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  1. Ointment alone (6/25) and in 15 % of residents receiving mupirocin ointment, plus ,chlorhexidine baths daily for the first three days of mupirocin treatment (
  2. Technique" by Thomas Unwell, and " The Only Two Ways to Write a Story ", plus ," Twenty Problems of the Short-Story Writer ", both by John Gaulish. He said
  3. Republican primary that had 28,000 participants compared to the 1,000,000, plus , of the Democratic primary. That November Hunt became the first Republican
  4. Steam reforming of the sulfur-free feedstock is then used to form hydrogen, plus ,carbon monoxide:: CH4 + H2O → CO + 3 H₂ In the next step, the water gas shift
  5. APL, for Z80-based systems. It featured the full set of file functions for APL, plus ,a full screen input and switching of right and left arguments for most dyadic
  6. Public approval. The United States spent $37 million at the national level, plus ,$114 million by the states. This was mostly covered by loans from France and
  7. Also form are compounds. In Bergman cyclization the reactants are an engine, plus ,a hydrogen donor. Another set of methods is the aromatization of cyclohexanes
  8. Yes defined their Alliance to include all the genera that are now there, plus ,Acanthus and a group of genera that are now placed in Themidaceae, or its
  9. Languages in Angola are those originally spoken by the different ethnic groups, plus ,Portuguese due to its being a former Portuguese colony. The indigenous
  10. Japanese) has 4 plus 1 bead per decimal place, the standard sampan has 5, plus ,2,allowing use with a hexadecimal numeral system. Instead of running on wires
  11. Bass, and Registers: 13 + M,7,meaning 13 register buttons on the treble side, plus ,a special" master" which activates ALL ranks like the" tutti" on an organ
  12. The Windows platform, Dyalog APL offers tight integration with Microsoft. Net, plus ,limited integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio development platform. IBM
  13. Guó is" country ". The name for the continent of America is Guizhou, from me, plus ,Zhou" continent ". Thus, a měizhōurén is an American in the generic sense, and
  14. Communities in Kosovo, Serbia,Macedonia, Montenegro and northern Greece, plus ,the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. RTSH has a past of being heavily
  15. Pattern, with basic nouns and verbs consisting of a reduced minor syllable, plus ,a full syllable. Many of them also have infixes. Protolanguage Much work has
  16. Life. In 1793, it was reduced to 25 years. In 1834, it was reduced to 20 years, plus ,5 years in reserve and in 1855 to 12 years plus 3 years of reserve. Field army
  17. Seconds results from the initial difference of 10 seconds at the start of 1972, plus ,24 leap seconds in UTC since 1972. Time coordinates on the TAI scales are
  18. To win the Career Golden Slam, consisting of all four Grand Slam tournaments, plus ,an Olympic gold medal. Agassi followed his 1999 French Open victory by reaching
  19. The full eight services of the Breviary in choir, along with a daily Eucharist, plus ,service to the poor. The mixed life, combining aspects of the contemplative
  20. Unit (the" mill" ) would be able to perform all four arithmetic operations, plus ,comparisons and optionally square roots. Initially it was conceived as a
  21. Of 15 Saturn V rockets,16 Command/Service Modules,12 Lunar Modules, plus ,program support and management costs; construction expenses for facilities and
  22. Another definition of asymmetric makes asymmetry equivalent to antisymmetry, plus ,reflexivity. Examples The relation" x is even, y is odd" between a pair (x
  23. An American in Paris for the standard instruments of the symphony orchestra, plus ,celesta, saxophone,and automobile horns. Gershwin brought back some Parisian
  24. A workspace called 39 MAGIC offered access to financial and airline data, plus ,sophisticated (for the time) graphing and reporting. Another example is the
  25. A highly prolific filmmaker. Between 1963 and 1968,he made more than 60 films, plus ,some 500 short black-and-white" screen test" portraits of Factory visitors.
  26. ANP),the Algerian National Navy (MRA),and the Algerian Air Force (QJJ), plus , the Territorial Air Defense Force. Service in the military is compulsory for
  27. Also gets some primary information about the Ceiling War and Ashoka's allies, plus ,some useful knowledge on the civil administration. The Ashoka Pillar at Sarah
  28. Superorder Salient. Furthermore, Salientia includes all three recent orders, plus ,a single Triassic proto-frog, Triadobatrachus. Class Amphibian *** Family
  29. Korean women in their twenties. EveR-1's name derives from the Biblical Eve, plus ,the letter r for robot. EveR-1's advanced computing processing power enables
  30. 1834 it was reduced to 20 years plus 5 years in reserve and in 1855 to 12 years, plus ,3 years of reserve. Field army A field army is composed of a headquarters, army
  31. In the sense that they are not provable from ZF but are provable from ZFC (ZF, plus ,AC). Equivalently, these statements are true in all models of ZFC but false in
  32. Christian Universities, bringing the total number of universities to twelve, plus ,a Decry University in Calgary, the only location in Canada. Students may also
  33. Now-defunct" AOL Active Virus Shield ". MIS contained all components of VSP, plus ,includes tools like automatic back-up. Free services On August 2,2006,AOL
  34. To represent syllables that begin with a single consonant of their language, plus ,a vowel (or no vowel) to be supplied by the native speaker. These glyphs were
  35. A piano type, this could for one example be 37/96,meaning 37 keys (3 octaves, plus ,one note) on the treble side and 96 bass keys. After size, the price and
  36. Of which consists of local branches which any Australian resident can join, plus ,affiliated trade unions. Individual members pay a membership fee, which is
  37. Is also attributed with 5 landing craft,3 Polnochny and 2 Hydra, ( KISS 2007), plus , three research ships,1 Project 10470,A 671,ex Saga,1 Valerian Uryvayev
  38. Adjust to their new surroundings and by 1933 only 10 individuals were alive (, plus ,another 34 multiracial individuals). The last group of 20 individuals (
  39. Members and the influence of the Italian Anarchist Union (20,000 members, plus ,Humanity Nova, its daily paper) grew accordingly ... Anarchists were the first
  40. Then. Three species: *Anus maritime—Seaside Alder. East coastal North America, plus ,disjunct population in Oklahoma. Subgenus Alnobetula. Shrubs. Shoot buds not
  41. Thereof for their proof are unprovable in ZF, but since each is provable in ZF, plus ,the axiom of choice, there are models of ZF in which each statement is true.
  42. I u/ all merge into /ǝ/, which is deleted in many contexts. (The labialization, plus ,/ǝ/ is sometimes interpreted as an underlying phoneme. ) This essentially
  43. Enough, however,that it is considered of note when a theorem in ZFC (ZF, plus ,AC) is logically equivalent (with just the ZF axioms) to the axiom of choice
  44. Fingers per hand. Where the Roman model (like most modern Japanese) has 4, plus ,1 bead per decimal place, the standard sampan has 5 plus 2,allowing use with
  45. GCH) is not only independent of ZF, but also independent of ZFC. However, ZF, plus , GCH implies AC, making GCH a strictly stronger claim than AC, even though they
  46. These are called" elementary numbers ", and include the algebraic numbers, plus ,some transcendental numbers. Most narrowly, one may consider numbers explicitly
  47. Which include new object-oriented features, numerous language enhancements, plus ,a consistent namespace model used for both its Microsoft Automation interface
  48. Gives a clear account of the dead awaiting a future resurrection and judgment, plus ,prayers and offerings for the dead to remove the burden of sin. Maimonides
  49. The axiom of choice is false. We will abbreviate" Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory, plus ,the negation of the axiom of choice" by AFC. For certain models of AFC, it
  50. Dodge Brothers, Inc is sold to Dillon, Read & Company for $146 million, plus ,$50 million for charity. *1927 – The Federal Industrial Institute for Women

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