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  1. The concept of a causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer is, currently ,promoted primarily by pro-life groups. Some factors in a woman's life, such as
  2. A precursor to the modern medicare system. Alberta's health care budget is, currently ,$13.2 billion during the 2008–2009 fiscal year (approximately 36 % of all
  3. Kingdom and France. La SEU d'Urgell Airport, a small airfield south of Andorra, currently ,used only by private airplanes, is being studied by the Catalan government as
  4. As a former overseas territory of Portugal until 1975,the Portuguese makeup, currently ,the largest non-African population, with certainly more than 100,000,a number
  5. The statue of Apollo from the west pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (, currently ,in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia) was depicted on the obverse of the
  6. Ankaraspor, played in the Super League until 2010 when they were expelled, and, currently , are not a member of the Turkish league system. Their home is the Lenient Asks
  7. Riots and even deadly stampedes. Natural gas is used because it is the cheapest, currently ,available source of hydrogen. When oil production becomes so scarce that
  8. Is a genetic modification that creates sterile seeds. Terminator seeds are, currently ,under strong international opposition and face continual efforts of global bans
  9. DIN 4512 since 1934),became the basis for the ISO system (since 1974), currently , used worldwide (ISO 6,ISO 2240,ISO 5800,ISO 12232). *A standard for the
  10. A new main entrance for the museum created. Only one wing of the Rijksmuseum is, currently ,open to the public, with a selection of masterpieces on display. The full
  11. Football is the most popular sport in Ankara. The city has two football clubs, currently ,competing in the Turkcell Super League: Ankaragücü founded in 1910 is the
  12. The Midwest by way of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. The Port of Mobile is, currently ,the 9th-largest by tonnage in the United States. Barge transportation in and
  13. Running from west to east through Mobile. Another interstate road,I-22,is, currently ,under construction. When completed around 2012 it will connect Birmingham with
  14. In Japan, it also gained popularity in East and Southeast Asia. Anime is, currently ,popular in many regions around the world. History Anime began at the
  15. Is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is, currently ,one of the best European cities in which to locate an International Business.
  16. The Yen Azerbaijan Party, and independents loyal to the ruling government, currently ,hold almost all the Parliament's 125 seats. During the 2010 Parliamentary
  17. In the game. That original Asteroids prototype board still exists, and is, currently ,in Delman's personal collection. For each picture frame, the 6502 writes
  18. Alberta, from 1921 to 1935; the Social Credit Party, from 1935 to 1971,and the, currently ,governing Progressive Conservative Party, from 1971 to the present. Alberta has
  19. A global treaty, the BioSafety Protocol, regulates the trade of GMOs. The EU, currently ,requires all GMO foods to be labeled, whereas the US does not require
  20. Of three branches, executive,legislative and judicial. The nation is, currently ,led by the Karma administration with Hamid Karma as the President and leader
  21. Symphony Orchestra and Juneau Symphony are also notable. The Anchorage Opera is, currently ,the state's only professional opera company, though there are several
  22. Of the Alabama Supreme Court is Democrat Sue Bell Cobb. The Republican Party, currently ,holds a majority in both houses of the Legislature. The Legislature has the
  23. Intervention lists an Aristotelian corpus quite similar to the one we, currently ,possess. Lord sees a number of post-Aristotelian interpolations in the Politics
  24. Are several groups wishing to promote the independence of Alberta in some form, currently ,active in the province. In the 2008 provincial election, held on March 3,2008
  25. Industry has generated more than 67,800 new jobs in the state. Alabama, currently ,ranks 4th in the nation in automobile output. Steel producers Nu cor, SSAB
  26. And become increasingly competitive in Alabama politics at many levels. They, currently ,control both seats in the U. S. Senate and six out of the state's seven
  27. This conference and its counterpart, the National Football Conference (NFC), currently , contain 16 teams each, making up the 32 teams of the NFL. The American Football
  28. By several countries. An epidemic of stem rust on wheat caused by race Ug99 is, currently ,spreading across Africa and into Asia and is causing major concern.
  29. Moved up in the food chain and began to occupy the ecological position, currently ,occupied by crocodiles. These amphibians were notable for eating the mega
  30. Includes the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Army Air Force. It, currently ,has about 160,000 active soldiers and is expected to reach 260,000 in the
  31. Of the Turkish Van. Although they are known for their shimmery white coat, currently ,there are more than twenty varieties including black, blue and reddish fur.
  32. Readers to accept that one could seriously so admire the style of those works, currently ,available to us. The surviving texts of Aristotle are technical treatises from
  33. Are kept, hence the non-alphabetical order. With their official numbers, currently ,(since 1983) they are: the tenth largest in the world. Average annual
  34. Operates the Ankara Metro and other forms of public transportation. Ankara is, currently ,served by suburban rail and two subway lines with about 300,000 total daily
  35. Football team has been competing in international football since 1941 and, currently ,has a world ranking of 179. The national team plays its home games at the Ghazi
  36. Current Prime-Minister Cabinet Mike Man 1 *Sidney Poison, former MLB player, currently ,a free agent The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of
  37. Like Paid Mondrian, Karel Appeal, and Kashmir Malefic. This museum is also, currently ,being renovated and expanded. The main entrance will be relocated from the
  38. Characters representing vowels. These vowelless alphabets are called beads, currently ,exemplified in scripts including Arabic, Hebrew,and Syriac. The omission of
  39. Areas of standards, conformity assessment, and technical regulations. The site, currently ,features content for China, India,and Korea, with additional countries and
  40. Of events encompasses all sorts of theatrical forms. The Stadsschouwburg is, currently ,being renovated and expanded. The third theater space, to be operated jointly
  41. Due to tidal forces resulting from the orbit of the Moon. The Arctic Circle is, currently ,drifting northwards at a speed of about per year, see Circle of latitude for
  42. His 19th consecutive term in 2008. Alaska's At-large congressional district is, currently ,the world's second-largest parliamentary constituency by area, behind only the
  43. As revised in APG-III. Other families included in the Alismatates as, currently ,defined are here distributed among ten additional orders, all of which are
  44. Is" an explosion of scholarship" in the 2000s. However, few universities, currently ,include Rand or Objectives as a philosophical specialty or research area, with
  45. Alaska has only one member in the U. S. House of Representatives. This seat is, currently ,being held by Republican Don Young, who was re-elected to his 19th consecutive
  46. One of the world's the lowest life expectancy. Demographic and Health Surveys is, currently ,conducting several surveys in Angola on Malaria, Domestic Violence and more.
  47. Selected works Alain Cones (born 1 April 1947) is a French mathematician, currently ,Professor at the College de France, IHÉS and Vanderbilt University. Work Alain
  48. Subtraction, square root and cube root operations at high speed. There are, currently ,schools teaching students how to use it. In the famous long scroll Along the
  49. Either as a particular or a relation, then there must have been, must be, currently , or must be in the future, something on which the universal can be predicated.
  50. First Anchorage store in 1993,and debuted in Fairbanks in 2004. The company, currently ,has locations covering most of the population centers of Alaska, including

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