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  1. Simply a pastel; both are popular media for color artwork. A grease pencil or, china ,marker (UK china graph pencil) is made of colored hardened grease and is
  2. Of jazz coach Freddie Gruber. Part played Indian A-series cymbals and Wuhan, china ,cymbals until the early 2000s when he switched to Paragon, a line created for
  3. Life Mitchell was born in Stoke Newington, London. His father was a glass and, china ,merchant. He is of Russian Jewish descent, but describes himself in interviews
  4. Different spoof adverts for various items, such as ornaments, dolls,sheds, china ,plates and novelty chess sets. These poke fun at the genuine adverts for such
  5. Referred to as China clay because it is used to make quality porcelain, china , This is a form of pure clay which is 100 % Kaolinize, free of any other
  6. Easy chairs, oriental rugs, mirrored ceilings, mahogany tables, gold rimmed, china ,and silver dinnerware, perfumed fountains in every room, a $15,000 equivalent
  7. L. N Fowler & Co., and gained considerable fame with his phrenology head (a, china ,head showing the phenological faculties),which has become a symbol of the
  8. Ornamental objects, less valuable than antiques; a collection of old furniture, china , plates and curiosities. Cf. de BRIC et de Bros, corresponding to our" by hook
  9. And" nor all that glisters, gold ". (Walpole later displayed the fatal, china ,vase on a pedestal at his house in Strawberry Hill. ) Gray’s surviving letters
  10. She has served every day for eight long years the word 'style. '" A full, china ,service had not been purchased since the Truman administration in the 1940s,as
  11. The Revolutionary League was controlled by Nguyen HAI Than, who was born in, china ,and could not speak Vietnamese. General Zhang shrewdly blocked the Communists
  12. To the very specific order of the ritual). The table is set with the finest, china ,and silverware to reflect the importance of the meal. During this meal, the
  13. Famous for the manufacture of porcelain, based on extensive local deposits of, china ,clay (kaolin) and potter's clay (potter's earth). Meissen's porcelain was
  14. Actually manufactured some of these items for real and sold them, including a, china ,plate depicting" The Life of Christ ... In Cats ", featuring tacky pictures of
  15. His interests in the cash register business to Jacob H. Expert of Cincinnati,a, china ,and glassware salesman, who formed the National Manufacturing Company. In 1884
  16. An idea captured by philosopher Bertrand Russell's teapot, a hypothetical, china ,teapot revolving about the sun between Earth and Mars; however this would fall
  17. The Calais Rohan displays a reputable collection of 18th century furniture and, china , *The Cabinet DES estates et DES designs displays five centuries of engravings
  18. Coal, petroleum,natural gas, limestone,chalk, gypsum,silica, rock salt, china ,clay, iron ore, tin,silver, gold,lead. The UK has large coal, natural gas
  19. Bank of China Tower 2008. JPG|Bank of China building in morning Image: Bank of, china ,night. JPG|Bank of China by night File: BOC HSBC Cheung Kong Center Sardine
  20. Bring back reminders of their holidays/vacations and sightseeing, ranging from, china ,plates to postcards. The production of stick-on souvenir badges seems to have
  21. However, the tin and copper mines entered a period of decline. Subsequently, china ,clay extraction became more important and metal mining had virtually ended by
  22. And silk. Other commonly used animal products are beeswax, bone char, bone, china , carmine, casein,cochineal, gelatin,isinglass, lanolin,lard, rennet,shellac
  23. Items in use in the Palace of Westminster, such as cutlery, silverware and, china , Hosea (, Greek = See) was the son of Beer and a prophet in Israel in the
  24. Very nearly capturing Coin and taking among other prizes Charles Emmanuel's, china , Two days later the French withdrew to a position near Castilla in response to
  25. Five children. His father, Manuel-Achille Debussy, owned a shop where he sold, china ,and crockery, and his mother, Victorine Manor Debussy, was a seamstress. The
  26. Is the commonly used term for his Jasperware, the blue (or sometimes green), china , with overlaid white decoration, still common throughout the world. He was an
  27. The port imported coal, limestone and timber, and exported tin, copper and, china ,clay. The harbor also heralded the start of Porthleven's golden days of
  28. Gentle. It’s as though he thinks I’ll break, as though I’m a piece of Dresden, china ,and he’s going to hurt me. ” During their marriage Gardner became pregnant twice
  29. Cedar Hill). They expanded the house from 14 to 21 rooms, and included a, china ,closet. One year later, Douglass purchased adjoining lots and expanded the
  30. S largest town and is larger than the capital Tour, and a center of the, china ,clay industry. Earth and Cam borne together form the largest urban area in
  31. An inheritance had allowed the family to acquire a shop in which they sold, china ,and sporting goods, although it failed to prosper: the stock was old and worn
  32. Attendant uniforms, and general airline memorabilia such as playing cards, china , magazines, signs,even a TWA gate information sign. The museum claims to be "
  33. When he appointed Roosevelt that he would prove to be so veritable a bull in a, china ,shop—he refused to remove him and stood by him firmly till the end of his term.
  34. Century in industrial countries. That is when collecting such items as antique, china , furniture and decorative items from oriental countries becomes established.
  35. Panels at Harangue near Madrid. Thomas Chippendale's mahogany tea tables and, china ,cabinets, especially,were embellished with fretwork glazing and railings, ca
  36. Of alumina octahedra. Rocks that are rich in kaolinize are known as kaolin or, china ,clay. The name is derived from Kaolin (), a town near Jingdezhen, Jiangxi
  37. Variety of quilts, a modest collection of textiles and apparel, and various, china ,and glassware items. The Farm House Museum is a unique on-campus educational
  38. Where his drawing talents led to him being chosen to paint designs on fine, china , He also painted hangings for overseas missionaries and decorations on fans
  39. To their root for woman *Luna in Spanish, including consume 'wife, spouse ', china ,'girl ', and can 'old woman (adjective) '. He then goes on to show how what
  40. Other areas of China. Bad gave a speech in which he said that the minorities of, china ,were suffering under foreign oppression. He cited specific examples, such as
  41. Including painting books, board games, wall-paper,figurines, baby blankets and, china ,tea-sets. All were licensed by Frederick Warner & Co. and earned Potter an
  42. A souvenirs shop, where items on sale range from House of Commons key-rings and, china ,to House of Commons Champagne. Security The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod
  43. Ordered at a time when the nation was undergoing an economic recession. The new, china , White House renovations, expensive clothing, and her attendance at the wedding
  44. The ships carried the goods that were purchased, such as spices, fabrics,and, china , In both directions the ships carried victuals, clothes,and tools for the
  45. Significant, yet all three will inevitably leave their own traces on the moor:, china ,clay mining, farming and tourism. A good general guide to the commercial
  46. Maps, sculptures,rich fabrics, ebony furniture inlaid with ivory, sets of, china , and Limoges pottery. There were also hundreds of portraits, for which a vogue
  47. Early in his first term largely due to her decision to replace the White House, china , despite it being paid for by private donations. Nancy restored a Kennedy-esque
  48. The restaurants were carpeted, had waited service, table cloths, flowers, china , and cutlery, and made the trappings of upmarket dining affordable to the
  49. Production, electronics,transportation equipment, textiles,glass, brewing, china , ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. Its main agricultural products are sugar beets
  50. Are often characterized by the use of prestigious tableware, such as bone, china ,and silver. The table, whatever its size or cost, is made to look its prettiest

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