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  1. A battle of attrition aims to inflict losses on an enemy that are less, sustainable ,compared to one's own losses. These need not be greater numerical losses - if
  2. Sponsorship or endorsement. *Drug policy reform to reduce harm and promote, sustainable ,health and well-being by bringing about a just, effective and humane system to
  3. Cuban model based on the old Soviet model of centralized planning was no longer, sustainable ,for the Cuban economy. While both leaders remain committed to dialectical
  4. Worlds monitored fisheries are already near to or have exceeded their maximum, sustainable ,yield. The industrial scale extraction of wild forage fish for salmon farming
  5. Progress toward its goal of" reducing by half the number of people without, sustainable ,access to improved drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015 ". Given Algeria
  6. Very scarce in Botswana and less than 5 % of the agriculture in the country is, sustainable ,by rainfall. Due to this 95 % of the country raises cattle and livestock as a
  7. Methods. Some architects specialize as building code, building envelope, sustainable ,design, historic preservation (US) or conservation (UK),accessibility and
  8. Electric power. While not designed as autonomous per se,Fuller's concern with, sustainable ,and efficient design is congruent with the goal of autonomy, and showed that it
  9. Discussed intensely in the mid-1990s. However, implementing the principles of, sustainable ,development, without irreversible damage to the environment, proved to be more
  10. A process of restructuring to meet its mandate of" shared management of the, sustainable ,use of natural resources. " In 1997 the Commission on Policies for Sustainable
  11. And poems whose writing often illustrates his values which center around, sustainable ,agriculture, healthy rural communities, and a connection to place. He is a
  12. A hub of international cooperation in particular in the area of environment and, sustainable ,development. In addition to a number of other international organizations and
  13. Letter, an upper-case letter in a writing system * Five Capitals, a model of, sustainable ,development developed by the organization Forum for the Future Forms of capital
  14. Which was itself a response to testing phases which proved too costly to be, sustainable ,for many small/medium-scale projects. Acceptance testing in Extreme Programming
  15. Between 45,000 and 50,000 inhabitants on 6 square kilometers, and to have a, sustainable , zero-carbon, zero waste ecology. Arrogant is an experimental town under
  16. As phytoplankton and detritus. Some profitable aquaculture cooperatives promote, sustainable ,practices. New methods lessen the risk of biological and chemical pollution
  17. To improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support, sustainable ,handcar. In East Africa, Amaranth leaf is known in chew as boogie, and in
  18. a million. More than half of that money was used to fund programs encouraging, sustainable ,returns of refugees and displaced persons. About one-third of the assistance
  19. Agricultural non-food crops. Therefore, the use of biopolymers would create a, sustainable ,industry. In contrast, the feedstocks for polymers derived from petrochemicals
  20. Systems are a crucial compromise between human habitability and a secure, sustainable ,watershed. Paved areas and lawns or turf do not allow much precipitation to
  21. Environment, only a limited amount of transport movements can take place and, sustainable ,transportation technologies have to be used to reduce the ecological footprint.
  22. Intended to promote sustainable management of timber extraction, as well as, sustainable ,use of nontimber forest products (such as rubber, Brazil nuts, fruits,seeds
  23. And New Zealand. Though some hunting, such as that of mutton birds, may be, sustainable , hunting has led to the extinction or endangerment of dozens of species. Other
  24. Edge, they are still common themes in society, including vegetarian/veganism, sustainable ,living, and temperance/self-control. Alcott described his sustenance as a "
  25. Gymnast and Olympic medalist (b. 1935) * 2008 – Casanova Fukuoka, Japanese, sustainable , farmer and author (b. 1913) *2010 – Dimitrios Ioannis, Greek military
  26. Organizations initiated a program aimed at developing and promoting more, sustainable ,farming practices. Freshwater prawn farming shares many characteristics with
  27. Continued democratization and greater respect for human rights and to encourage, sustainable ,economic development. Although the Agency for International Development (USAID
  28. Awareness has increased in the 21st century there has been a movement towards, sustainable ,agriculture by some farmers, consumers,and policymakers. In recent years there
  29. The infrastructure of land, water and air transport needs to be safe and, sustainable , Currently, thousands of tourists and hundreds of scientists a year rely on the
  30. Industry, after many years of activism, has in recent years moved to a more, sustainable ,model. Key industries Service sector The service sector in Canada is vast and
  31. A key role at the Earth Summit, not only as its host but also as negotiator on, sustainable ,development agreements, including the conventions on climate and biodiversity.
  32. Approach to a self-sustaining ecology as an autonomous building and example of, sustainable ,architecture. Earthly In the arts,Steiner's new art of earthly gained early
  33. Films for wrapping. Environmental Impacts of Biopolymers can be, sustainable , carbon-neutral and are always renewable, because they are made from plant
  34. Culture and consensus. None ensure ethical behavior. Some studies claim that, sustainable ,success requires a humanely treated and satisfied workforce. Sales and
  35. Urgently needed economic growth, highways have become indispensable for the, sustainable ,development of this country. Croatia already has a considerable highway density
  36. Very first time, CTAOP wants to put a spotlight on the urgent need to provide, sustainable ,health, education and recreational resources to remote areas where HIV/AIDS
  37. To Joanna (née Master son) and CEO of the Board, has a dream of creating a, sustainable ,colony on the Moon; but not everyone agrees with him, or his marriage. *
  38. Africa with recent estimates numbering less than 140 animals; below a minimum, sustainable ,viable population. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that these 140 or
  39. California). A grid-based building is less autonomous, but more economical and, sustainable ,with fewer lifestyle sacrifices. In rural areas the grid's cost and impacts
  40. Accelerates, especially if consumption patterns remain unchanged and more, sustainable ,forms of production are not found. In Brazil public policies regarding the
  41. Rather than signifying new clearing. Public policies intended to promote, sustainable ,management of timber extraction, as well as sustainable use of nontimber forest
  42. Provide democratic representation, advancement of human rights, fair trade and, sustainable ,development and therefore feel the term" anti-globalization" is misleading.
  43. And wastes from the environment is an absolute requirement to promote a, sustainable ,development of our society with low environmental impact. Biological processes
  44. Though during the same period traditional breeding techniques yielded a more, sustainable ,variety of the same crop. Electrical energy efficiency on farms Policy
  45. Combating Pollution from land-based sources and maritime transport, * Achieving, sustainable ,management of marine living resources, Regional organizations See also the
  46. Fell during the administration's first year. However, these results were not, sustainable ,and in 1972 the Chilean escudo had runaway inflation of 140 %. An economic
  47. To engineer and adapt organisms especially microorganisms in an effort to find, sustainable ,ways to clean up contaminated environments. The elimination of a wide range of
  48. The dominant system of modern farming, although there is growing support for, sustainable ,agriculture (e.g. permaculture or organic agriculture). Modern agronomy
  49. And astronomy, as well as in calculating reflectivity of surfaces in LEED, sustainable ,rating systems for buildings, computer graphics and computer vision. The
  50. Advancements help provide farmers with tools and resources to make farming more, sustainable , New technologies have given rise to innovations like conservation tillage, a

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