national, pension ,system (AFP) has encouraged domestic investment and contributed to an
  38. Pension for his lifetime contributions to science. When the £200 annual, pension ,was awarded in 1881,it helped to stabilize Wallace's financial position by
  39. The Capitol ", and he received the title of Marquis of Ischemia, with an annual, pension ,of 3000 crowns. Last projects He now contemplated a great work, a colossal
  40. Are indexed, reducing inflation's volatility. Under the compulsory private, pension ,system, most formal sector employees pay 10 % of their salaries into privately
  41. 1935 – United States Social Security Act passes, creating a government, pension ,system for the retired. *1936 – Rainy Bethe is hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky
  42. Ongoing economic problems facing President Tribe range from reforming the, pension ,system to reducing high unemployment, and to achieving congressional passage of
  43. To in the B. A. Council. Hooker eventually relented and agreed to support the, pension ,request. Biogeography and ecology In 1872,at the urging of many of his friends
  44. Kingdom Trust, a grant-making foundation. Carnegie also established large, pension ,funds in 1901 for his former employees at Homestead and, in 1905,for American
  45. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, as well as a, pension ,fund for former employees. He is often regarded as the second-richest man in
  46. To bring the public finance gap down to 4 % of GDP by 2006,but more difficult, pension ,and healthcare reforms will have to wait until after the next elections.
  47. Are usually simple to quantify but in complex cases which involve loss of, pension ,entitlements and future loss projections, the instructing solicitor will
  48. His departure for Rome, his friends had applied to the Venetian senate for a, pension , to enable him to pursue his studies without embarrassment. The application was
  49. Were able to annex Find and for his services, Hasan Ali Shah received an annual, pension ,of £2,000 from General Charles Napier, the British conqueror of Find with whom
  50. Professional tennis association * Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægs pension , the largest, pension ,program in Denmark, eligibility begins at age 65 and is lifelong after that *

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