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  1. Legal aspects. Prior to this, the monastery would be a mere prior y, headed by a, prior ,who acts as superior but without the same degree of legal authority that an
  2. Have been announced after Parisian’s frequent trips to Moscow, without, prior , public discussion. Finally, while Armenia is
  3. The 21st chapter was omitted from the editions published in the United States, prior ,to 1986. In the introduction to the updated American text (these newer
  4. Title is necessary. Patent law In the context of patent law and specifically in, prior ,art searches, searching through abstracts is a common way to find relevant
  5. Of North Carolina believed that" the authority of the congress rested on the, prior ,acts of the several states, to which the states gave their voluntary consent
  6. Of the kingdom. The governing body of the abbey consists of the abbot, prior ,and the" convent" of Stiftsherren (canons). In the Church of England, the
  7. Border states and those located in some former Confederate territory occupied, prior ,to the Emancipation Proclamation were freed by state action or (on December 18
  8. An election, she is found to have actually" voted on both sides ". Immediately, prior ,to his writing, the Ministry of Information had put out a booklet for
  9. except the 2 games assigned on the strength of each team's, prior ,division standing. (i.e. the division winner will face the other two division
  10. The Super Bowl, and WrestleMania; Charles gave a live performance of the song, prior ,to Super Bowl XXXV, the last Super Bowl played before the September 11
  11. The early decades of the 20th century. It was during his early trips to Chill, prior ,to the outbreak of World War I that Henri painted extensively and is reputed to
  12. Usually devolving on the superior of the monastery were performed by a, prior , Modern practices In the Roman Catholic Church, abbots continue to be elected
  13. Art searches, searching through abstracts is a common way to find relevant, prior ,art document to question to novelty or inventive step (or non-obviousness in
  14. Ocean appears to be the second youngest of the five oceans. It did not exist, prior ,to 130 million years ago, when the continents that formed from the breakup of
  15. Oz (Tokyo Story, An Autumn Afternoon)—artists highly respected in Japan but, prior ,to this period, almost totally unknown in the West. Later generations of
  16. Gaelic and even Sanskrit, accurately reciting written tracts without any, prior ,knowledge of their pronunciation. His school record was undistinguished, marked
  17. Final cause or end. Then Aristotle proceeds and concludes that the actuality is, prior ,to potentiality in formula, in time and in substantiality. With this definition
  18. Motorcycle gang, the Hells Angels, and their leader, Sonny Larger. The day, prior ,to the scheduled march, the Hell's Angels attacked the front line of a smaller
  19. 80. In January 2006,Apple's market cap surpassed that of Dell. Nine years, prior , Dell's CEO Michael Dell said that if he ran Apple he would" shut it down and
  20. Actions as scriptural, unilateral,and without the agreement of the Communion, prior ,to these steps being taken. In response, the American Episcopal Church and the
  21. February 2011. The country's Council of Ministers approved the repeal two days, prior , Geography Algeria lies mostly between latitudes 19° and 37°N (a small area is
  22. Language, and persistent preoccupation with parts of objects. Onset must be, prior ,to age three years, with delays or abnormal functioning in either social
  23. Which in turn is prior to the individual," for the whole must of necessity be, prior ,to the part ". He also famously stated that" man is by nature a political
  24. Finally, a Registration Examination or a series of exams is required, prior ,to licensure. Professionals engaged in the design and supervision of
  25. War still gave results. It should be borne in mind that Tests in Australia, prior ,to the war were all played to a finish. Many batting records were set in this
  26. In personal correspondence to Bell, both Gray and Dollar had acknowledged his, prior ,work, which considerably weakened their later claims. On January 13, 1887,the
  27. Professionals engaged in the design and supervision of construction projects, prior ,to the late nineteenth century were not necessarily trained in a separate
  28. They cannot fall themselves. Aristotle marked two modes of causation: proper (, prior ,) causation and accidental (chance) causation. All causes, proper and
  29. Struggles women had in dealing with unsafe abortion in various circumstances, prior ,to legalization. Physician Susan Auckland wrote This Common Secret (2007)
  30. To models such as the A3 and TT which do not use the Torsen-based system as in, prior ,years with a mechanical center differential, but with the Swedish HALDE
  31. Primacy over the intellect; in other words, desire is understood to be, prior ,to thought. Schopenhauer felt this was similar to notions of purushartha or
  32. The model of locally elected public and separate school boards which originated, prior ,to 1905,as well as to create and/or regulate universities, colleges,technical
  33. S properties. In July 1932,the Speer's visited Berlin to help out the Party, prior ,to the Reichstag elections. While they were there, Hanke recommended the young
  34. Us. We suffer fear, or desire: these states arise involuntarily; they arise, prior ,to reflection; they arise even when the conscious mind would prefer to hold
  35. Who believed faith must precede rationalism, as Augustine and most theologians, prior ,to Anselm had believed, but Anselm put forth the opinion that faith and
  36. States. The company was taking a considerable gamble. It had put out only one, prior ,subtitled film in the American market, and the only previous Japanese talkie
  37. Allow the Athenians to sin twice against philosophy," a reference to Athens's, prior ,trial and execution of Socrates. He died in Europa of natural causes within the
  38. Its oil from Angola, about three times as much as it imported from Kuwait just, prior ,to the Gulf War in 1991. The U. S. Government has invested USD $4 billion in
  39. Unpublished photos of the astronauts taken by Life photographer Ralph Morse, prior ,to the Apollo 11 launch. From July 16–24, 2009 NASA streamed the original
  40. Appeals. In some cases, an application for trial de Nova effectively erases the, prior ,trial as if it had never taken place. The Supreme Court of Virginia has stated
  41. Religion and 0 on Religious Persecution. Foreign missionaries were very active, prior ,to independence in 1975,although since the beginning of the anti-colonial
  42. Of the alleged invention and his family had moved away from Cooperstown the, prior ,year. Furthermore, the primary testimony to the commission that connected
  43. A Leading Role (Gary Cooper, Ray Midland, Susan Hayward, Broderick Crawford), prior , to any of the actors receiving the Best Actor Award. At the 29th ceremony, held
  44. Scholars. A few articles about Rand's ideas appeared in academic journals, prior ,to her death in 1982,many of them in The Personalist. One of these was" On
  45. Of the assembled evidence. Even though one may set an alarm clock, prior ,to the following day, believing that waking up will be possible, that belief is
  46. The city to be a natural community. Moreover, he considered the city to be, prior ,in importance to the family which in turn is prior to the individual," for the
  47. He considered the city to be prior in importance to the family which in turn is, prior ,to the individual," for the whole must of necessity be prior to the part ". He
  48. Includes in it only Turkic, Mongolic,and Tunguska. This view was widespread, prior ,to the 1960s,but has almost no supporters among specialists today. The
  49. Summary Du Pick" (" The Summer You Got" ), was released in Sweden, prior ,to the English version, with vocals by Helen Stockholm. In the spring of 2009
  50. Labour movement. Four of the men were executed and a fifth committed suicide, prior ,to his own execution. The incident became known as the Haymarket affair, and

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