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  1. The city that participate in several sports including el Genera Sporting Club, el , Shams Club, el Sad Club, H el iopolis Club and several smaller clubs, but the
  2. Languages; see Weak pronouns in Catalan. Morphology * The definite articles, el , la, el s, les derive from Latin demonstratives, The older forms lo (m. s. )
  3. 6 days); Big Brother, Reality All Star (Denmark,32 days); Gran Herman:, el , Gran Reencuentro (Spain, current season). Season with contestants from
  4. And created every day. As Jorge Luis Borges says in the prologue to" El Otto, el , mismo ":" It is often forgotten that (dictionaries) are artificial
  5. Of popular music include Algerian RAI, Moroccan gnaw, Kuwaiti saw, Egyptian,El, gil and Arabesque-pop music in Turkey. Literature Arabic literature spans for
  6. Renovation Costariccense). * Union for Change Party (Parties Union para, el , Cambio). * National Restoration Party (Parties Restoration National -- PRN)
  7. To give ground while inflicting heavy losses on the advancing British at BIR, el , Gobi,whereas the 21st Panzer Division checked the attack launched against them
  8. Prefixes exist in El and Yeah/Yahweh, nam el y JA ...., Jeho ..., .... IAH, ..., el , and El ..... It was common to drop the theory in ordinary day-to-day life
  9. Was introduced into the Spanish language in the 13th century under the form, el , Andalucía. This was a Civilianization of Al-Andalusiya, the adjectival form of
  10. Mosque (built in 1794 by the Day Baba Hassan) flanked by two minarets, mosque,El, Djedid (built in 1660,at the time of Turkish regency) with its large
  11. Al-Rahim al-Bashir in 2002; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003; and Saiph all Islam, el , Masry in 2004. Mohammed Ate and several others were killed. Activities Africa
  12. Lowest point. At various times in the past, and as late as the 1870s,the Bar, el , Ghazal Depression, which extends from the northeastern part of the lake to the
  13. Meaning 'the house of Sergi ','Sergi's house '. Note here, other articles (, el , la, el s, les) can also be used with personal names like in Portuguese, as la
  14. Haber Liévano POR 52 ants cast, sobria, inmaculada, piadosa y gloriosamente, el , gobierno d el ran: after having h el d for 52 years chast el y, soberly
  15. Amaryllis. Alfonso III (1265,Valencia – 18 June 1291),called the Liberal (, el , Liberal ) or the Free (also" the Frank," from el Franc),was the King of
  16. Participate in several sports including el Genera Sporting Club, el Shams Club, el , Seid Club, H el iopolis Club and several smaller clubs, but the biggest clubs in
  17. Many ancient quarries are found in the hills overlooking the plain of T el l, el , Amarna. Algerian onyx-marble has been quarried larg el y in the province of Oran.
  18. The dev el opment of cloud forests like those of the Reserve de la Biosphere, el , Triunfo, home to a handful of Resplendent Metals and Horned Guns. Chiapas is
  19. Grows to an average of 1.5 m (5 ft). Their name derives from the Spanish, el , lagarto, which means" the lizard ". Caimans In Central and South America, the
  20. Of his b el ongings and those of Pizarro. During this time Almagro's first son, el ," Mono ", was born, whose mother was an indigenous woman named Ana Martínez.
  21. Of the Classical Guitar, London: Calder,1980. *Antoni Pizza: Frances Bureau i, el , seu temps (Palma de Mallorca: Govern de LES Ills Balers, Cons el leria
  22. Library (the largest library in the ancient world); and the Catacombs of Km, el , Shoqafa, one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. Ongoing maritime
  23. Measures of it remained in force. Tim el ine of Constitutions * Regiment para, el , arreglo de la Authorized Executive Proviso de Chile 1811 * Constitution de
  24. State in coastal Syria (1920-1936 under French mandate of Syria) **Jamal, el , Druze (state) (1921-1936 under French mandate of Syria) **State of Aleppo (
  25. Navy headquarters and the main operational and training base are located at Ra's, el , Tin near Alexandria. The current commander is Vice Admiral Moab Amish. The
  26. Back into the desert to a farther mountain by the Nile called Pippin, now Her, el , Memun, opposite Crocodilopolis. There he lived strictly enclosed in an old
  27. Other sports teams in the city that participate in several sports including, el , Gezira Sporting Club, el Shams Club, el Sad Club, H el iopolis Club and several
  28. Rock! Portrayed an alien child using base-tw el ve arithmetic, using " deck ",", el ," and" DOH" as names for ten, el even and tw el ve, and Andrews' script-X and
  29. Managed by Airports de Paris. 4 urban rope ways: * Memorial DES Martyred/Road, el , Feth – Hardin d’essays Province projects Several ongoing projects aim to solve
  30. Norteño as in the Mexicans referred to the Northern Mexico as, el , Norte as opposed to Sure, although anyone from the US is NorteAmericano
  31. By Alsatian colonists; the first were almost in the downtown of Buenos Aires (, el , égido de la Ciudad Autonomy de Buenos Aires),and soon Polish brewers began
  32. He was the first son after three daughters. He has two younger brothers, Hugo (, el , Turco) and Eduardo (Lao),both of whom were also professional football
  33. Of the Nile at latitude 26° 10' N, near the modern Egyptian towns of el f'Arab, el , Madfuna and al-Balyana. The city was called Abdul in the ancient Egyptian
  34. Yemen and find the unexplored desert area that the Necronomicon calls" Rob, el , Ehaliyeh" or" Rob el Khalid" — presumably a reference to the Empty
  35. And script-E for the digit symbols. (" Deck" is from the prefix" DECA ",", el ," being short for" el even" and" DOH" an apparent shortening of" a dozen ". )
  36. Of August 6,2010,the chief of operations was considered to be Adnan Gusher, el , Shukrijumah, replacing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Bin Laden was advised by a SEURA
  37. Called the Liberal ( el Liberal) or the Free (also" the Frank," from, el , Franc ), was the King of Aragon and Count of Barc el ona (as Alfons II) from
  38. Hi sham As hour. Other major squash-playing venues are The Shooting Club (Nazi, el , Seid) in Dock, The Mahdi Club in Mahdi and Wadi D el la in D el la. Culture Over
  39. The time '. * Possessive adjectives are formed with the definite article (, el , meu goes 'my dog' ) like in Italian (IL mid cane),Portuguese (o me can)
  40. By troops being withdrawn to fight in the Battle of Greece, f el l back to Versa, el , Brega and started constructing defensive works. Romm el decided to continue the
  41. I may refer to: *Alfonso I of Asturias (739–757),called the Catholic (, el , Católico),was the King of Asturias *Alfonso I of Portugal (1094–1195) (
  42. Desert area that the Necronomicon calls" Rob el Chalice" or" Rob, el , Khaliyeh" — presumably a reference to the Empty Quarter or" Rub all Kali ".
  43. Overlooking defensive positions. Battle of Adam El Half The Battle of Adam, el , Halfa was launched on 30 August, with Romm el 's forces driving through the
  44. Standard one can find, among other features: the definite article lo instead of, el , special possessive pronouns and determinants la MIA ('mine' ), lo sou/la SUA
  45. Democratic coalition's Eduardo Free Rewritable and center-right Coalition POR, el , Cambio coalition's Sebastián Cinema, competed in a run-off el ection on January
  46. Hunger organized by Action Against Hunger Spain (also known as Action Contra, el , Hambre) h el d at the French Lyceum of Madrid. This event raised an estimated
  47. Actions as they happen. Key grassroots organizations * Movement for Justice en, el , Barrio in the United States of America * Grassroots Global Justice in United
  48. De Los Dilutes in Spanish-speaking countries; glottal Napa in Hungary; You, el , Maouta in Lebanon, Isra el and Syria). The Western c el ebration of All Souls '
  49. Video Album (2007). Janet and Micha el Jackson's Scream and Weezer's, el , Scorcho, both directed by Mark Roman, and U2's One, directed by Anton
  50. 2003,directed by Nadir Monocle, with Young and Luna Cabal; * Bad, el , Web,2004,directed by Merak Allowance, with Same Racer, Julie Gayest, Faud el ;

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