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  1. The tenets of astrology and warned the public against accepting astrological, advice ,without question. Their criticism focused on the fact that there was no
  2. Ought not to become a rigid entity that is invariable from place to place. His, advice ,to Augustine of Hippo on this point was to follow local liturgical custom. "
  3. 16:4). David's plan of building a temple for the Ark was stopped at the, advice ,of God (2 Sam. 7:1-17; 1 Charon. 17:1-15; 28:2,3). The Ark was with the army
  4. Inheritance. Abraham was greatly distressed by his wife's words and sought the, advice ,of his God. The Lord told Abraham not to be distressed but to do as his wife
  5. II is represented in Antigua and Barbuda by a governor general who acts on the, advice ,of the prime minister and the cabinet. | | Legislative branch Antigua and
  6. Was repealed early in Queen Anne's reign, as many councillors ceased to offer, advice ,and some stopped attending meetings altogether. ) * Judges' commissions are
  7. Of it concerns Demetrius, King of Greece, who sought to enter Jerusalem on the, advice ,of the Seeker-After-Smooth-Things. (3) But God did not give Jerusalem into
  8. Had the" right" liturgical form where there was no substantial problem. His, advice ,has remained in the English language as the saying,"" One interpretation of
  9. Yamamoto was occupied with the shooting of another film. One important piece of, advice ,Yamamoto gave Kurosawa was that a good director needed to master screenwriting.
  10. And stress symptoms largely improved during the time he used Alexander's, advice ,to change his posture. In 1923,Dewey wrote the introduction to Alexander's
  11. Surroundings. There I will give the signs. " Nonetheless, Crowley ignored the, advice ,of Always, instead heading off to America. Stopping off at the Japanese port of
  12. By poly morph and polymorphism. Although many other chemists have repeated this, advice , IUPAC and most chemistry texts still favor the usage of allotrope and
  13. Goats were a gift from Sultan Abdulhamid I in appreciation for his services and, advice ,on the raising of cotton. The fleece taken from an Angora goat is called mohair
  14. Differences or of advancing their welfare by pecuniary help and personal, advice ,and guidance. The distinction of a Knight Commander of the Indian Empire was
  15. Henry, who was then director of the Smithsonian Institution, and asked Henry's, advice ,on the electrical multi-reed apparatus that Bell hoped would transmit the human
  16. Studying and undergoing military training in Apollonian, Illyria. Rejecting the, advice ,of some army officers to take refuge with the troops in Macedonia, he sailed to
  17. More seriously. Though he took odd jobs to support himself, in 1955,upon the, advice ,of a psychiatrist, Ginsberg dropped out of the working world to devote his
  18. Person holding any civil office, to which he has been appointed by and with the, advice ,and consent of the Senate ... shall be entitled to hold such office until a
  19. And thereby sharply deepened social polarization in the republic. Following the, advice ,of economic advisors who cautioned Armenia's leadership against the
  20. That Schopenhauer learned meditation and received the closest thing to expert, advice ,concerning Indian thought. Most noticeable, in the case of Schopenhauer’s work
  21. A day (women),is not advisable. Previously (from 1992 until 1995),the, advice ,was that men should drink no more than 21 units per week, and women no more
  22. 160 million dollars to defeat you ". Schwarzenegger then went against the, advice ,of fellow Republican strategists and appointed a Democrat, Susan Kennedy, as
  23. Alto the office has continued to operate as the Altar Alto Academy, giving, advice , on the restoration of Alto buildings and organizing the vast archive material.
  24. A swarm of bees entered it and filled it with honeycomb. When they sought, advice ,about this event, an oracle told them to take the head down and bury it, and to
  25. In Given Park near Kızılay Square, was erected in 1935 and bears Atatürk's, advice ,to his people:" Turk! Be proud, work hard, and believe in yourself. " The
  26. S" Harrison's Landing Letter ", in which he offered unsolicited political, advice ,to Lincoln urging caution in the war effort. McClellan's letter incensed
  27. Maria's cousin Irene to Isaac Comments, Maria was persuaded to do so on the, advice ,of her own" Alan's" and her eunuchs, who had been instigated to do his by
  28. Kings 21. The fourth encounter is with Isaiah, the prophet who, when asked for, advice ,on a military campaign, first assures Ahab he will be successful and ultimately
  29. Homey Airport ". The probably inadvertent release of the airport data led to, advice ,by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) that student pilots
  30. Share in PATCH was bought by beer magnate Andres R. Soriano in 1939 upon the, advice ,of General Douglas McArthur and later merged with newly formed Philippine
  31. After the Ark had been among them for seven months, the Philistines, on the, advice ,of their diviners, returned it to the Israelites, accompanying its return with
  32. Might easily have been transformed into an assembly of notables. Following the, advice ,of his political mentor Konstantin Pobedonostsev, Alexander III determined to
  33. King of Paris a towel stained with her own blood. It is worth noting Ian Woods, advice ,that although Gregory provides the fullest information for this period, where
  34. Bureau opposed American intervention in World War I. The NCLB provided legal, advice ,and aid for conscientious objectors and those being prosecuted under the
  35. Awake during the nights. From the above reading, it is clear that In Sing gave, advice ,in his book which is still the same advice medical doctors give to their
  36. One warning: do not attack an animal who shows no fear. Adonis agrees to her, advice , but, secretly doubting her skills as a huntress, quickly forgets her warning.
  37. Americans. The British supplied their native allies with muskets, gunpowder and, advice , while Loyalists led raids against civilian settlements, especially in New York
  38. Alemannic assembled under their" king ", whom he calls Crocus, who " by the, advice , it is said, of his wicked mother, and overran the whole of the Gauls, and
  39. Prefect believes at first that the talk of plague is a false alarm, but on the, advice ,of his medical association, he authorizes limited measures to combat it. When
  40. Minutes later, when the villagers go to the mill to ask the village elder's, advice , there is a long shot of the mill, with a slowly turning wheel in the river
  41. But lacked the necessary background to follow the high-powered seminar. On the, advice ,of Tartan and Was, he moved to the University of Nancy where he wrote his
  42. It in the first draft of Inside the Third Reich, and it was only on the urgent, advice ,of his publisher that he added a mention of seeing the ruins of the Central
  43. And crossed the Rhine into Germany on a pontoon bridge. Initially on the, advice ,of his mother, he attempted to buy the German tribes off,to gain time.
  44. Unlike Emily, Anne took all the recommended medicines, and responded to all the, advice ,she was given. That same month Anne wrote her last poem," A dreadful darkness
  45. Recommend people with peptic ulcers, mild diabetes, or gastritis seek medical, advice ,before using aspirin. Even if none of these conditions is present, there is
  46. Lagrange was also no stranger in the Cauchy family. On Lagrange's, advice , Augustin-Louis was enrolled in the Cole Central du Pantheon, the best
  47. S court and subvert it. Hussein convinced Absalom to ignore Ahithophel's, advice ,to attack his father while he was on the run, and instead prepare his forces
  48. It is clear that In Sing gave advice in his book which is still the same, advice ,medical doctors give to their patients. Daily Physical Exercise; and to defeat
  49. More competition and less time to consider our options or seek out the right, advice , " Paradoxical anxiety is anxiety arising from use of
  50. Prospectively more supportive of the Commander in Chief. Burnside, against the, advice ,of the president, prematurely launched an offensive across the Rappahannock

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