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  1. Direct democracy where the people do not elect representatives to vote on their, behalf ,but vote on legislation and executive bills in their own right. Participation
  2. Waldo Emerson and became a major figure in transcendentalism. His writings on, behalf ,of that movement, however,are heavily criticized for being incoherent. Based
  3. Under its original name, was founded in 1919. The first flight (operated on, behalf ,of KLM by Aircraft Transport and Travel) transported two English passengers to
  4. His nephew's tutor, and he also seized the money his brother had deposited on, behalf ,of the child Ladislav. The Dowager Queen Constance was anxious for her son's
  5. Were worshiped in cult temples administered by priests acting on the king's, behalf , At the center of the temple was the cult statue in a shrine. Temples were not
  6. Over" last year's play" but here again it is not clear if this was said on, behalf ,of Aristophanes or Altostratus, either of whom might have been prosecuted by
  7. Biographical information since apparent self-references might have been made on, behalf ,of his directors instead. Thus, for example a statement by the chorus in The
  8. Led by King Henry V of England defeated the forces led by Charles d'Albert on, behalf ,of Charles VI of France, and recorded in English history as the Battle of
  9. Hermite to become a faithful Catholic. It also inspired Cauchy to plead on, behalf ,of the Irish during the Potato Famine. His royalism and religious zeal also
  10. Staffers Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld advocated on Solzhenitsyn's, behalf ,to speak directly to the president about the Soviet threat),alongside the
  11. Of speaker and implied personal dealings with the Egyptian royal court on, behalf ,of Moses, who was always the central moving figure. The part played by Aaron in
  12. To Shiraz in order to speak to the governor of Far's to intervene on his, behalf ,and arrange for safe passage out of German. With the governor having interceded
  13. And the National Center for Lesbian Rights, sued the state of California on, behalf ,of 6 same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses. That case, Woo v.
  14. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on, behalf ,of the British government for the way in which Turing was treated after the war
  15. The company names. (The court decided that Porch was a registered trademark on, behalf ,of August Horch's former partners and August Porch was not entitled to use it
  16. Collection of tribute; and hellenotamiai, who received the tribute on Athens ', behalf , Athens's empire was not very stable, and only 27 years of war with the
  17. Ideals, a Hollywood anti-Communist group, and wrote articles on the group's, behalf , She also joined the anti-Communist American Writers Association. A visit by
  18. Lorraine to Atari, Commodore delivered a check of $500,000 to Atari on Amiga's, behalf , in effect returning the funds Atari invested into Amiga for the chipset.
  19. Governor named Kandahar was the installed to rule Babylonia on Ashurbanipal's, behalf , Persia and Media were regarded as vassals of Ashurbanipal. He built vast
  20. Were expected to occasionally bring food to the tomb and recite prayers on, behalf ,of the deceased. Military The ancient Egyptian military was responsible for
  21. About him. It was conventional in Old Comedy for the Chorus to speak on, behalf ,of the author during an address called the 'para basis' and thus some
  22. Secrets website, the national group litigation in the United Kingdom, on, behalf , of several hundred people who allege withdrawal reactions after use of the drug
  23. These functions he has an important ecumenical and interfaith role, speaking on, behalf ,of Anglicans in England and worldwide. The archbishop's main residence is
  24. Of silver to serve as Sarah's vindication before all. Abraham then prayed in, behalf ,of Abimelech and the women in his household, so that they bore children, since
  25. With which his name is immortally associated, is a part of its history. On the, behalf ,of the citizens of Canada, may I extend to you an expression of our combined
  26. On the death of Alexander, around 242 BC, Olympias assumed the regency on, behalf ,of her sons, and married Phobia to Demetrius. There are extant silver and
  27. Other jurisdictions it is for the defense lawyer to mitigate on his client's, behalf , and the defendant himself will rarely have the opportunity to speak. The right
  28. To say how deeply sorry I, and we all are for what happened to him ... So on, behalf ,of the British government, and all those who live freely thanks to Alan's work
  29. All AMPS members must be invited to join by the Board of Governors, on, behalf , of Academy Branch Executive Committees. Membership eligibility may be achieved
  30. Museum writes that most of the satellite camps were pressed into service on, behalf ,of German industry. Inmates of 28 of them worked for the German armaments
  31. Issued the United States Declaration of Independence, rejecting the monarchy on, behalf ,of the new sovereign nation separate and external to the British Empire. The
  32. Sent an army, led by his sword-bearer Thesis, against Resale, ostensibly on, behalf ,of Malaria; Resale fled to Africa, and the Ostrogoths drove back the Franks
  33. Of whom might have been prosecuted by Clean. Comments made by the Chorus on, behalf ,of Aristophanes in The Clouds have been interpreted as evidence that he can
  34. Were thought to bring a conflict of interest, swaying broker decisions on, behalf ,of carriers, rather than customers. In the spring of 2005,without
  35. William Lloyd Garrison. He had attended a rally led by Wendell Phillips on, behalf ,of 17-year-old Thomas Sims, a fugitive slave on trial in Boston. Alcott was one
  36. To the Holy Land, in exchange he renounced the supremacy over Zara (Radar) on, behalf ,of the Republic. Andrew and his troops embarked on 23 August 1217 in Plato (
  37. To Sir William McNaughton, discussing his plans to seize and govern Hart on, behalf ,of the British. Although the proposal seemed to have been approved, the plans
  38. Pleas by the First Continental Congress for royal intervention on their, behalf ,with Parliament resulted in the declaration by the King that the states were "
  39. Construction. Construction role Architects typically put projects to tender on, behalf ,of their clients, advise on the award of the project to a general contractor
  40. Greece for the purpose of getting the contributions of the church there on, behalf ,of the poor Christians at Jerusalem sent forward. He rejoined Paul when he was
  41. And in 511 king Theodoric assumed the throne of the kingdom ostensibly on, behalf ,of Malaria -- Heather uses the word" hijacked" to describe his action.
  42. Sweeps ". The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit, Kelly v. Paschal, on their, behalf , alleging that the arrests were unlawful. The ACLU contended that 15 percent of
  43. In the year of her birth Agrippa was in that city completing official duties on, behalf ,of Augustus. Her mother and her siblings had travelled with Agrippa. Later
  44. Reported that the sign had been stolen by Polish thieves paid by and working on, behalf ,of a Swedish right-wing extremist group hoping to use proceeds from the
  45. Combined with Darwin's (as well as Hooker's and Lyell's) advocacy on his, behalf , would give Wallace greater access to the highest levels of the scientific
  46. Robespierre, during the Reign of Terror, in 1794. He had also intervened on, behalf ,of a number of foreign-born scientists including mathematician Joseph Louis
  47. Completion during Lovelace's lifetime. The computer language Ada, created on, behalf ,of the United States Department of Defense, was named after Lovelace. The
  48. That of a patriarch. Whereas Baclofen saw the switch to paternity on Athena's, behalf ,as an increase of power, Freud on the contrary perceived Athena as an "
  49. States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division on, behalf ,of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America against University of Michigan –
  50. Wish to stop drinking. The Traditions also recommend that AA members acting on, behalf ,of the fellowship steer clear of dogma, governing hierarchies and involvement

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